Friday, January 20, 2017

"Women Are Impossible"

"Women are impossible." Have you ever said this to yourself? Today, more than ever, this feeling resonates among men. For the first time ever in history, we are seeing masses of men either opting out or giving up on almost any kind of sexual or romantic interaction with women, including long-term relationships. 

There is an entire movement called MGTOW, standing for "men going their own way" which, for many men, means completely opting out of any romantic, dating, or sexual interactions with women at all.  This is obviously a response to the horrifying issues created by feminism when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships. I should note that MGTOW ultimately is about choice-men can still pursue the same old path the same old way if they want to.

There is also an entire trend called "The Sexodus" where young men are deciding a life without sex with women, and instead with video games and other entertainment as well as other pursuits, is preferable.

So, in light of all this, and in light of the fact that I have been in this field called "dating coaching" for a decade and a half now, I want to lend my perspective on all this.

First of all, there IS a serious problem going on in many western countries today that makes things MUCH more difficult for men when it comes to successfully attracting women, and this problem takes on different forms, whether it is attracting women for the short term or the long term.

In a nutshell, feminism and political correctness has glorified women and vilified men, and it has made many men feel confused about what women really want, and it has also drained men of much of their confidence, and worst of all, it has actually made men think that women are attracted to things that in reality women are not attracted to.  It has also made many women behave in vulgar and promiscuous ways that men find repulsive, especially in terms of looking at women as long-term relationships.

So, from that perspective, I GET IT. I understand. I realize how it can feel to go up to a woman and get treated in a way, that if you are not used to it, can make you feel as if you are criminal. I understand how hard it can be for a man who is not trained, who is not properly informed, to make an approach, to succeed at a pick-up, and to stay on track in a relationship.

I am 100% convinced that MANY of the men in these movements, ranging from MGTOW to "The Sexodus", are truly great guys, cool guys, good guys, who are just FED UP and have opted OUT.  They feel they have hit a brick wall with women, and just can't take it anymore. In many ways, that was me, about 20 years ago.

At the same time, there are ALSO some folks who may still be great guys, but who also have other issues they need to work on, issues that have nothing to do with feminism, and yet many of these guys don't REALIZE the extent of the issue, and it becomes something that is one of their "blind spots" that they just don't recognize in themselves. They refuse to see the problem, refuse to work on it, and are just using these groups and movements like MGTOW as a place to vent and complain, rather than learn how to succeed with women. In some ways, this TOO was me, about 20 years ago! (Although MGTOW didn't exist then.)

So the TRUTH is that YES, absolutely, there IS a problem today going on when it comes to men getting success with women-and this is ESPECIALLY true for men who actually want beautiful, faithful, warm, women who would make for great long-term relationships, possibly even wives, etc.

And the truth ALSO is that you CAN STILL, yes STILL, you can STILL have amazing success with women. You can even do it if you live in the western world where feminism has wreaked so much havoc. But you MUST, you absolutely MUST, be properly INFORMED and you must be properly TRAINED. 

There is simply no other way.  Things are NOT like they were for your grandfather's generation. In those days, men NATURALLY would learn the right way to attract women,  and they didn't have the brainwashing effects of feminism, and women would not be CORRUPTED by feminism either.  There was a natural social pressure on both men and women to actually be in HARMONY with each other, as there were male roles and female roles, and men would try to show their qualities as mates, and women would show their appreciation for this.  Men would try to show they would be great husbands, and women would show their appreciation for this.

In order to solve this problem, you need to understand the full truth of attraction, and how to BREAK THROUGH all the feminist-brainwashing barriers that are in a woman's head when you approach her and when you continue to build up the connection with her. You need to do all this very quickly as you have very little time to attract a woman who is a stranger. 

Success with women is not just about INFORMATION. Getting the best INFORMATION is IMPORTANT, but not everything.  The other part of success with women is getting the SKILL.  

It is like having a driving manual and having to actually do the driving test. Just because you mastered the manual doesn't mean you can actually drive, although mastering the manual is ABSOLUTELY THE FIRST STEP and IS ESSENTIAL as well. 

I have been helping men get BOTH the information AND the skill. And BELIEVE me, the skill IS something that is very, very, VERY REAL. The difference between men who ATTRACT the women and the men who don't boils down to how well they actually CARRY OUT the important things they learned in terms of the attraction information. 

I see this in BOOTCAMP all the time. A man will approach a woman, and USE a strategy he learned from me from my material.  He will often generate attraction, but after getting the LIVE FEEDBACK from me on how to BETTER APPLY what he learned, his NEXT approach will generate INFINITELY MORE attraction.  

This LIVE FEEDBACK from actually OBSERVING you approach and attempt to pick-up women makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. And here is something SUPER IMPORTANT TO REALIZE-the CHANGES you will make as a result of getting my coaching are often VERY SUBTLE, and yet it is THESE SUBTLETIES THAT MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. 

In fact, SKILL in just about EVERY area really is about SUBTLETIES. Anyone can tell you that playing the guitar is about strumming on the strings, but it is the SUBTLETIES involved that make the difference between a skilled performer and an unskilled one. Anyone can put together some ingredients to make something edible, but it is the SUBTLETIES involved that make one a great CHEF.

It's the same thing with being able to attract women.  Subtleties in your timing, in your vocal tonality, in your humor, in your opening, in your reactions, in the degree of challenge you present, in the degree of validation you provide for her, ALL these things are where the REAL MAGIC OF ATTRACTION occurs. 

This is the truth. I can honestly tell you that no matter WHAT you think your limits are, you can BREAK THROUGH them and get the success with women you want.  

I have done this for over 14 years now, helping THOUSANDS of men from across the continent and around the world, including through my bootcamp program. I urge you to make the most of this life, and being with a woman you are crazy about adds so much to your entire experience of life. You can even check video testimonials from men who have taken my programs-you can see them on website right now. And you can learn about my bootcamp, which I bring to your city personally if you prefer it in your own city, by going here immediately:

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I am NOT your typical "pick up artist". I take dating and relationships VERY seriously, and many of the men I have helped are even on my Facebook page, where you can see for yourself that they have used what they learned from me to attract incredible women beautiful inside and out, usually for long-term relationships and sometimes have even gone on to get married and have families with these awesome women!

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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