Friday, December 13, 2019

Don't "Play Hard To Get"! Actually BE Hard To Get! And BE Hard To FORGET!

Have you heard the advice "play hard to get" in order to attract women? I have something INFINITELY more powerful for attracting women. Instead of "playing hard to get", you should actually BE hard to get, and just as importantly, be hard to forget

So let's get right to it, shall we? Here we go:

For my most powerful home-study program to unleash TRUE unstoppable confidence and charisma for attracting women, I suggest you download my video program called Warrior Within.  

This program was a live program I conducted on the most powerful ways to attract women naturally without playing games, and men flew in from around the world to attend this special event. And now you can download this program INSTANTLY and be using it to attract fantastic women, all in the most natural way without ever having to play ridiculous mind games!

It's at:

Till next time, be cool...

Michael Marks 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Most "Attraction Tactics" REPULSE Women Because They Make Men Look The OPPOSITE Of Masculine: Do THIS Instead!

The world is full of irony, and this includes the world of attracting women. Most men using so-called "attraction tactics" on women are actually REPULSING these women. And it is because so many of these tactics are inherently the OPPOSITE of being masculine and

Women can tell that those tactics are fueled by INSECURITY, and insecurity is the REAL destroyer of attraction. 

And what makes this all the more destructive is that just by USING these wrong tactics, a guy will become even MORE insecure, thus creating a never-ending destructive cycle where a guy does worse and worse with women as he becomes more and more insecure

So today, let me bring this wrong approach to a STOP, and show you what to do instead!

As you can see, men using these so called "attraction tactics" on women are actually REPULSING these women.

And it is because so many of these tactics are inherently the OPPOSITE of being masculine and courageous. Being manly to attract women means being secure enough so that you are not obsessed with the fear of rejection and rather you confront it head-on.

Most of the "attraction" and "pick up" tactics that guys read about on the internet are just weak attempts at  avoiding facing this fear.

And women can tell anyway when a man is trying to avoid facing this fear through endless indirect tactics, and it actually creates the reverse effect: It's UNATTRACTIVE.

It's far more attractive to show a woman you are courageous enough and believe in yourself enough to just go for it.

Being manly to attract women does NOT mean that you should not also work on yourself to become the best version of yourself possible. That is important to do as well. 

And being manly to attract women does not mean that you should not ALSO master the social skills to spark a conversation that not only shows your character in the best light so that you do yourself justice in conveying who you are, but also allows you and the woman to get to know each other. Those things are important, and they have nothing to do with hiding from rejection. And I teach these components of success as well.

The greatest hurdles that most be overcome are the fears within. These internal obstacles prevent  success with women, and these fears are not limited only to the fears of rejection.

I have helped thousands of men overcome the obstacles holding them back, and I have launched them into massive success with women.

For details about a private coaching session, email me at:

To learn more about my credentials and all my programs
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Be cool...

Michael Marks

Monday, December 2, 2019

The World's Greatest Secret For Attracting Women

Today I have a new video that is so important, so absolutely hard-core and true about attracting women, and yet I suspect that because the message sounds so simple on the surface, that many people will not appreciate it. The message is that attracting women is about being NORMAL.  

And yet, like no time ever before in history, men are being bombarded by so much nonsense about women that what is actually NATURAL for men has become, in most men's minds, something INSANELY COMPLICATED, as if it involved the need for special magic tricks and circus acts. So let's get right to it:

As you can see, doing the truly NORMAL thing these days doesn't always SEEM so normal, but once you strip away the fears, the insane indoctrination, the insane advice, you start to see that indeed attracting women CAN be a very natural process. The REAL obstacles are the ones we have allowed to be created in our MINDS. 

This is why I focus on making you the most unstoppable version of yourself. Think of me and my programs as "antivirus" software for your MIND when it comes to attracting women. You probably already KNOW what you need to do to attract women, but there are things INTERNALLY in your mind that are holding you BACK. This is where I will UNLEASH your full potential. 

