Thursday, August 30, 2018

Why Men Can't Attract Women Today, And What To DO About It

Men can't attract women today because ever since third-wave feminism, men have been indoctrinated to believe that women want, more than anything else, faithful relationships. 

This concept about women has distorted men's perception about what REALLY attracts women, and it has made men put the cart before the horse, so to speak, by giving women their loyalty and faithfulness, but not focusing on being an unstoppable, confident, sexual, fun, interesting man. 

It is only once a woman is already highly attracted from this that she wants and appreciates a faithful relationship. 

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Michael Marks

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Why You Should NOT Smile When Picking Up Women, Plus TONS More PURE GOLD On Success With Women!

Man, today I have a truly SPECIAL new video for you that is PACKED with absolute PURE GOLD on attracting women.

You're going to learn why, contrary to the mass-produced advice out there, the TRUTH is that you should NOT smile when you want to pick-up and attract women, PLUS you are going to learn a CARDINAL RULE I developed so you ALWAYS have the upper hand psychologically in the TOUGHEST situations with women-this is going to save you when it comes to both the short-term AND the long term with women!

PLUS! I reveal something you MUST absolutely know about both political correctness AND political INCORRECTNESS. I also reveal a VITAL character trait you MUST screen women for, AND I also ANSWER a great question sent in to me that I'm sure you will appreciate
as well! 

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Friday, August 17, 2018

The TRUTH On What Makes Women "Fall In Love" With Men

Today, I have THREE new videos for you, and EACH ONE is PURE GOLD for attracting women. Rather than give you a whole long introduction, let's just get into it, shall we?



Before I end today's blog posting, I want to also mention one more thing: I believe that more than EVER, you need to SCREEN the women you date, in order to find the RIGHT one. It is for THIS reason more than anything else that I believe "dating" is ESSENTIAL. 

Too many men are trying to RUSH the process, and this actually works against them for several reasons-it creates a sense of desperation, which ruins the attraction, and just as importantly, rushing prevents you from SCREENING properly.  

Also, women actually get MORE turned on when they know you are screening them. So not only is it something you really should do to screen out the wrong women, but it actually turns women on knowing that not just any woman can get with you!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Truth About Hypergamy And Your Success With Women

There is this term, "hypergamy", that has gained popularity in recent years, that is really about something most men have known in their guts since time immemorial. 

The term used to mean the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class (Google result), but has expanded in informal use to also mean theory on the instinctual desire of humans of the female sex to discard a current mate when the opportunity arises to latch onto a subsequent mate of higher status due to the hindbrain impetus to find a male with the best ability to provide for her OWN offspring (already spawned or yet-to-be spawned) regardless of investments and commitments made to a current mate (Urban Dictionary).

While I think that men have long known that this is a factor in a woman's subconscious and conscious "decision-making-matrix", what a lot of men will end up doing from hearing about this term of hypergamy is get a WARPED perspective of the OVERALL picture when it comes to what they need in order to attract women. 

And so for this reason I have created the above URGENT message on this topic.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Why Attracting Women Today Is Different Than Any Other Time In History

There truly has never been a time in history like there is at the present moment regarding the "perfect storm" of factors that make it VERY challenging for men to attract women if men aren't prepared for what to do.

There are MANY different reasons for this situation. I also think that, so far, no one else has truly explained what all the challenges are, and unfortunately this has resulted in over-simplifications of what is occurring at the present moment. Also, most if not all of these challenges, if ignored, will only become even more problematic with time if unaddressed. 

So, for that reason, today I have put forward a video that deals with all the major challenges that are facing men today when it comes to attracting women. Not every man is affected by every one of these factors, but I believe each one of these issues is crucial to understand and to be aware of in order that we as a society can move forward to true progress, as it is in the best interests of everyone, both men and women.

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Michael Marks

Saturday, August 11, 2018

OVERWHELMINGLY Important Secret Aspect Of Attracting Women

Today, I just want to focus on ONE
absolutely OVERWHELMINGLY important
aspect of attracting women that
most guys STILL DO NOT KNOW-and
this is even in a digital age when
information is supposedly informing
people better.

STILL TO THIS DAY, what I am about
to show you is something that

And just this ONE thing would make
the most MASSIVE difference to
SKYROCKETING their success with women.

