Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Negative Versus Positive Emotions For Attracting Women

One of the greatest horror stories when it comes to the situation between men and women today is how so many of the very people who are supposed to be EXPERTS on attraction are actually SCREWING UP millions of men with their misguided advice. 

So, for example, if you're a man who has been looking for advice on attracting women, then unless you've been living on MARS for the past decade, you probably have heard of popular pick-up artist advice. 

Perhaps you've read the book The Game. And you probably have heard about strategies such as "negs" which are really thinly-veiled insults also known as back-handed compliments-and of course these things are not compliments at all-they are actually DESIGNED to make a woman feel INFERIOR, to make her feel LESS about herself.

Perhaps you've heard of strategies such as "freeze-outs", designed to make a woman feel punished (by ignoring her) for not getting sexual fast enough. 

Supposedly, this stuff "gets a woman off her pedestal".  

And make no mistake about it, this stuff has been ENTRENCHED into pick-up artist culture for MANY YEARS now, and if you doubt me, you are welcome and free to do the research yourself. 

Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like I think that all women are made from sugar and spice!

In fact, it was after going through YEARS of abuse by women that I WOKE UP to the LIES we were all fed by third-wave feminism and political correctness, and it was that nightmare experience that made me embark on a journey of learning and experience that led to my  creation also known as The Dating Wizard.

And the ANSWER to attracting women is not through NEGATIVE tactics.  The answer is through a combination of the following two things:

Making yourself an INFINITE source of incredible emotions she experiences with you.

Wisely SELECTING for a good woman who also hasn't been corrupted by third-wave feminism, political-correctness, and postmodernism. (It's all a product of postmodernism.)

And I have to repeat-if ANY GUY thinks that he will actually GET HIMSELF a girlfriend and KEEP her with those negative and famous pick-up artist tactics, he is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, and I want to prove it to you right now. 

So let me CUT THROUGH THE INSANITY right here: Do you know what the RATIO between GOOD experiences versus BAD experiences must be in order for a person to want to be with someone rather than break up with them?


That's right: TWENTY to ONE.

This stuff has already been STUDIED in both happy couples and conflicted couples, and it's been PROVEN. (You can study the research by Dr. John Gottman if you want all the nitty-gritty details). 

That means that basically, the woman (and you) need to be having positive interactions with each other pretty much ALL THE TIME.

How GOOD do you think a woman is going to feel when she is "NEGGED"? When she is given "FREEZE-OUTS"? 

So you might be wondering-how do those tactics get SO MUCH praise from certain men in the seduction community if they don't work?

The ANSWER is fourfold: 

First of all, 99% of the men don't ACTUALLY take ANY real consistent action to attract women in their lives, so taking ANY action, even a MISGUIDED one, is liable to create SOME response in a woman, compared to ZERO. 

Secondly, when the guy uses this crazy negative stuff, and it is on a woman who is a total STRANGER, the woman still doesn't know if this is how he is ALWAYS FOR SURE GOING TO BEHAVE.  So she hasn't seen the PATTERN in the guy yet, and might actually let it SLIDE.  But that doesn't mean it's HELPING the guy!

Thirdly, the fact the guy THINKS this is a good tactic gives him some confidence, so again, his efforts are going to get SOME result compared to saying NOTHING to her, and this might boost his confidence, and then he might decide to actually STOP the insane tactics and go on to actually doing something less destructive to attract her!

The fourth factor is that a LOT of the women these guys are approaching who are actually RESPONDING AT ALL are women who are promiscuous OR who are drunk or tipsy or BOTH promiscuous AND drunk/tipsy, and so these women are really not having the same standards of behavior because they are NOT looking for anything significant and they are not in their right minds, and they are offering the guy a lot less-in fact they are offering zero loyalty, commitment, dedication, etc.

These TRUTHS are what most men NEVER learn. 

What you WANT in order to attract a woman and keep her attracted, is to be someone who she feels AMAZING around-in terms of her confidence, her sexual appeal, her sense of calm and optimism, her sense of fun and adventure, her sense of the inspirational, her feelings of connection to you, and all that awesome stuff!!!!

And there AIN'T NO WAY IN HELL that is happening with 99.99% of the pick-up artist stuff that is sold by the TON to MILLIONS of men everyday!

So what do MOST guys think is a GOOD ratio of positive to negative interactions with a woman, so that the woman WANTS to be with a guy and stay with a guy? 

Well, most guys think that if they are in a relationship, and they get into an argument with a woman, that the whole thing is OKAY if they then have a GOOD experience together with her. As if a bad experience is "erased" by a good experience.

But that thinking is WRONG.

"The ratio of positive interactions to negative in happy couples is 20 to 1, in conflicted couples is 5 to 1, and in soon-to-divorce couples is .8 to 1. Watching a couple interact when they are not in conflict is the best way to predict their risk for divorce."