For a private coaching session with me, email me at:

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Attracting Great Women By Overcoming Your Inner Obstacles

Attracting great women does NOT take a long time, and it is NOT something that is supposed to be very difficult. So, if you are finding that it IS really hard, the good news is that this issue can be solved. What is of PARAMOUNT importance, though, is that you are willing to actually see and overcome your own inner obstacles.  

And, to get you off to the most AWESOME success right NOW, I am even making my LIVE coaching service available now for only $99 per session, instead of the $400 per session that it normally costs.

To book a consultation with me, just email me at and let me know a few potential time slots that could work for you, and whether you wanted the coaching session to be via Skype or via the phone. 

I will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm a time with you, and I will email you a special link for ordering the coaching session.

ALSO, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, until Saturday night (November 16)  at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time, I am making a special BUNDLE offer to get FOUR of my special audio programs for only $59 instead of the approximately $80 cost it would be to get them all separately. These programs are:

"Attraction Accelerators"
This audio program contains golden gems that come right out of my Bootcamp program designed for gaining maximum skill in picking up women.

"Acing The Approach"
This audio program is like a sequel to Attraction Accelerators and contains even more super-effective strategies for successfully approaching and attracting women anywhere you see them.  
"Being The Selector"
This audio program will show you how to come across to women in a way that shows her YOU are the one who does the selecting, which effectively "flips the script" on women since usually women are the ones who do the selecting. By "flipping the script" this way, you will attract women far more powerfully.
"Attracting The Ultra-Hotties"
Women who are super attractive have seen a lot and heard a lot when it comes to guys trying to pick them up. So it's important that what YOU do stands out from all of those other guys. This program shows you how to do exactly that.

The special link for getting these four programs together in the "bundle" offer is here:

Click Here For Special Bundle Offer Described Above 

I look forward to your success with women.

Until next time, be cool...

Michael Marks

Thursday, October 24, 2019

The TRUTH About "Not Chasing Women", Pick-Up, Hypergamy, And Western Vs. Eastern Women

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new video,and so I wanted to make today’s new video EXTRA special for you. I honestly think it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever made on practical, REAL-LIFE solutions for attracting women.

The reason this video is so important is because the most POWERFUL strategies for attracting women are unfortunately MISUNDERSTOOD by the VAST majority of men who use them,but in today’s video I EXPLAIN these strategies so that they are CRYSTAL-CLEAR to you.

And when it comes to using these strategies, you really DO need to use them PROPERLY. Think of these tools as instruments of PRECISION.

My favorite analogy comes from the original Star Wars film, A New Hope. 

When Luke had to blow up the Death Star, only a DIRECT HIT would work. A DIRECT HIT would cause a chain reaction that resulted in the entire, MASSIVE, “DEATH STAR” battle station EXPLODING into a billion glowing splinters. (My thanks to a brilliant student from my bootcamp program for this excellent analogy!)

But anything less than a direct hit, and NOTHING would happen.

It’s the same with attracting women and using these strategies. You must understand them ON THE DEEPEST LEVEL, and you must apply them with PRECISION.

Do that, and the most gorgeous women will MELT before you, chasing you out of their attraction to you.

But use these strategies in a SLOPPY way, or use these strategies without truly understanding them, and NOTHING happens.

And if you are reading this right now, and want to know the next step, I suggest you download my one-hour audio program, Politically Incorrect Pick-Up

This program is a must have, especially when we live in a society that constantly tells you all the politically-correct, but WRONG things about how to attract women. This program is the CURE. 

It's at:

To learn about my one-on-one consultation service over the phone or over Skype, go here:

Till next time, be cool...

Michael Marks

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Woman Reveals How To Attract ALL Women

Today, there is a special new video revealing how to attract ALL women, so let's get RIGHT TO IT!

To learn the FULL PICTURE on attracting women, from how to develop UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE with women to how to develop the kind of humor that attracts women, to how to go from first approach to first kiss all the way to taking things to the most intimate levels, go here now:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How to Approach Women | 3 Idiot-Proof Ways To Destroy Approach Anxiety

It’s very normal to feel anxious about approaching a woman you don’t even know, especially if you are interested in her and want to attract her. The problem with feeling this anxiety is not only does it stop most men from approaching women, but even if you do approach women, the anxiety can give you a mental block where you don’t even know what to say!