What I am talking about is this:


The hardest part of understanding
how to attract women is that success
is a combination of so many OPPOSING
forces that must be carefully balanced
all at once. 

One on hand, there is the force,
for example, of a woman’s BURNING
desire to completely LET GO of all
her sexual inhibitions and all her
fears of danger from being with
the wrong man or men, this desire
to just GO WILD sexually.

This includes her most TABOO desires,
and her most TORRID and SHOCKING fantasies,
and her feeling TOTAL FREEDOM TO NOT
BE JUDGED for having these fantasies.

The freedom to let her MIND go into

Again, this is, in her MIND.

Men have been misinformed about women,
on both conscious and unconscious levels,
regarding female sexuality.

For the longest time, men were told
that women only had sex for the pleasure
of men, that women had no real carnal
desires of their own.

Then, on the other end of the spectrum,
came certain pick up artists who liked
to pretend that women were ONLY interested
in being promiscuous, and that is not true
either, although there is certainly more
of that today than ever. 

But make no mistake about it, women are
just as intensely sexual as men, in their
own ways.

On the OTHER hand, in addition to a
woman's intense sexuality, there are
her own internal opposing forces she
must deal with, including her desire
to avoid any possible NEGATIVE FALLOUT
from all of this, such as getting hurt
emotionally or physically.

It includes not wanting to be perceived
as "cheap" or promiscuous by others and
even by HERSELF.  Yes, she also has a
desire to retain a certain self-image
in her own mind that she is NOT promiscuous,
vulgar, or “dirty”.

If you learn to master BOTH sides, you
put yourself into a category where you
have NO COMPETITION from other men.

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Til next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Power Of Validation For Attracting A Woman

Today, I have an INSANELY powerful new video for you that deals with the concept of "validation" and how it reaches the deepest levels of the female psyche to trigger attraction in women. I also share some of my own personal painful experiences that ended up teaching me some of the most powerful lessons I ever learned about attracting women. 

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Michael Marks

Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Most Important Skill For Attracting Women-And How To MASTER It

Today is an INCREDIBLY important newsletter for your success with women, and before I start, I just want to remind you that the special offer for my Warrior Within video program, which is my most advanced program for success with women the natural way, expires in 24 hours from the time of publishing this blog article. 

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Alright, I want to make some MASSIVELY IMPORTANT points clear today regarding how to attract women.

The first is that ATTRACTING a woman is all about unleashing the positive PRIMAL emotions in yourself, which helps brings those SAME emotions out in her.

The more YOU are feeling sexual, confident, dominant, upbeat, and playful, as OPPOSED to feeling like a robot, or feeling worried about the outcome of the interaction, or feeling serious, the better your results will be.

Now the thing is, some guys will read that and take it out of CONTEXT.

They will go too far, or they won’t be intense enough.

It is important to OBSERVE the situation accurately, not only so you can GENERATE attraction, but also so that you can REALIZE an opportunity when you SEE it!

What is required for success is the proper CALIBRATION of those states of minds and actions, which means the proper amount and intensity of those things, depending on the situation and the woman, and depending on where you are at in the conversation.

So, for example, let’s say you are at a major mall and you see a woman carrying a bunch of shopping bags and she looks tired as she is plodding her feet along. You approach her and make a playful comment teasing her on how it seems she has done some real “work” today. Perhaps she smiles at you and chuckles and she says she’s done a lot of “damage” (i.e. to her finances from all the purchases).

Well, now that she is clearly OPENING UP TO YOU, you have to CALIBRATE properly. Do you decide to tease her FURTHER? And if so, how intense should the tease be, so that it doesn’t come across as mean-spirited?

A comment like, "You’re going to really regret it" is just MEAN and NOT FUNNY- unless you reallllly deliver it with the right tonality and expression.

A better comment from you in response to her mentioning how she has damaged her finances might be: "Hey, is the stuff you bought for you?"

This might be better, because let’s say she says that it is, you might then reply with, “Well that’s cool, you know that charity begins at home!”

And now she may smile AGAIN.

So now you have a woman that was a total stranger just moments ago, who has opened up to you, and revealed that she has possibly done something she lightly regrets, (and as such has now engaged in a subtle form of disclosure with you, which is an element you can use to build greater connection as you do the same as well to follow up), and you have gotten her to smile or laugh- all IN SECONDS from meeting her.

