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Getting A Great Girlfriend: Maturity & Emotional Security

If you want MASSIVE success in attracting
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First of all, here is the video, which
contains ABSOLUTELY VITAL GOLD on attracting
fantastic women who are beautiful inside
and out:

As you can see, MATURITY is something that
is massive when it comes to getting a truly
amazing woman who would make for a fantastic
relationship and a fantastic girlfriend.

And I assure you, maturity doesn't mean you
can't have FUN, and it doesn't mean you can't
enjoy things like Star Wars or comic books
or anything else.

It means being able to see the BIG PICTURE,
the long-term picture, the OVERALL balance
when it comes to your decision making and
your perspectives and your behaviors.

And it is the realization that getting a great
woman for a great relationship is NOT a game,
something that Neil Strauss mentioned at the
very end of his book on pick-up, but something
that the vast majority of the pick-up artist
community IGNORED, because it didn't vibe
with the prevailing immature attitudes that
still exist today.  

Neil himself wrote that the one woman he actually
WANTED as a girlfriend actually got REPULSED by
all the pick-up tactics he tried on her.

By the way, I was teaching the mature way to
attract women back then too, and the majority
of the pick-up community simply was not
emotionally ready to learn the truth from me.

The men who did come to me were men who
were READY. Often, these men were the kind
of men who demonstrated massive senses of
responsibility, whether they were military
fighter pilots, airline pilots, doctors,
heads of banks, and men from every other
walk of life who could appreciate the
big picture and who simply wanted to
learn the FULL TRUTH on attracting women
from me, as I had devoted my entire life
to this field. 

Immaturity REPULSES quality women.

But enjoying sci-fi and comic books does not
make one immature.

Just to illustrate the point, not only do I
love things like Star Wars and graphic novels
and great sci-fi television shows, but I also
tend to always be the kind of guy who is looking
for the funny side of things, unless the situation
is simply not appropriate for it.

I used to think that this stuff could hold
a guy back from success with women, because
of the stereotypes associated with these
things when it came to men and attracting
women, but in reality it has nothing to do
with it at all.

The only problem is if a guy uses these things
to avoid interacting with women and only lives
in that universe. 

Many years ago, I was doing a group bootcamp,
and one of the guys said something that I
couldn't believe at first - he said that I
must have always been a natural at this,
because when he viewed my interactions with
women, I came across to him as a "natural
frat boy" - frat being short for fraternity,
kind of like the jock character who was a

natural with women in the film American Pie.

And it struck me so hard, because nothing could
be further from the truth. I literally at one
point in my life was so depressed and obsessed
when it came to women, that for seven years
I was obsessed with one woman who wouldn't
even give me the time of day.

And, no offence to her, she was attractive,

but no more so than a billion other women.

And science fiction was my only escape.

The LAST thing on EARTH that I could be
called was a "natural frat boy".

But to HIM, seeing the results, the only
explanation in his mind had to be that I must
have always been a natural with women.

However, once I learned how to unleash my
inner game, and once I learned the TRUTH
about women, (something that I continue to
progress for the benefit of mankind till
this day) I realized that all that other
stuff doesn't matter - the ONLY thing
that matters to women is what emotions 

you IGNITE in them - which is absolutely
under your control and is all about your
'inner game' (which includes maturity), as

well as your mastery of female psychology.

Over the course of the bootcamp, he soon
himself saw the TRUTH as he started attracting
the women of his choice.  Oh, and by the way,
he too thought that he was a natural nerd,
and then over the course of bootcamp proved
that he could attract women as easily as
a 'natural frat boy'.

Maturity, inner game as a whole, mastering

female psychology - THESE are the big PILLARS for
your success with the TRUE 'quality women'
that are beautiful inside and out and that
would make for fantastic girlfriends.

And if you are reading this now and want to
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3. The final step is BOOTCAMP.

In bootcamp, we put it all together, as I show
you how everything works in PERSON on woman
afer woman after woman after woman, and
you then go into action, as I coach you
at every step along the way.

You will learn how to effectively approach and
attract women as I not only show you through
demonstration, but also as I provide you with
the most powerful feedback on each approach
you make, and as I work on your INNER GAME
as well throughout the entire bootcamp,
so that you can truly MASTER the ability
to attract women anywhere at will.

There is nobody on this Earth giving the quality
of bootcamps that I have been giving for 13 years,
with the level of maturity, dedication and passion,
and of course RESULTS, that I give - and the bootcamp
keeps evolving all the time, getting even more
refined every year. 

And, just like when it comes to attracting women,
it is all about subtle TINY nuances including
something known as MICRO-EXPRESSIONS that are
a product of your inner game, so too the difference
between my bootcamp any other one is the MILLIONS
of subtle nuances in my coaching - from the way
I train you in your inner game to the way I
teach you how to make the most effective approach.

One could say that any space film with spaceships
and lasers is Star Wars, but that is simply not
the truth, as it boils down to millions of subtle
nuances that make it what it is. So too when it
comes to training how to attract women, proper
training involves countless subtle nuances
that add up to making a MASSIVE difference -
and ultimately making THE difference in getting the
ability to attract women.

This is why many of the men who come to my bootcamps
actually come BACK again and again, THRILLED each time,
because each time they come back they actually break
through to even HIGHER levels of mastery in the ability
to attract women.

Bootcamp is at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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