Plus, to a woman, the nervous feeling you are having might seem like something WORSE. It might seem like you are hostile, or in a bad mood. She doesn’t know the REASON for WHY
you are not relaxed and positive!  The good news is that in today's new video, you are going to get THREE ROCK-SOLID SOLUTIONS to approach anxiety that are so good they are IDIOT-PROOF.

And if you are reading this right now and would like the ULTIMATE program for destroying your approach anxiety, I suggest you download my audio program called Obliterating Approach Anxiety. This program is PROVEN to work, and I painstakingly devised it over the course of several YEARS. I am extremely proud of this program, because I know it will truly solve your approach anxiety forever.

It's at:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What If You KNEW You Could Get The Woman You Wanted?

For a man, there truly is nothing else on Earth
like the feeling of knowing a woman you are crazy
about is also crazy attracted to you.

And it doesn't matter if you are a celebrity,
a billionaire, or a 'regular guy', because
the TRUTH is that even the guys who most
people think have it EASY with women,
like celebrities, actors, and athletes,
have ALL fallen for women that they
COULDN'T get, and of course it was
THOSE women that they then wanted
more than all the others.

And meanwhile, there truly are SECRETS
to attracting women, and KEEPING women
attracted, that most men will NEVER
learn, because most men believe that
it really is just about luck, good
looks, or money.

But the TRUTH is women really CAN be
attracted to something you have
CONTROL over-the way you BEHAVE.

That's all it takes.
You need to know how to BEHAVE when
you approach women, when women say
certain things to you, when women
test you, when women need to know
they can trust you, when women are
ready to get physically intimate
with you.

It's as simple as that.

And right now, I can be your coach, LIVE,
on Skype or the phone, to give you ONE ON ONE
coaching with ANY or all aspects of dating,
attraction, or relationships that you want

What this means is simple: I will EXPLAIN
to you EXACTLY what you need to do to
ATTRACT fantastic women. No matter what
your "sticking point" right now is, 
I will show you exactly how to SOLVE it.

There is NO aspect of these skills that I
CAN'T help you with. From beginner mode to
advanced, I've been helping guys in this
area since 2003!
And my work has been
documented by journalists from SEVERAL
major newspapers, including the two
LARGEST newspapers in the COUNTRY!!!

Normally a one hour coaching session with me
is $400, but if you order it now before
September 29th, 2019, you can get it for $99.

That's only one QUARTER the normal cost!

Just use this link:

All you have to do is let me know some possible times that work for you for the Skype or phone coaching session.

You can let me know in the "comments" section of your order or you can let me know by email at:

And I will then send you an email confirming the time for the phone or Skype coaching session.

I look forward to making you my next success story!

Till next time, be cool...

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Where It All Starts For Picking Up Women

Today's new video is about what to do if you want to meet and attract women, but don't know where to start. This is extremely important, because even if you've been in several long-term relationships, but you one day find yourself single, it can be a very lonely and scary feeling if you have no idea how you are ever going to get yourself a woman again. 

And if you're looking to get your first girlfriend, then it's even more obvious how important this is. So let's get right to it:

Helping men succeed in attracting women is more than just "a thing" I do.  It's my MISSION:

When it comes to what I teach, it's all about making sure there is NO B.S. at ALL. You will find that I never teach gimmicks, sleazy tactics, or manipulation. I focus on just the truth of what works to get women great women. And I have the credentials and the record to prove my results with ensuring men attract the women they want:

And if you are reading this right now and want to know the best way to start approaching women, attracting women, and destroying the fear that creeps up inside when you want to approach women, then I suggest you take two actions immediately. First, download my E-Book, called The Dating Wizard, which is packed with important, easy-to-use strategies for approaching and attracting women. This is like ROCKET FUEL for your success with women

The The Dating Wizard E-Book is at:

I also suggest you download my audio program called Obliterating Approach Anxiety, which I absolutely guarantee you is the most effective program in the world for ensuring you obliterate and totally destroy the fear the creeps up inside when you want to approach a woman you are attracted to.