By saying something positive like that, you are keeping the conversation upbeat and rewarding her for talking to you, a total stranger.  She might smile in response to the “charity begins at home” comment, or she might laugh, but no matter what she says, chances are it will be a positive reaction because you CALIBRATED properly.

But now at THIS POINT, now that you have got her a little more INVESTED in the interaction by mere fact that she is actually speaking with you, you might want to add a bit of SPICE to the conversation  by introducing a touch of “positive/playful tension” i.e. not making it too easy for her to get you, otherwise she will likely feel the whole interaction went TOO FAST, and is thus somehow “not right”—this is because women are conditioned to expect there to be a certain amount of “the dance” (figuratively speaking) before she will actually escalate to the next stage with you.

It can happen pretty darn fast, but not TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast, or it actually LOSES the very feeling of chemistry, of fun, of romance.

This is why, the IRONY of learning to attract women, once you get some experience at it, is actually about learning to SLOW THINGS DOWN, and NOT speed things UP.

I know that probably sounds strange, right? After all, most guys want to know how to SUCCEED, not how to SLOW THINGS DOWN EVEN FURTHER, right?

But yet success requires just a LITTLE BIT OF SLOWING DOWN for what actually is going to be a FAR MORE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT result. 

Think about it- what do most guys do?

They basically SKIP all the FUN, the vibing, the playful, the connection, and just want to get to “So, do you wanna go out sometime?” or they say something like, “Hey, you’re beautiful, what’s your number?” if they say anything at all.

This SKIPS the entire possibility for creating CHEMISTRY, for creating that VIBE where it’s all about building up the sexual tension, the playful ‘ping-pong’ of energy going back and forth between the two of you as you both engage in repartee, also known as “banter”.


THIS is why a woman, if she LIKES you, will actually try even HARDER to slow it down, so that you actually DO have a chance, ironically.

She needs you to make it feel RIGHT to her- and it's really not hard to do, plus if you think about it, it's more fun for you as well, since it gives you a chance to feel out her personality  before going further.  Good things in life are never rushed.

All YOU have to do is UNDERSTAND this “mating dance before the mating dance” if you will.
Slow it DOWN, have some FUN, and yet also be AUTHENTIC.

Okay, but you probably are wondering how the heck can you do this when you are feeling NERVOUS about making the approach, right? How can you be PLAYFUL and all the other good stuff when you feel your heart is going to explode?

Well guess what? If your heart feels like it’s going to EXPLODE, that can actually be a GOOD thing as well, because it means you have PASSION, it means that you really LOVE women, it means that you have a lot of ENERGY in you that just needs to be TAPPED properly- and let me tell you something- PASSION is attractive to women.

Passion for love, for music, for art, for your hobbies, for learning, for sports, PASSION itself is attractive.

You can use that passion to MOTIVATE you.

Also, your passion for HER is something she may very well DETECT, and that is NOT a bad thing, it can be a very good thing.  

And guess what? It’s OKAY to not be PERFECT in your approach, especially as a beginner, as every single guy HAS to start off LESS THAN PERFECT!!!  Your first approaches might very well SOUND nervous, stammered, and you might not be able to keep the conversation going for more than a few seconds- THAT’S OKAY!

You will get BETTER with PRACTICE, you will get better at CALIBRATION.

And also, as I said before, if you are being AUTHENTIC at all times, and not telling her lies, and genuinely trying to connect, she will SENSE that, and it will HELP you.

In fact, this is something I realized that came out of something painful. Personally, I see no point to being with a woman unless there is an intense personal connection that is mutual, but I understand that not everyone is like this.

However, because connection really IS everything to me, it resulted in many relationships where I just felt the connection wasn’t strong enough, and so it wasn’t meaningful enough to me.

I used to think everyone else was crazy, but then I realized that actually I have this innate burning obsession for connection that goes far beyond what most people require or are even capable of- so although it made me feel super alone with almost every woman I ever met because the connection wasn’t strong enough, my burning obsession for intense connection DID result in me creating a connection that the WOMEN felt was super strong, and it wasn’t their fault that THEY couldn’t create the SAME feeling of connection- not most of them. 