So even five positive interactions to one negative interaction is not good enough! In fact, 5 to 1 is a sign of CONFLICTED couples! 

The overall balance has to lean OVERWHELMINGLY to the positively AWESOME side!

And it all makes sense, if you think about it. Human beings are not rational-they are EMOTIONAL.  People don't buy things, for example, just because they think they are going to get back an EQUAL value to what they are paying.

Businesses know this, which is why they aim to get people EMOTIONAL, and to make people FEEL like they are getting back WAY more in terms of VALUE than they are paying for. 

This is why so many companies create promotions such as "two for one" offers.

It's also why you see products that when you buy the large size come out to much cheaper, even if you don't NEED the product in large quantities---it's because people LOVE the feeling of getting WAY MORE than just "fair" or "equal to what I paid".  


It's human greed.

People don't get excited about FAIR.
They get excited about getting WAY MORE THAN IS FAIR.

A woman needs to feel she is getting WAY MORE AWESOME EMOTIONS from being with you than she feels she actually even "should" be getting according to her concept of what is "fair".

This is why any guy using negative tactics on women could NEVER, EVER, EVER use that stuff on a woman who is ready and looking for a REAL RELATIONSHIP, and they could NEVER use that stuff to KEEP a woman either.

In a long-term relationship, there has to be a LOPSIDED emphasis on keeping the ongoing interactions and experiences POSITIVE ones, ranging from how she feels on the telephone talking to you, to making love, to just hanging out.

This is why I have been saying FOREVER, but only a few have listened, that it is not about being a NICE guy or a JERK, but about being a man who is BADASS (which gives her the feeling of getting a real MAN) that actually ALSO shows he CARES about HER (that gives her the feeling of being LOVED) and that knows how to give her a massive range of awesome emotions (that gives her many feelings such as excitement/adrenaline, laughter, wonder, inspiration, connection, etc.). 

You want to inspire her, you want to make her feel feminine, you want to make love so that her world goes from black and white to COLOR, you want to be able to get her laughing, you want to be able to get her to feel super connected, you want to be, in a SYMBOLIC sense, her "CRACK COCAINE DEALER OF INSANELY AWESOME EMOTIONS" so she becomes ADDICTED to you, and keeps on coming back to you for MORE!

And sometimes, RARELY, there may very well be conflict! But if you navigate through the conflict PROPERLY, (which I also teach), you will both come back even STRONGER emotionally toward each other than before!  

I teach the POSITIVE way to attract a woman from the moment you FIRST see here anywhere, all the way to the RELATIONSHIP as well.

This video gets into it a bit more:

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Freedom & Responsibility: The Winning Combination To Attracting Women

There are two forces, that when combined,
result in MASSIVE power to attract women.

These two forces are FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

And what is CRAZY is how these two
values are increasingly becoming
EXTINCT in the western world.

So, in a way, attracting women is about
unleashing the two forces that are
being QUASHED not only in men, but
that are being crushed in our entire

Let me explain:

More than EVER, you can't say ANYTHING
that might offend ANYONE, even if what
you say is TRUE.

Actually, I need to clarify a bit:
This culture DOES allow people to
offend those who RESPECT traditional

The values that BUILT our entire

Things like the family unit.
Things like marriage.

Things like raising children
in a traditional way.

Things like championing the free exchange

Things like capitalism and the free market.

So in our insane society today, you can
spew hatred and use free speech when it
comes to DESTROYING these things.

You can go on ALL day long spewing
HATRED against the institutions of
traditional marriage, against the
free market, against the family
unit, against allowing conservative
values to flourish.

And this is why we get things like
third-wave feminism, and even laws
that forbid you from DISCUSSING
certain topics in public, and why
we get the increasing involvement
of the government in everyone's lives.


It's all part of POSTMODERNISM and
MASKS itself as something COMPASSIONATE
and caring, (e.g. "to defend women", and
to "embrace all cultures equally") when
in reality it is about manipulating the
masses into voting for them so they can
gain power.

So what does this have to do with
pick-up and attracting women?


If you can't be FREE to let your mind
EXPRESS itself with women, you can't
display your real PERSONALITY with

You end up REPRESSING yourself around
women because you want to make sure you
are doing everything that is POLITICALLY
CORRECT, that sounds like you are a
perfect match for all the politically
correct things that you are supposed to

And the thing about political correctness
is that it is a LIE; it is not based on
truth. So OF COURSE it FAILS to attract

It DENIES reality.
For example, REALITY is that women want
men who resonate POWER. And they want
men who make women feel FEMININE.  

How on EARTH can you do this when you
are told by politically correct forces
that you are supposed to look at women
as basically MEN who just happen to have
a different ANATOMY on the surface???????

And of course the politically-correct
forces also stop you from discussing
ANYTHING in a truly RELEVANT way, because
it's all based on BULLSHIT!

Here's something else too about our culture
these days: Part of political correctness
is also about BLAMING people for your
problems and challenges in life.