Obliterating Approach Anxiety is at:

If you have any question for me, just email me at:

Till next time, be cool....

Michael Marks

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Dating Wizard Finally In PAPERBACK!

Today, I have a very special announcement for you. The FOUNDATION for your success with women, and the foundation for all my other programs, is The Dating Wizard, my very first book, and it's now available for the first time in paperback!

Plus, it's being offered at an INSANE value that may not stay at this price for long. 

Here's how to get it:

If you're in the USA:

In the UK:

If you'd like to get it and you're outside these countries, let me know by email and I'll let you know how to order. 

By the way, the online PREVIEW of the book is currently only showing the "Kindle" E-Book preview, and not the paperback preview. The Kindle version is still being formatted and
is just there to give you a preview of the actual content, as the content of the Kindle version and the paperback is the same but the formatting differs.

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Saving Masculinity And Femininity

Since the beginning of human history, men and women have had a natural BOND that attracts each to the other. Masculine attracts feminine, and feminine attracts masculine. The role of men was always considered JUST as vital as the role of women. 

But this is no longer the case. Today, in the western world, men are considered monsters, rapists-in-waiting, and in general they are looked at as basically a bunch of violent beasts.

And while masculinity is being attacked, so too is traditional FEMININITY. Women are told to be more masculine and aggressive, and to be more vulgar and promiscuous. As if this is somehow a way to become more "equal" to men, and to be "stronger" than they were before.

It's no COINCIDENCE that in a society where men are told they are garbage, that men are considered less IMPORTANT to society, and to the upbringing of a FAMILY. It's no coincidence that now, like no time in history, families are being raised with NO fathers. 

It's no COINCIDENCE that this has lead to men who in their 20s go through HELL trying to be successful with women, and then when these men finally come into their own, and gain status, they are no longer interested in the women who rejected them for years and years.   

It's no COINCIDENCE that we have more single people than ever before in history. And that more men would rather play video games today than go through hell with women who feel these men are not worth respecting. 

And it's no COINCIDENCE that millions of women who thought men and having children was a waste of their time are now regretting having no children and no families and instead only have cats and dogs because for so  many years all they could tell men was that they must love dogs rather than tell men that these men would be a priority instead of their pets.

And it's no COINCIDENCE that the children coming from these broken families are more likely to be involved in every problem from drugs to jail to teenage pregnancy to suicide, ALL THANKS TO MODERN FEMINISM and so called 'PROGRESSIVISM' that threw all the traditional values down the toilet.

To make an impact on society, we must appeal to the EMOTIONS. 

And that's exactly what I'm doing right now, with this film. 
But we need your help to complete it.

To contribute, just use my PayPal account. The email for my account is

To learn more about this important film, go here:

Be cool,

Michael Marks

Monday, August 12, 2019

Unleash Your Personality With The "Warrior Within"

The most powerful way to attract women is
to unleash the best parts of your natural
personality, and yet for most men, when
they approach a woman or want to attract
a woman, their personality gets REPRESSED. 

There are so many reasons for why this
happens, but the main point is that the
SOLUTION is all about UNLEASHING that
attractive personality that has been
trapped under layers and layers of
bad social conditioning.

That is why I developed my most advanced
program, called Warrior Within. It is
designed to unleash the awesome personality
that is already IN you, but that seems so
hard to bring out when you want to go up
to a woman and attract her.

And for the next 24 hours, this program
is going be available to you for only $97,
which is over $200 less than the normal cost.

This is an INSANELY awesome offer, and
this offer is going to EXPIRE in 24 hours,
on August 13th, at 2 pm, Eastern Standard Time.

This program is a video program, with over
8 LIFE-CHANGING hours of golden content,
and was recorded LIVE. Men flew in from
different countries to attend this program,
which was held in Toronto.