But my point to you is that connection and authenticity are VERY powerful, so powerful in fact that you will find it is the most important part of the interaction in terms of what you are doing actively. The rest- i.e. you being in the positive state of mind, takes care of most of the other aspects of the attraction.   

If you have the connection part down, the rest is simply more about NOT RUINING a woman's natural attraction to you by doing something to WRECK the moment, than it is some major thing you have to actively do aside from the connection.  Again, this is because a woman picks up on your state of mind subconsciously from your body language, tonality, facial expressions, all which flow from your state of mind.

The more you genuinely care about these things the better you will do with women.

Of course, learning under my coaching from my books and programs, and learning even FASTER by learning from me in PERSON, will get you to a HIGHER LEVEL OF MASTERY MUCH SOONER, but you can start right NOW with whatever level you are currently at this moment.

One of the KEYS is to realize that the conversation has to KEEP GOING for a certain amount of time, before enough minutes have gone by that you actually pass the “stranger zone” and are now someone she feels she actually HAS a real INTEREST in, whether that is because you managed to attract her so powerfully, or even if you just made a really damn good impression in general through your wit, your connection skills, and your general sense of control over yourself where you give off an air of masculinity and positivity and you make her feel safe and secure.

But TIME IS IMPORTANT, the conversation does have to continue for at least a few minutes, and I have found statistically from experience myself and the experience of the clients I’ve coached, that this is usually about 7 minutes to about 20 minutes.

Past 20 minutes, and you are usually reaching a point of diminishing returns, meaning that it’s not BAD to continue it, but you are not really attracting her much MORE beyond what you already did, nor are you enhancing the connection further, it tends to PEAK at about 20 minutes when everything is done right.

So, that means typically that she has been smiling, laughing, perhaps also moments of looking really seriously into your eyes, and just moment of chilling out being COMFORTABLE IN YOUR PRESENCE, as well as moments where you two are connecting over something shared that is meaningful, whether it is a shared experience, a shared value, a shared element of childhood, etc.

Also, during the interaction, it is important that indeed there IS a time when you are actually doing nothing but just having a nice quiet moment together, where she just feels good being with you, she as a woman with a man, and you just feeling that awesome feeling of being with a woman you like-no words need to be spoken.

So, ALL these things are important elements of a successful interaction, and yet they have one COMMON THREAD- and that is that they all HAPPEN VERY EASILY from you WHEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT STATES OF MIND.

And this is why when you put too much pressure on yourself to GO ATTRACT WOMEN, you actually end up often coming across as awkward and not natural at all. And it’s harder to be playful, and to truly be indifferent to the outcome.

And during these situations,  it’s easy to end up OVERCOMPENSATING for feelings of anxiety or insecurity by going TOO far with the teasing so that it ends up coming across as hurtful and not playful, or you end up going TOO FAR with the connection stuff and it seems like you are desperately trying to grab at straws for something to share in common.

So here are some things to help you chill out and improve your success when you approach women:

1. Don’t make it the only focus of your activity.

This is why I suggest you include meeting women as part of your OTHER activities, like shopping, playing sports, going to the bookstore, getting a coffee, etc. 

Just make sure these other activities are RELAXED or POSITIVE, so that you are ALREADY in state when the moment of opportunity rises.

This way, your mind was already occupied with something else positive, and now that you are seeing a woman you find attractive, you are ALREADY in state, and you haven’t had time to freak yourself out. You are psychologically ready to take IMMEDIATE action.

2. Regarding finding a connection, let’s start with the basics- MAN AND WOMAN.

So if you have started the conversation with an observational comment about something, (keep it positive), or you have playfully teased her, or even if you just went right up and gave her a meaningful compliment that was authentic, the fact is there IS ALREADY one connection you both have.

She is a woman, you are a man.

That’s enough of a reason to already BUILD something together, because as long as you are exuding positive energy and good vibes and you are in a good state, there is the PULL of sexual attraction, and the shared desire to be with each other on a very primal level, even though of course as a modern society we don’t have to ACT upon these feelings at all- but the fact of the matter is they are THERE.

If they weren’t there, there wouldn’t be a society at all!

So in the back of your mind, know this, to help you relax.

And when your mind is FREE to feel RELAXED, your CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS are now UNLEASHED.