It says that someone ELSE is in power,
it says that people are VICTIMS,
and it tries to put people into camps,
e.g. WOMEN are into the WOMEN camp,
and different races are into their camps,
and it is always someone being the
OPPRESSED and someone being the OPPRESOR.

And it looks for VILLAINS, and not
just individual VILLIANS, but

So MEN are the villains, AS A GROUP.
WOMEN are the VICTIMS, as a GROUP.

And then there are MORE subgroups:
So if you are a man, you can STILL
complain, by saying you are POOR
man, and you are the VICTIM of the

It also likes to pit races against each other.

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is that in the
western world, even those who think
they are POOR, are ACTUALLY wealthier
than 95% of the ENTIRE PLANET!

And that wealth is the RESULT of the
TRADITIONAL VALUES of our culture;
it is what BUILT our entire civilization,
and though far from perfect, it is the
BEST system there is, compared to
communism, dictatorships, etc.

And we all have the access to things
like information, libraries, and
FREE SPEECH which we can all use to
CLIMB UP the ladder to GREATER success.

But instead of APPRECIATING this,
political correctness breeds CONTEMPT,
it breeds HATRED and NEGATIVITY, and
it breeds SPOILED ARROGANT behaviour
instead of displaying one IOTA
of gratitude.

It breeds a VICTIM MENTALITY that
blames everyone else instead of
being empowering and taking
RESPONSIBILITY for improving one's

those before WWII in the West who had
it MUCH harder financially than we do
today, and who had much LESS than us,
somehow THEY were able to be HAPPIER,
and to require LESS from the government.

And let me tell you something:

This is why we talk about a time
"when men were men". 

Women don't want men who play the
VICTIM card.

They don't want men who think they
are so deprived of power, and who
think they are helpless.

Such behavior is the 'ANTI-ATTRACTOR',
because on a hard-wired level, women
are subconsciously attracted to men
who will THRIVE and who will help
them have chilren who will THRIVE.

They want the "THRIVING DNA",
not the "WHINING" DNA.

Now, of course, this culture RUINS
millions of women as well. Because
feminism, for example, BLAMES men
for all women's problems.

And on top of this, it STRIPS
bad behavior.

And, as explained, this culture of SHIRKING
responsibility has affected men as well.

Millions of men have grown up in this
politically correct culture that keeps
on telling men that it's someone else's
fault they aren't successful.

That tells them to show ZERO gratitude
for living in the most free societies
on Earth, with the most opportunities
on Earth.

But as far as ruining a pick-up goes,
because it is men who approach women
and not the other way around, it
REALLY screws up a man if he has
been brainwashed by this new
politically correct culture.

It makes him come across as weak
and bitter and arrogant.


There's one last part here, and that
is the component of RESPONSIBILITY.

When I am doing a pick-up, I take
RESPONSIBILITY very seriously.

It shows in every DETAIL of what I do.

So yes, I am FREE in the pick-up, and it
shows in my demeanor, in my words, in my

In fact, one of the things men tend
to say when they come to my bootcamps
is that they notice how FREE I am when
I'm interacting with women-how the entire
pick-up just seems to FLOW in a way
that just seems so natural-as if the
women and I have known each other
for years.

And this is the quality I instill in
the men I coach as well-so that they
can approach any woman anytime anywhere,
and have it STILL be totally free and

But I am also exercising great RESPONSIBILITY.

I don't take the woman for granted.
I have NEVER filmed a pick-up for public gain
even ONCE, even though I was the FIRST on
the scene in the public media with doing
bootcamps, and I could have made TEN TIMES
the profits by filming the women I was
picking up or that my students were
picking up.

Also, the CONTENT of what I chat about with
women, in the pick-ups, SHOWS that I have
that BALANCE, that I will get them laughing,
get them thinking, get them inspired, even
get them aroused-but not PUSH too far too
fast even if COULD have, because I want
the women to be able to go home and
REFLECT on the pick-up, and consider
whether they want to continue this-
AND FASTER in the moment --but I don't.

This is RESPONSIBILITY, and lo and behold
it actually is GOOD for the REAL success
in terms of getting a woman to want to
see you again.  Instead of the incredibly
HUGE DROP-OUT RATE that so many guys
get from women when they try to just
PUSH PUSH PUSH for physical escalation
whether it is for pick-up videos marketing
or for their own selves.

Most women DEEPLY VALUE this responsibility
COMBINED with that FREEDOM in your expression,
that LACK OF REPRESSION due to political
correctness-so that you come across as
a man in all the dimensions of being
a man and not hiding the sexual interest
in her, done in a tasteful way.

Instead of repression and blaming others.

And really, that is what postmodernism
and political correctness is-it seeks to LIMIT
your freedom of speech, and it seeks
to make you view yourself as a VICTIM
of some other group.

And that's NOT attractive to women.


