Monday, September 17, 2018

To Effectively "Pick Up" Women, Pick Up ON What Women Are Saying!

Here is my original CanadaAM interview from many years ago, and notice how I explain how important it is to LISTEN to the woman when picking up a woman because it allows you to provide the most powerful feedback, and how the host explains this using the terms "you can pick up ON what they're saying" instead of just being so focused on "picking up women" in the generic sense of being too OUTCOME dependent:

And NO ONE ELSE has ever used this term in any public clear way as a regular thing...but of course this too was copied like all my other good stuff, without giving me an ounce of credit. So this guy puts up a video of Neil Strauss, saying he "picks up ON Jessica Alba" because his original title was probably something insane like "Neil Strauss PICKS UP Jessica Alba" when OBVIOUSLY he doesn't and she goes back home and makes love to her actual man!


In reality-zero proof, even zero proof of A SHRED of proof of ANYTHING regarding "seducing" Britney Spears. Not that she represents the kind of woman that had her act together in any respect.

But it doesn't matter! Because 99% of the guys who worshiped and who worship these guys don't even seriously TALK to women or even PLAN TO TALK to women-they would rather just spurt out some memorized lines and they would rather live vicariously through the "legendary" stories and youtube videos of their pick up artist gods, and then go back to discussing which guru is the best,-----but far be it from them to actually try to get a GOOD GIRL, a woman who isn't promiscuous, drunk, etc, which is what 99% of the women in most pick up artist videos are-either half drunk or tipsy or out at the clubs or just plain old fake videos from the moment they hit "record". 

Getting a great woman might take some REAL SOCIAL SKILLS!!!!!! And that would be WAYYY too much to ask these guys to learn.So these "gurus" just give them the easy bait--"HERE'S HOW TO GET LAID TONIGHT!!! ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME, AND ANY WOMAN THAT DOESN'T WANT TO JUMP INTO BED WITH YOU IS A WOMAN WITH SERIOUS ISSUES THAT IS A PRUDE!!!" 

This particular detail regarding "picking up ON what women are saying" as opposed to "picking up women"...might sound like a little detail, but in a way that is even more of a sign of how even the little nuances of ANYTHING I am associated with later gets taken and used to try to whitewash the trashy pick-up artist crowd....Neil isn't picking up on anything here regarding Jessica Alba...

And more importantly, never an ounce of credit given to me regarding how important it is to listen to the woman as opposed to memorizing pick up lines..(and remember, at the time Strauss gave this interview, he was FRESH off the fame of his book The Game that was TOTALLY about PICK--LINES, NEGS, AND MEMORIZED ROUTINES.


I was the guy who got RID of pick-up lines when the entire pick-up artist movement was BRAINWASHED and WORSHIPED the "gurus" who SWORE that using pick up lines and memorized ROUTINES was the BEST AND ONLY way to go to attract women!

I was also the guy who LONG BEFORE DAVID DEANGELO'S "ManTransformation" program, was teaching men that if you want to get a GOOD woman, it's going to be VERY different than just learning how to get into bed quickly with a promiscuous woman.

And I was the guy who also taught that it's not about "direct" or "indirect" but about actually having a full, strong, warm, intelligent, caring, compelling personality conveyed in the space of a relatively brief conversation, and I taught how you can learn to do this SPONTANEOUSLY. 

And I was the guy who showed how most of the pick-up methods popular at the time such as "push and pull", or "cocky and funny", or "negs", were RUINING trust even if they were creating SOME attraction in SOME of the situations, and I not only taught how to create attraction while SIMULTANEOUSLY building trust, but I also proved it in front of journalists from major newspapers ranging from the Toronto Star to the Globe and Mail

And yet, do these pick-up artist companies give any credit to me, even though they have had to re-write their ENTIRE books on pick-up because of me? Of course not, as that might mean actually doing the right thing, and considering these guys were perfectly happy to screw up guys by teaching them the kind of advice that would cause the VERY BEST WOMEN--the kind of women you would really want as your "ONE AND ONLY"--- to RUN AWAY from any guy who used those insane tactics that DESTROY trust--it's not surprising they wouldn't do the right thing by giving me credit either for all the good things I've done for men who REALLY want to get a great woman.

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Michael Marks

Saturday, September 15, 2018

How To Get Women To Chase You

Today I want to show you the TRUTH on how to get women to chase YOU.

In the video below, I reveal THREE crucial strategies to use to getting women to chase you as early on as possible, plus at the end of the video I explain something you must use IMMEDIATELY with women in order to set things up properly so that the attraction is based on a very SOLID foundation.

Here's my related video: "The Truth About "Don't Chase Women" Advice":

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Michael Marks

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Best Way To Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend, And The Four Foundations Of Pick-Up!

