Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Connection Between Your Mind And Body

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about attracting
women knows that INNER GAME is of absolutely
MASSIVE importance to your success.

Women can DETECT your state, your confidence,
your comfort with being sexual, in an INSTANT. 

They size you up quickly on this, and they
do it unconsciously. They make up their minds,
instinctively, on whether they WANT to get
sexual with you or not, in the BLINK of any eye.

And throughout the years, I’ve known the
MIND and the BODY are connected in ways
that go far deeper than most people realize.

When you are in PEAK CONDITION physically,
your state of MIND goes THROUGH THE ROOF.

Your body actually releases CHEMICALS into
your bloodstream NATURALLY.

These chemicals give you a NATURAL HIGH that
make you feel GREAT.

They make you feel EMPOWERED to do ANYTHING.



And there is no negative SIDE effect!

Scientific studies have actually PROVEN that
the effect of proper exercise is the SAME
effect as taking DRUGS that put you in a
GREAT state of mind, but without the negative

And the same studies have also shown that
going WITHOUT proper exercise is the same
as taking a DEPRESSANT and making you feel
like doing nothing but sleeping and moping

And it gets even BETTER, because of something
else proper resistance training produces in
your body:


Working out hard with WEIGHTS actually causes
your body to release TESTOSTERONE, which is
the very ESSENCE of what makes men MASCULINE
in the first place!

It’s what makes you feel turned on around a
woman, it’s what makes you aggressive, it’s
what builds muscle, and it’s what makes a
man’s voice manly.

There is NOTHING more arousing to a woman,
nothing that makes her want to be FEMININE
for a man, more than the POLARITY of her
femininity contrasted with a man’s MASCULINITY.



Testosterone is a HUGE PART of what makes
you A MAN, and PROPER weight-lifting actually
cause your body to produce MORE of it, and
totally NATURALLY without ANY side effects!

And so I decided to do create something very
special for you, and it's all at:

See you there!


Michael Marks

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