And as you can see from the recorded testimonials,
(you can check them out on the same page
as the program) this program WORKS.  

It's at:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Truth On How To Be Yourself To Attract Women

Today I want to reveal to you the secret to attracting women while being yourself. Now, a lot of men will think, "Aren't we ALWAYS being ourselves????" And the answer to this is NO, and in fact most men, when they approach women, are being anything BUT themselves.

Let's get right to it:

Do you want to learn more about how to attract women? Whether you want to learn from my E-Books, audio programs, video programs, or whether you prefer a one-on-one Skype coaching session or a live Bootcamp, you can find it ALL at:

If you want help deciding which program is best for you right now, just email me at and let me know what your goals with women are. Are you looking to just start dating? Are you looking to master the art of pick-up? Are you looking to improve your relationship? Let me know.

As you can see, I take this field very seriously. So seriously, that I don't just want to help men succeed with women by dealing with the world the way it is right now. I am doing that, but it's not enough. I ALSO want to help RESTORE our society back into SANITY when it comes to the dynamics between men and women.  

And the way to make impact, to make a change, is not through quoting facts and figures, but through ART and EMOTION. This is why I am working on an ambitious film to help achieve this goal. You can seriously help out by donating to my PayPal account at

You can learn more about the film at:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Thursday, August 1, 2019

How To Be Confident With Women All The Time, AND How To Let A Woman Know You Like Her

Today I have TWO awesome new videos for you, and if you care about success with women, you are going to LOVE them. 

If you want the ultimate in results with women, you might want to check out my entire library of programs, as well as my live one-on-one coaching in person and via Skype. It's all at:

And if you're not sure where to start, it all begins with my very first book, at:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Dating Wizard's 3 Keys To Attracting Women

Many great things in life come in threes, and I have three SUPER effective strategies for attracting women that I am going to share with you right now! Let's get right to it:

Now let me ask you ask you a question. How IMPORTANT is success with women to you?

How would it FEEL to have a stunning, gorgeous woman, right now, in your arms, and have her be CRAZY HAPPY to be with you?

Personally, I think that being with an amazing woman is one of the GREATEST highs one can ever experience in life. 

And I take this field VERY seriously.

I have PUBLICLY PROVEN my abilities to help men in the most ROCK-SOLID way: The largest newspaper in the COUNTRY got a group of men together who really wanted to improve their success with women, including guys that had NEVER approached women before and who had never successfully gotten a woman's number or personal email or an "instant date". (An "instant date" is where you actually take a woman on a date the very moment you approach her!). 

And these men didn't just succeed according to ME.  A VETERAN journalist from the paper followed their progress over the course of several WEEKS, and the newspaper printed their results independently.  That means I had no control over what was said or printed. And these men were so happy they wanted to let the world know how awesome it was to get success with women that they voluntarily reported their successes to the paper, and it was all printed.

You can check it out at:

You can also watch live testimonials from even MORE guys who have learned from my programs at:

Here's something else: I take this field so seriously, that it is a true PASSION of mine. I am THE guy who took the whole "dating coach" field to a new level. Do you know that just a few years ago, practically ALL THE COACHES in the world in this field were telling guys they needed to use pick-up lines and/or memorized routines in order to approach and successfully attract women???

I was the guy that FIRST taught how you can approach and attract women in a far more natural way that didn't require one to have to learn an "act" or "routine".

Also, I was the guy who knew that in most situations where you approach a woman who is a stranger, you WILL need to talk to her and have a conversation. I say this because there was this whole movement that was teaching guys that all you were supposed to do was walk up to a woman and say "I like you". This might work on a woman who ALREADY is attracted to you, but it won't MAKE a woman attracted to you.

All these pick up lines, and other over-simplifications were GIMMICKS that some companies used. Gimmicks rather than what is truly BEST and what is truly most EFFECTIVE.

I have never sold-out to telling guys to go for "gimmicks".  And I never tried to trick guys into thinking that getting a promiscuous drunk woman in a bar to kiss you is the SAME thing as actually getting a great, quality woman inside and out.   