I've got TWO insanely powerful and important new videos for you, and I will let them do the talking. Let's get right to them:

I also thought that the video on political correctness and its horrifying effect on our civilization is so important that it should be put here again as a reminder:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Why Political Correctness Is The Greatest Threat To Our Civilization

For over fifteen years, I've been warning men of the horrifying dangers of third-wave feminism and of political correctness, and how important it is to RESIST these forces in order to attract women. And yet, as absolutely DESTRUCTIVE as these forces are when it comes to this area of life, the truth is that the evil of political correctness actually goes even further: It is a clear and present danger to our very CIVILIZATION itself.  

Political correctness is the greatest threat to our civilization because it is destroying the very FOUNDATIONS of our civilization: Free speech, logic, education, the ability to defend our way of life, and the natural sexual bond between men and women.

If you would like to know more about how to DEFY political correctness in the RIGHT way when it comes to attracting women, then I seriously suggest you get my program called "Politically Incorrect Pick-Up" at:

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Michael Marks 

Friday, September 7, 2018

The "Invisible" Pick-Up: Why The BEST Pick-Ups Are SUBTLE (The TRUTH That NO ONE ELSE Will Tell You)

EFFECTIVE pick-ups with sober, attractive, morally-sound, intelligent women tend to look very much just like smooth conversations where the woman then gives over her number. The pick-up is SUBTLE, and in fact to most people it wouldn't even LOOK like a pick-up-it would be INVISIBLE. 

However, in order to market themselves, or due to ignorance, the supposed "experts" out there never focus on the TRUTH about how pick-up REALLY works, and they EXAGGERATE how pick-ups are performed in order to APPEAR more "impressive" and "sensational" in the same way movies make martial arts often appear "sensational" rather than realistic in terms of the way things actually go down in real life, which doesn't look as "theatrical". 

Confidence, wit, charisma, sexuality-all these thing are conveyed through SUBTLETY, but subtlety can only be appreciated by those who KNOW that this is true in the first place.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

The SECRET To Obliterating Approach Anxiety

When it comes to overcoming "approach anxiety",
it really is crazy how so many people are
telling guys stuff that sounds good but
actually HARMS their results.

For example, trying to tell guys all kinds
of positive thinking to overcome approach

But positive thinking only makes approach
anxiety WORSE, in the same way that most
itches only get WORSE if you SCRATCH them.

REASSURANCE, such as positive thinking, only
makes the approach anxiety more INTENSE.

I have a program that truly WORKS to
has been PROVEN, and is based on
absolute EVIDENCE, and it is a
STEP BY STEP program. 

Get this program by going here NOW:

Next time you see a woman you want to approach,
if you have taken this program, you WILL approach
her and you will NOT give into ANY excuses.

There is NOTHING like this program out there,

I take what I do SERIOUSLY, and a HELL of a lot of 

testing and research went into this, just like my other
programs, including my Warrior Within program.

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Michael Marks

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Most Important Rule For Attracting Women

Are you ready for the most AWESOME rule of thumb to ALWAYS remember for attracting women? This rule is SO important, that you should follow it no matter WHAT stage you're at with any woman you want, whether it is the first approach, first kiss, having sex, or deep into the relationship. 

Einstein once said, "If you can't explain it to a six-year old, you don't understand it yourself". And being that I have been immersed for over 15 YEARS in truly helping men with women by focusing on TRUTH and ACCURACY, I ought to understand this and be able to explain it  CLEARLY.

So here it is:

The most important rule for attracting women is to always ask yourself: "How would I behave if I KNEW this woman was CRAZY about me?", and then FOLLOW the behavior that would be CONSISTENT with that answer. 

And if you want to truly be able to FEEL this way, I seriously suggest you get my "Warrior Within" program that is ALL about truly unleashing your UNSTOPPABLE confidence with women at EVERY step of the way. No games, no gimmicks, just infinite masculine confidence that makes you truly the kind of MAN that women can't help but CRAVE.

And right now, to help make September feel like JULY, summer, and good times, I'm giving you a SUPER-SPECIAL OFFER, but it EXPIRES in 48 hours, which is Friday, September 7th, at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time.  For the next 48 hours, this program is going to be available at a THIRD of the normal cost.  It's normally $300, but right now you can get it for only $99!  

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Michael Marks

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Risking Rejection Is ATTRACTIVE To Women

I I have an INSANELY important yet BRIEF new video for you today, and it's going to FLIP your entire PARADIGM you've had your entire life regarding avoiding rejection when you see a woman you really want to approach or attract.

Honestly, this one thing made a HUGE difference for me in my own development, and I think it will be HUGE for you as well.
In this video, I also share an email from a man who has been using my materials and is now married to a truly great girl who is beautiful inside and out.

Risking rejection is attractive to women because it shows courage, and intelligent risk-taking behavior is also part of being able to survive, thrive, and prosper, so it may very well be an evolutionary development that intelligent risk-taking behavior in men is attractive to women.

So rather than being like most guys who are spending forever trying to find every single possible way to avoid rejection, you should EMBRACE the risk-taking opportunities of approaching women because the risk itself is part of what makes the action SEXY to women.

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Michael Marks

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