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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why Women NEED Men To Be Dominant

Women actually NEED you to be DOMINANT
and more MASCULINE so that they can
naturally feel FEMININE and attracted
to you! 

Human beings naturally have a need to
KNOW what role they are supposed to
be in any given situation, just as
for example, the same man will behave
differently in different ROLES, such
as being a father, son, friend, teacher,
husband, lover, and so on.

This need to know our ROLE goes deep
into our primal psychology and is of

So if you take on the FEMININE ROLE
and if you behave less dominant, you
basically force HER to figure that
YOU are the feminine one, and so therefore
SHE must adopt the masculine and dominant
role, and she can NEVER feel attraction
to you if you do that!

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How To Get Women To Chase You: The TRUTH

I want to share one of my all-time FAVORITE
articles on SKYROCKETING a woman's attraction to you.

To be blunt, if you get a woman to chase you,
you KNOW she's attracted to you.


On the other hand, if you start to chase HER,
A LACK OF VALUE, well then you usually tend
to LOSE the woman, as she loses the attraction
she felt for you.

The question though, a question I spent YEARS
figuring out the hard way, is:

How do you START a conversation with a woman
WITHOUT making it obvious that you are “chasing her”?

After all, the fact you started talking to her
makes it clear you HAVE at least some interest
in her. And how can THAT not seem like chasing?

Well, some people like to think the answer is
to give women a series of backhanded
compliments, which is really a series of subtle

For example, the guy will say something
nice to the woman, like “nice smile” and then say
something like “but you have weird hair” or
whatever other insult they could come up with.

The idea behind all this, is that this way supposedly
you don’t validate her, so now she will pursue you in
her quest to get validated.

Unfortunately, this is NOT ENOUGH, for the simple
reason that a woman has to feel some ATTRACTION
to begin with, before she will care about whether you
are validating her or not.

So the REAL ANSWER to, “How do I approach
a woman without making it seem that I am chasing her?”

is to get her MESMERIZED with you as fast
as possible so that she is instead more
concerned with her OWN interest in YOU
and how to ensure that she gets YOU!

In her mind, the fact you approached her
only means that you are CONSIDERING her,
not necessarily desperately CHASING her.

Now, at that point, of course you can lean back and
chill out and let her chase you.

If she's attractive, you can be sure she will
enjoy chasing you, (don't go overboard, and
don't get abusive, ever, of course) since she
usually gets things too easily and that bores her.

So, instead of looking at value from a negative standpoint,
and giving women insults and then hoping they
will want to get validated by you, the best way to
go is to actually CONVEY REAL VALUE –
so that she WANTS to chase you.

By “real value” I mean getting her FEELING

From a chemistry/romance/attraction point of view,
that’s the highest form of value you can give a woman.
In fact, women will become ADDICTED to you
if you can do this, because emotions are addictive,
and the more you can give her, the more she will
become obsessed with you.

This is when a woman doesn't just want you,
but wants you BAD!

So now, I’m going to give you some of the WAYS
to convey value and attract her, all of which have
nothing to do with harming her self-esteem or
any other negative stuff.


This was one of the first “holy *&^%” moments
when I discovered this. Basically, what this is,
is that you adopt the mentality that there IS
a party going on, a GREAT PARTY in fact, and
that you are the CENTER of this party!

And you do this no matter what the heck is
“really” going on- you behave like everyone
around you is VISITING this party or has
just arrived.

And, you behave as if they are all super-friendly
and admirers of you- wishing that you would chat
them up too, in addition to all the other cool people
who you were chatting to before them.

This means ANYWHERE you are, you now
have the LICENSE to do all kinds of fun
playful and even risqué stuff, because it’s
all perfectly fine in the name of the PARTY.

You could get away with more sexual comments,
you could make fun of anything, you could make
any joke, you could SAY anything, if you are really

The key to making this work, is to not even
leave your ROOM or the house or building
until you have gotten yourself into this PARTY
state of mind.

You need to do whatever it takes to get the
PARTY inspiration, but don’t use alcohol
or drugs obviously as that is not only not
healthy but will screw up your performance –
so I suggest you listen to PARTY MUSIC
that you love instead.

The other thing to making this work is that
you have to anticipate BEFOREHAND that
you might meet a woman ANYWHERE
and so this way you are READY for the
moment when the moment comes- whether
it be in the coffee shop, bookstore, elevator,
bus, or school, ANYWHERE.

You have to be ready BEFORE it happens,
not just when it happens, or it’s too late.

Say you’re getting off the elevator and a
gorgeous creature happens to be right in
front of you- you can do something like this:

Give her this look, up and down, and
like a MAN, and then give her a bit of
a nod, as if you’ve just given her your
stamp that she qualifies, and you could
even say “the party is this way” and
gesture toward where you’re going,
or you could even say "The party is
and point to yourself.