When you are feeling PANICKED, your brain shuts down all the NON-ESSENTIAL skills for survival, and puts your body and mind into “FIGHT OR FLIGHT” mode.

This is where you get your heart beating fast, adrenaline pumping, and you are ready to fight, flee, or freeze.

Unfortunately, that is very BAD state to be in when you actually need your MIND to be FULLY AWAKE so that you can PROCESS all the data that flows from her in a conversation.

You want your mind in the most RESOURCEFUL state, where it can LISTEN well, PERCEIVE well, be able to be playful, witty, observe patterns in things she is saying or simply understanding her words, her body language, her tonality so that you can give her meaningful feedback, etc.

So chill out by knowing that it you already have something going for you—the fact that she is a woman who has been HARDWIRED and that you are a man who has been HARDWIRED to feel a certain way about the opposite gender.

THAT is a connection, whether it is SAID or not.

Also, realize that most people could use an ENERGY LIFT in their day, and the GREATEST BOOST in our emotions tends to come from our INTERACTIONS with others, and here YOU ARE, actually putting some POSITIVE ENERGY into HER DAY, making it more fun, sexual, and interesting.

That means there is a very GOOD CHANCE she will be RECEPTIVE to you.

The most AMAZING thing to me is that we are living in a society where you really CAN meet almost INFINITE women, all you need is to have the KNOW-HOW, and it can actually be EASY.

Now, there is a whole OTHER side, which is about how to work on yourself and how to SCREEN the women you meet so that you both are able to enjoy having an AWESOME relationship together long term, but that is a whole other discussion, one that I also teach and that is super-important as well.

And guess what? My video program, "WARRIOR WITHIN" shows you how to master ALL of the above, plus much, MUCH more. This program truly is the most powerful comprehensive program I have ever developed, for ensuring your success with ALL the important aspects of success with women including the FIRST PART-which is HOW to GET the girl in the first place! 

And my INSANELY special offer is EXPIRING in less than 24 hours. If you do not already have this program, I seriously suggest you get it immediately before the time is up. You can get the program, plus check out clips as well as testimonials, at:

I am the guy who basically CHANGED THE ENTIRE PLAYBOOK for the field of how to approach and attract women. From getting rid of pick-up lines, to generating attraction in a more natural way, to learning how to screen for the kind of women who will treat you right, to raising the entire standard on “inner game”, and much more. 

And it all started because I myself truly went through hell and back when it came to figuring out women. I understand just how much TORTURE it can be to feel HELPLESS in this area, to feel ALONE, to feel OVERWHELMED.

I truly GET IT.

And when you learn from me, you will learn not only how to attract women, but how to go about the entire endeavor in a way that is consistent with a holistic approach to life in general- you will learn to do it all in a way that is SUM-SUM. You win, the woman wins, and it LASTS.


Michael Marks

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Secrets For Tapping Into Your "Inner Game" To Attract Women

Today, I'd like to help you tap into your
"INNER GAME", which is another word
for your internal strength of emotional
state and your ability to enter the right
states of mind at the right moment.

The truth is that inner game is the most
important part of your development, and
it's the secret that enables you to do incredible
at not only pick-up without using memorized
pick up lines, but it also helps you at every
stage of an interaction including even

The best part of all this is that it's not a game.
It's the real you.

Women will respect this development and
be attracted to you because they simply
can't NOT be attracted to it. It's too
rare, too precious, too liberating and
empowering even just to WITNESS
somebody like this, for anyone to
be able to IGNORE it.

The irony of course though is that you
can't really do this just to get a woman,
as that in itself is kind of weak.

The FIRST thing to become aware of is
all the TRASH in your mind that is holding
you back from being as powerful as you can be.

99% of this trash is all FEAR based.

And the craziest part of all, is that 99% of these
fears are ABSURD.

We've just become so damn good at brainwashing
ourselves that these fears are IMPORTANT.

For example, when you see a woman you'd like
to talk to, and you don't approach her, it's not
because you are going to go to jail if you talk
to her.

And you don't avoid her because you think she
will attack you, or hurt you.

The biggest reason for avoidance is to avoid
having our EGO damaged.

We don't want to RISK damaging something
that doesn't even EXIST.

Our ego is our own ARTIFICIAL CREATION.

We create it, and we arbitrarily decide what's
good for it, and what's bad for it. As if we
KNOW what's good for us.