I care too much about REAL success with women, and I respect the men I work for. So I only give you THE BEST strategies, the best insights, the best advice.

So if you want to be able to attract a great woman, and be able to KEEP her, (which is something most men unfortunately don't realize is important until it's too late), I suggest you choose me as your dating coach, whether that is through my live coaching, or through my downloadable programs for your success with women.

If you are not sure where to start, then DEFINITELY start with my book, The Dating Wizard, at

Of course, you can always decide to NOT take advantage of my coaching and my programs, and be stuck exactly where you are now for the rest of your life. That is your choice.

To find out about all my important programs for your success with women, go here:

To learn about the movie I'm making that is a "cautionary tale" about dating in our modern era today, go here:

Be cool...

Michael Mars

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Complimentary LIVE Personal Consultation With Me

Today I have something AMAZING to tell you:
I'm offering a COMPLIMENTARY personal
consultation with me on ANY matter regarding
pick-up, dating, relationships, or attraction.

This is a truly "no-strings attached" situation.
You will get a ten-minute one-on-one session.

It's your choice-it can be Skype or phone.

Just let me know when you'd like to do it.
This offer EXPIRES on Friday July 12, so
take advantage of it NOW. All you have
to do is email me:

Right now is summer, and the women
are EVERYWHERE. Take me up on this
offer now and you'll be glad you did.

Want to know more about my credentials and
proven record in helping men? Go here:

Want testimonials from real men who have taken
my coaching? Go here:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Crazy Easy Secret To Attracting Women

Today I want to reveal to you the greatest
secret of attracting women, something that
is so powerful yet so simple, that almost
NO ONE can believes it is true, which is
why so few people use it.

There is a way to attract women that
works NO MATTER WHAT ELSE may be going
on that you think is an OBSTACLE.

This secret that I am about to reveal to
you boils down to ONE psychological
concept: EMOTION displaces LOGIC.

In a nutshell, if you get a woman feeling
EMOTIONAL enough, ESPECIALLY if you get her

This sounds too crazy to most people.
They think, for example, "Well I tried that!
I tried buying women things, I tried listening
to women's problems, I tried being super-nice,
I tried this and I tried that, and all those
things were supposed to get her feeling
emotional and feeling good!"

The problem is that all these things DEPEND
on the woman, and they don't necessarily make
a woman feel anything, especially if she gets
it all the time from other guys.

The trick is to find out what a woman
really DOES RESPOND to. What her REAL
driving forces are. 

And, sometimes, when you just first see
a woman you don't know, you hae no CLUE
what her drives are.

And THAT is why it is SOOOOOOOOOO
powerful to be able to get a woman
LAUGHING as fast as possible, AND
to combine this with confident

The reason this is SO powerful is because
by getting her LAUGHING, you are getting

And EMOTION displaces LOGIC.
All the logical reasons her mind might
normally give for blocking a man out
of her life now are MEANINGLESS.

And just in case you think I'm exaggerating,
let me PROVE my point to you: Why do you think
BILLION dollar companies use EMOTION in their
marketing campaigns? Why do commercials tend
to use HUMOR so much????  Do you think these
companies are spending this money for CHARITY
to give the advertising companies money?

Of course not, they do it because it WORKS.

And when you are dealing with a woman
you want to attract, by making sure the
humor is also CONFIDENT, you are ALSO sending
her the signal that you are a WINNER, and
that presses a "button" in her head that

Confident humor is a topic that I
FOCUS on in one of my very SPECIALIZED
programs, called Confident Humor.

I suggest you download this important
program for your success with women
right away.

Also, right now is summer, and the women
are EVERYWHERE. This is an amazing time
to take my bootcamp program where I will
personally be your coach and ensure you
MASTER the skill of pick-up.

Details of my Bootcamp program are at:

Want to know more about my credentials and
proven record in helping men? Go here:

Want testimonials from real men who have taken
my coaching? Go here:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

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