Again, this stuff requires you to be
in FULL party state, the reason it works
is because since YOU are in that state
and showing it, it makes it EASY for her
to join this state as well, because the reality
is that EVERYONE wants to be having
MORE FUN, no one wants to get more
depressed and formal and official, and
here you are having a great time ALREADY
and just inviting her to playfully join.

Again, the key is that you are ALREADY
in this state of mind BEFORE you meet her,
so this way she gets to actually feel MORE
comfortable to join your “party” since she
doesn’t have to feel it’s all about HER,
rather it’s about the chance to FEEL GOOD.

And guess what?
If a woman is feeling good and sexual around
you, and the other guys in her life are boring her,
guess who she’s going to BE with?


This feeling GOOD stuff is so powerful, and
yet 99% of people prevent themselves from
feeling this by getting caught up in all kinds
of negative emotions.

Make yourself the one guy on earth who IS
her drug, the source of feeling intoxicatingly

And the irony is that you will do this best by
NOT doing it for HER, but by already being
in this state BEFORE you bump into her.

Yeah, I know you might say it's the same
thing because you are doing it for her, but
once you do this, you will actually FEEL
way more awesome anyway, and you
really WON'T be doing it just for her!

This is why so many of the most beautiful
women in real life are with men who have
a LIFESTYLE that is compelling/fun/intriguing.
By LIFESTYLE, I mean they way they live
their lives from day to day, how much of that
time is spent feeling awesome emotions
compared to boring ones or negative ones.

You don’t have to be in this state 24/7, but you
definitely want to be in this state if you are out
trying to meet and attract women.


Clothing is something we all have to wear most
of the time – and it covers us from almost head
but the “ad” that most guys are wearing is saying:

“I’m boring and not social and not looking to
have any fun, ever.”

So you should definitely be pushing the envelope
to find clothing that has STYLE, and that reflects
some of your OWN personality as well- whether
it’s leather with some shiny metallic on it,
whether it’s an unusual but cool denim,
you want to be STANDING OUT and not
wearing the thing that makes you blend in
as one of a billion other guys.

This is a huge topic in itself, but the key
is to remember that no matter what your
environment, whether it’s work or a club
or a party, you can always find the thing
that you can get away with that pushes
the envelope without being ridiculous
in each environment.

Another thing to remember is that most guys
tend to avoid upbeat colors, and it’s a good idea
to incorporate some more color, even if it’s just
a BIT of bright color to offset what is mostly
dark colors.

This was the hardest thing for me to do at first,
because I actually felt so gloomy and angry, I
liked dressing more like Batman, all brooding,
so it took a while for me to have some more range
with some color as well.

No one is saying you have to wear pink and yellow,
or look “gay”, there are a lot of other options besides

You may want to ask the most attractive female
clerk at the clothing store for her help, and while
you’re at it, go for her number as well.


Start things off RIGHT.

When you initially say the first WORD (and after
as well, but especially when you start, to get her
attention the first time) to a woman who is a total
stranger, it’s important that you don’t come across
as weak or without conviction in your decision to
talk to her.

Say it with FULL AUTHORITY in your voice,
whether it’s “Hi” or “Hey” or “I’m on my way to
the King Tut exhibit at the museum”
, say it with
TOTAL AUTHORITY, and this way she won’t
question WHY you are talking to her and it will
also get her attention in a receptive way, so that
now you can actually get into the more juicy fun
or interesting stuff you were going to talk about
to her.


Now, it’s important to realize regarding the above
things, that whatever you do in the beginning will
set up the DYNAMIC of how things will go till the

If you set up the dynamic as highly sexual but without
any deeper connection going on, then your relationship
will likely become sexual but then explode and self-destruct

If you tease a woman too much, she will end up
teasing you back hardcore as well, and this might
get out of hand and become annoying after a while.

If you keep the dynamic too “anti-septic” and safe
and free of sexual vibe, you will end up as friends only,
and you don’t want that.

If you play games too much in the beginning, the relationship
will end as a result of these games as well.

So you must strike the right BALANCE in your
interactions with women, and you must do this
right especially at the BEGINNING, so that
things are established immediately and flow
in the direction you want.

What you have read is just the tip of the iceberg
of ALL the incredible things you can do to
SKYROCKET a woman's attraction to you.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The No-Bullshit Book On Success With Women Today

If you want success with women, that goal has now become a MILLION times easier for you than it ever was before. 

A Book That Cuts Past All The B.S.

 A  "mini-book" that cuts past all the total BULLSHIT out there and gets right to the part about what you need to do to SUCCEED at approaching women, to SUCCEED at ATTRACTING women.

It even gives you the "NITTY-GRITTY" on how and where to find truly GOOD women who appreciate good men.

When it comes to meeting and attracting women, things have CHANGED over the last few years. Not only in terms of attracting women, but also in terms of finding a quality woman for a fantastic relationship.

For most men, it has become harder than ever to find and to attract a fantastic woman who would make a great long-term girlfriend.