But the truth is, the BEST thing you can do
is banish that ego, because all it does is set
up limiting options for your life, because
you won't do anything that might damage
that ego. And that means you won't ever
GROW as a person, and worst of all, you
will never be free of fear.

Because you will always be living with the
fear of "what if something comes along that
might damage might ego?""

But if you throw your ego out, then you
can EMBRACE whatever the hell you need
to do to grow and learn.

This is why it's actually good to NOT get
fantastic success with women right away,
because if you never "fail", then you will
be TERRIFIED of it happening, as you
have no clue what it might be like, and
your imagination will make it far worse
than it is.

Life is nothing but a bunch of short moments.
None of these moments is something to be
afraid of, but we arbitrarily decide to create
FEARS based on our own artificial GROUPING
of moments. So for example, seeing a beautiful
woman is not a thing to fear.

It's actually pretty cool, right?
Okay, now, walking UP to a woman is also
nothing to fear, you do this all the time
without even THINKING about it, let's
say if she happens to be on the bus or
train or whatever and you are walking
past her. Or if you are in a crowd,
and you don't even notice her there.

So, clearly walking near or up to a
woman is nothing to fear.

Now, TALKING to woman who is beautiful
is nothing to fear either. We do it all the time
and think nothing of it if it's not about doing
an actual "pick-up".

It all only becomes a problem or FEAR
when we attach EGO to it. So we decide
to make it a fear when we want to get her
APPROVAL of our own worth.

We think, "Damn, if only she would LIKE
me, then things would be AWESOME!"

Then I would feel GREAT!

Now, this actually isn't true though, it's
actually YOU allowing YOURSELF to
feel that way, but you are only giving
yourself permission to feel this if SHE
says you are great, or desirable, etc.

Do you see how we are the ones making
the problem? We are the ones creating
the pain?

And the truth is, how do you explain the
stars in Hollywood who have all the
most beautiful women, and yet who are
all depressed and end up in rehab or
worse, committing suicide or destroying
themselves in other ways?

Do you think these people are somehow
DIFFERENT? They are the same like
anyone else, and the truth is that no THING
brings any emotion to anyone unless we
ALLOW it. As soon as you get the thing
you thing will bring you happiness, the
moment lasts for a brief moment, and then
it's GONE, and you start to feel a LACK
again--unless you start looking at the
JOURNEYS OF LIFE as the actual
joy and not the destination.

Sure, enjoy the destination when you are there,
but realize it's the journey that's the bigger
deal. This is why the coolest people constantly
challenge themselves with new cool things.

But we ALLOW this thing called EGO to
TAKE OVER and all it does is try to CONTROL
everything so that it doesn't get hurt- and yet
THIS is what causes us all the pain. So
it avoids challenges and avoids any potential
ego risk.

And yet here's the thing- if you can just
FORGET about what you can GET from
a woman, including even just her approval,
and you instead just live in the MOMENT,
and stop focusing on the past pain, and
stop thinking about how GOOD things
would be in the FUTURE if you "just had her",
you would do SOOOOOO much better
in the actual pick up with her!

The reason for this, is because your mind
and emotions are INFINITELY powerful
when they are not being driven in opposite

Your mind is the most UPDATED model of
a SUPER POWERFUL tool that has helped
your ancestors come up with all kinds of
brilliant ways to triumph against challenges
like hunger, horrible weather, traveling
across wild oceans, surviving life among
dangerous beasts and animals, surviving
against enemies, a mind that has been
resourceful enough to come up with
creative ways to also win friends and
allies and to attract a female mate to
continue your genes from generation

The thing is, this mind that is more
sophisticated than the greatest computer
gets all JAMMED and screwed up when
it's being given OPPOSITE messages-

It's like having your foot on the brake
and the accelerator at the same time.

So how do you get rid of all these ego-based

Well, one powerful thing you can do is to
learn to STOP thinking about anything other
than the MOMENT.

This doesn't mean to start acting like an
impulsive idiot, what it means is to start
focusing on the PRESENT and to stop
doing things out of the PAIN of the PAST,
and to stop doing things for some type

The truth is that the past doesn't exist,
the future doesn't exist, they are only
in your MIND, and also NO "THING" will
bring you some type of 'NIRVANA',
however the JOURNEY is what is the
JOY in things. So learning to enjoy
the PROCESS is what will make
your entire LIFE meaningful and

So when you see a woman you like,
let THAT in itself be the motivation
to just TALK to her, stop thinking
what it will LEAD to, because that
is the FUTURE, and thinking about
things other than the present will only
DETRACT from your ability to DEAL
with the present.