The Most EFFICIENT Way To Attract Women

This book SOLVES all of that for you, and it takes you all the way from first seeing a woman anywhere, all the way to mastering relationships as well.

As you probably know by now, the world is FLOODED with bullshit in just about EVERY area, from fitness advice to financial advice to dating advice. The reason for this is because BULLSHIT is what sells, since it caters to stupidity, ignorance, and laziness.

So this new book that I’ve completed is NOT for any guy who enjoys BULLSHIT.

It is for men who value TRUTH, men who can APPRECIATE rock-solid advice that takes into account the most COMPLETE picture of reality and the long-term situation with women.

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You will also learn the most advanced insights into understanding exactly why most men fail when it comes to relationships, and more importantly, you will learn the SOLUTIONS for these issues.

Plus, you will learn the TRUTH about what is happening today that is affecting all of mankind in a way that DRASTICALLY influences your interactions with all women, and how to protect yourself from its destructive impact.

And, you will learn MUCH more as well.
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, June 11, 2017

How To Attract A Woman INSTANTLY

When you see a woman that you would like
to approach, the moment of opportunity
often lasts just a few seconds, so it
is CRUCIAL to learn how to attract a

In order to attract a woman instantly,
there are two truths to first become
super-conscious of:

The FIRST is that just about EVERYONE
wants more and more of this emotional
state known as “happiness" or "feeling

The SECOND is that most human beings
SATIATED their desire for sexual things. 
(Human beings are the only species that
actually mate year-round, and the more
they get, they more they want.)

No one gets enough of these two things,
and anyone that can GIVE these two things
RULES the world.

They really both fall under the
basic category of "feeling good",
they both boil down to the release
of endorphins into the bloodstream.

It’s the reason the ENTERTAINMENT
industry is a billion dollar industry.

And obviously, things like COCAINE.
It's all about FEELING AWESOME.

People will do anything to feel
awesome, unfortunately some people
even resort to drugs that will

Ask someone if they remember five
things they learned in college and
they’ll usually STRUGGLE and FAIL
to give you an INSTANT answer, but
ask them the last name of a singer
name Lady ______, and you’ll get 

INSTANT answers.

Same thing if you ask the name of
the band called The Rolling ______ .

Now, when it comes to attracting a woman,
most guys tend to approach women and
they try to IMPRESS her by listing cool
things about themselves, or by sounding
important, etc.

None of this really fires off the FEELING
GOOD chemicals in her system, none of this
fires off ENDORPHINS. 

And this is especially true when a woman
is particularly attractive and has seen it
all before.

The worst sin is feeling needy, that actual
FEELING of insecurity and neediness is
a huge problem in itself, because it
makes it impossible for you to give
off the right vibes.

Neediness and insecurity are the
the fun vibes from surrounding
human beings.  They REPEL women.

So if you are feeling needy, the first thing
I must tell you is to SMACK YOURSELF
SILLY and not BEHAVE that way at least
when you are approaching and chatting up
a woman.

If you are feeling needy, at least don’t
ACT upon that neediness. 

This is the difference between a compliment
you give to a woman that comes from your
confidence and the kind of compliment
you give to a woman that comes from
feeling like “Oh my God I better give her
a compliment and let her know my entire
emotions are at risk on whether she likes
me or not

So, for example, a compliment given
from CONFIDENCE might take the
following form:

Let’s say you’re at a supermarket, and
there’s a striking woman checking out
the cookies section.  So you roll up
to her, and you give her this serious
look, instead of this big toothy smile
that would look  like you’re a puddle
of wuss, that is totally needy for her.

So you give her this look, fake serious,
(which will make the humor have more
impact coming up, and this is important
because you don’t want to let on that
a joke is coming or you ruin the whole
thing) and you say:

“What do you think you’re doing?” 

Say it almost accusingly, as if she’s in
TROUBLE for something.

Don’t go psycho, just say it with a bit
of a “you’re in trouble” kind of vibe
to your voice. 

Then, she’ll say something like
“What do you mean?” and she’ll be
all serious.

Then you can say, “Well, you shouldn’t
be here.  There are no attractive women
in this area.  Not for at least 40 miles,
you shouldn’t be here, it’s not allowed.”

Now, remember, you say this all with
a mock serious face, which has way
more impact, because it takes her a
sec for her to get it, she won’t see
it coming. 

Now, when she smiles, don’t start
smiling and laughing, that will ruin it.

“Yeah, it’s dangerous in fact, you
shouldn’t even be here. Seriously.”

Now, at this point, and it’s just a
beginning, you’re at least showing:




This is a huge thing, by the way,
because by having the serious
expression and tonality, you
can get away with giving a
HUGE compliment that basically
is saying she is very attractive,
without at all seeming like you’re
week in the knees for her and
all needy.

But it’s not over yet, there’s more.
This is just an OPENING here.

You must COOK this INTERACTION till it’s
really heated UP.

So for example, at this point, you
could say “Hi, I’m Joe" (or whatever your name is)
and extend your hand, and she will likely
do the same and tell you her name.

Give a firm handshake and solid
eye contact as you do this.

Then, time for some more fun:

For example, now that you’re both
in front of the cookies, you can say:

“You can tell a lot about a person
from what kind of junk food they
like. In your case, you love chocolate
cookies, and chocolate is sinful,
so you’re the kind of person that
really is going to enjoy life and
the kind of people that are definitely
going to party in hell, that’s my
type for sure.”

There are subtle undertones to all this.
The idea of being naughty and having
fun and being sinful, is giving her
permission to relax, and yet it’s
all being done in such an INNOCENT
way here, after all, we’re talking

Something like this is guaranteed to
get her responding, and agreeing, and
you want to be building a YES ladder
as soon as possible, the more things
she is truly saying YES to the better.

Now, I give this example on purpose
because you don’t have to be a party
animal to do this, you don’t have to
hang out at nightclubs, you don’t
have to even go outside your normal
environment, EVERYONE needs
to go basic shopping.

You can turn up the ante even more,
so for example, as you and her are
chatting, and reaching the checkout
aisle, you can tell the clerk that
this woman has been STALKING you
the entire time, and thank God that
now finally someone is here to see it,
to save you from the harassment
of this woman.

She’s going to smile at this, plus she’s
going to love the fact you are so not
needy for her, so confident, that you
are FOR SURE not going to be like
all the other guys she has met that
were so needy for her, that had no
MASCULINITY left, they gave
all their ‘mojo’ away to her, 
while YOU have it in SPADES.

Now, remember, this is all coming from
a place of CONFIDENCE, not maliciousness,
and not insecurity, there is a fine yet supremely
important difference between these things.

There are endless things you can
playfully tease her on as well, even
at the checkout counter.  For example,
let’s say you need bags and she has
her own environmentally friendly bag.

So you can pretend you are the evil
corporate guy and she is the hippie
saving the world, and that you’re
far too evil for a girl like her, (which
is again the opposite of most guys
trying to convince her of why they
are the right guy for her, out of neediness).

Then, let’s say she ends up needing one
extra bag so she needs an actual plastic
bag and has to buy one, (which is pretty
common because often we don’t perfectly
estimate how much stuff we’re going
to have), so then you can playfully
comment that you are already having
an evil influence on her, turning her
to your evil ways.

So, during this interaction she has had with
you, she has seen that you are gutsy, you
are funny, you are not afraid to give a
compliment, you are spontaneous, you
are social, and that you understand
the magical thing called “sexual tension”
and how to create it.

Most men have no clue what this even
is, and why women want it so badly.

And you will have done this all in
a very BRIEF amount of time, which
is all the more cool.

At THIS point, you can do whatever
you want, you can chat with her some
more, you can take her number, the
point is that you have TRIGGERED
HER EMOTIONS and shown that
you are a man in the right way.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
This material runs DEEP. It's about
the most PRIMAL elements of how women
respond to men that GIVE OFF THE

The things I described above are
MANIFESTATIONS of the traits of
MEN WHO SURVIVE, and therefore
ignite ATTRACTION in her on
a primal, sexual, level.

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Michael Marks

Monday, June 5, 2017

The Power Of Self-Belief

There are two aspects of being successful
when it comes to meeting and attracting
a woman. The first part is having the
finesse in terms of skills to approach
a woman anywhere in any situation and
smoothly get a conversation rolling that
demonstrates attractive character traits,
such as confidence, intelligence, wit,
and empathy.

The second part, though, is what is going
on “behind the scenes” so to speak, in
your mind, in your life, etc. It’s a little
hard sometimes to be confident and
be in the right states of mind when
everything else is going to hell in your

So, today, I just want to briefly yet in
an important way address that other
side.  Now, the examples I am about
to give are dramatic but all true, and
you don’t necessarily have to do the
same things in your life, but the point
is going to be the same nonetheless:

Nothing breeds success like success.
So if you are successful in one thing,
it’s easier to take that confidence to
another thing as well.  This includes
being successful in any goal in your life.

And the number one thing you need to
know regarding being successful in  
any goal in your life is that most people
fail due to FEAR, which also leads to
lack of EFFORT.  If you are too afraid
of failure, for example, you won’t put
in the effort, you will lose motivation,
you will be easily overwhelmed by
the slightest setback.

And the most horrifying thing about
fear is that it DISTORTS your perception
of the actual situation, it makes you think
things are worse than they are.
This is why, so often in life, people NEED
to have someone or something to FORCE them
to do important things because if it wasn’t through
force, they would give into their fear.

So, sometimes, for example a kid might be
afraid to go to the doctor, but the parent,
after trying all kinds of other ways that
don’t work, has to ultimately force the kid to go,
and it’s a good thing.

But once you’re an adult, you really don’t get
someone to force you to do the right things
in your life.  YOU have to force yourself.