And the whole POINT of this training
of your mind, is to realize anyway that
there is no such thing as the past or future,
and that the joy is in the MOMENT.

Of course, by being in the PRESENT,
you will chat with her in a way that
SHOWS you are in the PRESENT,

You will, for example, take note of the
MOMENT, and make a comment that is
IN THE PRESENT. She, in turn, will
respond by being in the moment-
for example, if you are both at the
supermarket counter line-up, and it's
taking forever for the person at the
front to find his wallet, cash, or
coupon, etc, and you say "I'm so
hungry, I think I'll eat this loaf
of bread right here and pay for
it when I get up to the front"
the woman will SENSE that you
are in the present and it will disarm

She will not feel the need to resist you,
because there is nothing TO resist, you
are simply being in the PRESENT, which
is exactly where you ALL are.

And, more importantly, because you are
not worried about the past or future, your
DELIVERY of these words will show
in your voice, your body language, your
expression on your face a certain type of
strength, a certain type of humor that also
shows you are secure and that you are
not so fragile that you need to be so
serious about everything, that it will
CHARM her.

This is just a TINY SPECK of the
MASSIVE POWER that exists by tapping
into the skill of being in the PRESENT.

And let me mention one thing:
Even if this DOESN'T lead to always getting
her in BED with you, you know for SURE
with women in general by adopting this
attitude than by being focused on anything
EXCEPT the present.

If you start thinking too much about the future
and past, you will come up with a BILLION
reasons NOT to take action, your ego will
start interfering with things, and you will
also sound WAY WORSE when you do
finally decide to take action, because you
will be emotionally coming from a place
of confusion and that weakness will be
conveyed in your every subtlety, from
your voice, to your mannerisms, to your
smile or lack of it.

When you can finally let GO of your
EGO and let go of anything but the
PRESENT, you will start to see a
friggen whole other UNIVERSE
open up for you, and you are going
to have more women, of higher quality
as well, than you will possibly have time
for. I mean this, every word, it's not
an exaggeration.

Your ego is like a EMOTIONAL POLLUTION
MAGNET for your mind - it stores all kinds
of emotional TRASH that does NOTHING
for you. It's a tricky sucker, because it
makes you think it's protecting you,
it makes you think it IS you, it makes
you think that you are your current
emotions or thoughts even if they are
totally destructive and negative and

And it makes you think that the REWARD
is in the destination, rather than in the

Here's a great exercise for you:
Next time you see a woman you'd like
to chat to, see how much INSPIRATION

I PROMISE YOU, that there is magnificence
in every single thing that you currently think

I don't care if you are in the line at the
supermarket, or if you are on the bus
and she is reading the newspaper,
there is something AWESOME

Don't let the brainwashed world turn YOU
into a brainwashed person who is zombie
with his most empowering and awesome
emotions turned off.

The trick is to be in the PRESENT.
The reason you find it hard to "come up"
with cool stuff to say is because you are
trying to be PERFECT, because you don't
want to fail. Trust me, I understand this,
I'm human and once in a rare while, this
happens to me too, even after training
for years. But if it happens, it's only
because I've let myself get wrapped
up in something other than the MOMENT.

So the trick is to work into your life
a way of BREAKING this habit.

For years, I used to every morning and
every night go out and pour cold water
buckets over me, and it TOTALLY got
me out of "thinking" state and into

The name of that moment is

You may want to try this, after consulting
with your doctor, or you can come up with
something equally state-changing.

One final message I want to say is that
PERSPECTIVE is your greatest friend.

So often, the greatest PAIN we experience
is also the ONLY thing that allows us to
truly LEARN and to GROW.

Think about it- how often did you ONLY
learn a great lesson the HARD WAY?

This is why the guys who get the greatest
success are usually the guys who had the
greatest amount of "failures"- so it starts
to make you realize that actually "failures"
are the only way to learn the MOST.