YOU have to push through the fear.
YOU have to work your butt off.
YOU have to do the research and learning.

The good news, though, is that once you
understand this, suddenly you are able to
accomplish so much, and as you accomplish
this, you start to see how so many people
fail due to fear.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was a kid
who wanted to become a champion bodybuilder,
his parents thought he was off his rocker. He
was a kid in a town in Austria after World
War II where bodybuilding was considered
even stranger than it was in America at that
time, and there was little opportunity for
financial success in that sport anywhere,
even in America.

But he didn’t let anyone’s thoughts of him
failing allow him to stop him from achieve
this goal.  Not only did he become a champion,
but along the way, before then, when he lost,
you could not even tell he lost from his
expression on his face- there is a famous
photo of him coming in second before the
years where he won undefeated year after

In that photo, where he lost, from his face,
he looks like he won.  That is confidence, that
is happiness, that is passion for your sport.

He worked HARD.  Before getting any movie
roles, he was already a millionaire. He had
worked as a bricklayer, he started a construction
company, he sold bodybuilding manuals through
the mail. 

And when he wanted to become an actor,
at the time being insanely muscular was not
in vogue for actors or even action stars.

And they said he had too thick of an accent.
They said he could never play anything more
than a tiny role as a bouncer or other similar
minor roles in any film.

But within a few years, he became the highest
paid actor and conquered two genres, both action
and comedy.

And then when he wanted to become a politician,
they said he could never win, they made fun of
his lack of experience and said he should stick
to movies, but he ended up winning TWO terms
as governor of California.

When a person conquers a sport, conquers the
acting profession, conquers politics, and also
becomes a millionaire before even landing
an acting gig, it is not a coincidence.

Similarly, when James Cameron, the guy who
made Avatar, wanted to make films, they said
he was too old and he didn’t have the education,
since he had never gone to film school and was
already 30 years old.

And even after proving to the world his ability
and expertise with The Terminator, they said he
would fail with each film, whether it was
Terminator 2, Titanic, or Avatar.  They said
he would never make back the money it cost
to make Terminator 2

They said that Titanic would be a failure
since everyone already knew the ending,
and since it didn’t feature stars who were
famous at the time, and since it was too
long at about 3 hours, and since it was
a historical period piece, a genre that
tends to not do well at the box-office.

And when it came to Avatar, people were
saying it was also going to fail, that no
one is going to be interested in a bunch
of blue aliens with tails.

So, my point is that you need to have one
because if you expect to be “encouraged”
by the outside world, you WON’T BE.

In fact, so often the most successful people
are driven to succeed BECAUSE they
were told they would fail, because they
wanted to PROVE these people wrong.

So, when it comes to your own life, JUST
STICK TO YOUR GOALS and don’t let
people screw with your CONFIDENCE.

This includes your confidence with women
as well. In fact, I have seen this countless
times: A woman will give a guy the cold
shoulder, and then his REACTION is so
confident, that his REACTION actually
GETS the woman interested.

For example, I’ve seen in my bootcamps
situations where a woman will say to a
guy she is too busy to date anyone, and the
guy will tell her that is perfect, because he
has no time either, instead of telling her
how much he needs to have her in his life,
and all of a sudden she laughs and starts
to melt and starts to re-engage in the
conversation and starts to chase him.

It’s a very crazy world, and I didn’t make it
this way, it just is what it is.  The hungry
never get fed.  Those that have the power get
everything. Most women will give nothing to
the guy that is a nice guy but has no confidence
and no power.

But to the guy that has the confidence and
the power,  they will throw themselves at
him, and excuse just about all his negative

I always find it strange that certain women
(not all) will condemn a celebrity who is unfaithful
to his girlfriend or wife, but yet these same
“condemners” would never give the time of
day to a “nice guy” WITHOUT the power,
without the confidence, and would in a
heartbeat be THRILLED to be the next
in line to be with that celebrity.

In the same way that some men are brainwashed
by the “halo effect” of a beautiful woman,
and will excuse or rationalize the WORST
behavior of a woman who is beautiful,
so too some women are overwhelmed by
the halo effect of a man who resonates

Looks can definitely help a man as well, but
when it comes to men, women’s attraction is
not limited to this, it extends to his strength
of personality- the BEHAVIORS he displays.

And the only way to resonate those things
is to LIVE it.  You must be INTERNALLY
driven, you can’t depend on a woman or
anyone actually, to tell you how smart you
are, how great you are, how successful you
will be, that you will make it, etc, etc.

YOU must believe.

And the irony is, that when you do this,
in the long run, EVERYONE believes in you,
which is just another one of those things in
life that is ironic, when you don’t need
anyone to believe in you because YOU
believe in you, then ultimately everyone
believes in you.

For my most powerful program on
self, for conquering fears, for building
your SELF-BELIEF, so that you DO approach
ANY woman you would like to pick-up,
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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