So is it really failure, if failure is the ONLY
way to great success? It's actually pretty
CRAZY that we live in a society that
calls "not getting what you want" as
"failure" when it REALLY should be

Chances are, that if you really suffer
"failure", you are ready to LEARN
from it.

And regarding PERSPECTIVE, I want you
to start letting go of any HATE AND PAIN
that you are storing inside of you regarding
ANY woman who has EVER hurt you.

This was the hardest thing for me to do,
and once I did this, I started to TAKE

And guess what, those people who hurt you,
very often are the ones who actually need
the love the most. So of course if you are
being abused by any woman, then you should
get the HELL out of there, but there's no
reason to let this person bring YOU down
by making you have to carry all that negativity
with you for life. And when you realize that
these people who hurt others are the ones
who are hurting the most, it's much easier
to LET GO of those negative emotions.

Again, it's the EGO and it's being in the
PAST or the FUTURE that holds us back.
All these things don't even EXIST, and
they hold us back from the only thing
that DOES exist- the PRESENT.

And if you are reading this right now, and
you would like to tap into your FULL
POTENTIAL with women, then I suggest
you download my Warrior Within
video program.

This program is truly LIGHT YEARS ahead of
any other program out there on this topic.

It will show you how to take yourself
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how to "sweep a woman off her feet"
without ever having to use cheesy
artificial tactics. You will be attracting
her through the power of who you have
become internally.

It's at:

Till next time,


Thursday, August 2, 2018

What Went Into Making "Warrior Within" Your ULTIMATE WEAPON For INFINITE CONFIDENCE With Women

One of the things about me is that I am so
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And when it was all over, I spent many more
MONTHS on creating the final edit so that
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Confidence, Courage, And Attracting Women

When it comes to success with women,
so much of it truly comes down to

And this is true at EVERY STEP

The moment you see a woman you'd
like you to approach.

The moment you want to kiss her.

The moment you want to take things
to a more physical level.

Even the HUMOR that attracts women,

you will notice, is a particular KIND
of humor-it's CONFIDENT humor.

And even in a relationship, there
are things you may want to say, to
do, that you KNOW would probably
make things BETTER, whether it is
in the bedroom or otherwise in
the relationship, but FEAR makes
you REPRESS it all.

And just because this is the simple
truth, does not in any way mean that
having that actual confidence and
courage is EASY.

In fact, our brains are hard-wired
to avoid anything where there is
possible danger. It's our way of
protecting us-it's a survival

The problem is that survival instinct
was designed for a very DIFFERENT
environment, where those fears
(such as fear of being eaten up by
a wild beast!) ended up serving us
more than harming us.

Of course, a man needed a MASSIVE

amount of confidence and courage to
thrive back then, too.

Today, things are very different
in our environment, but our brains
and bodies are still stuck in their
primitive forms, and we FEEL

the fears with the same intensity.

What makes this especially crazy when
it comes to attracting women, is that
not only do we need confidence and courage
to do all the right things with women,
but the actual CHARACTER TRAITS themselves
(of confidence and courageousness) are
things that women are HARDWIRED to be
attracted to in men!

In fact, women subconsciously search out
men the moment they meet them to see if
they have this inner confidence.

This makes a lot of sense when you think
about how much confidence and courage it
took to survive and thrive as a man in
ancient times. So women evolved to be
attracted to that.

And what is ESPECIALLY crazy today is that
men are BOMBARDED from BIRTH with messages
that make them feel a LACK of confidence
when it comes to women, because these
messages are all about how EVIL men are
and how women are supposedly so against
the idea of men "picking them up",
approaching them, or in any other way
getting to a physical level with them.

So it's NO WONDER that men are in this

And so, for that reason, I created a program 

that was designed for JUST THAT ONE PURPOSE: 


This program, called Warrior Within, was
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And because I knew this program was going
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It truly covered every component of developing
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it was going beyond the pick-up, whether
it was online dating, whether it was getting
OVER an ex-girlfriend, and much, MUCH more.

This program truly is VITAL for any man
who is serious about getting the kind
of woman he wants, and it's vital as well
for KEEPING her, because not only does a
woman search out a man's confidence from the
FIRST MOMENT she meets him, but this
confidence can't just be a short-term
"trick"-it has to be REAL or the
woman's attraction will fade.

And I've just taken a VERY powerful action
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