Friday, June 2, 2017

How To DESTROY Any Man Trying To Steal Your Girlfriend Or The Woman You're "Picking Up"

One of the greatest fears that men have is LOSING a woman to some OTHER guy, and today I'm going to show you how to DESTROY any guy who is trying to do this to you, whether it is a woman you are in middle of "picking up" or whether it is a woman who is already your girlfriend.

It is CRUCIAL that you MASTER this stuff, because on a DEEP GUT LEVEL, a woman's FEELINGS about you are affected by the WAY you react to these situations. Showing a LOSS of power, a LOSS of confidence, or showing some kind of NEEDINESS or FEAR on your part will cause her to FEEL LESS ATTRACTION for you. 

And so the irony is that your FEAR itself can actually create a "self-fulfilling prophecy" and make her LOSE attraction for you, and make the other guy seem COOLER and more desirable. 

That is a TRAGEDY, because most of the guys who try to steal women are usually HORRIBLE at actually getting a girlfriend or relationship for themselves, which is the REASON they tend to focus on OTHER men's women. 

And THEREIN lies the SECRET to actually DESTROYING these guys-you use THEIR OWN issues AGAINST them, which causes them to LOSE ALL sense of confidence in your presence. 

So let's get to how to do that:

As you can see, there really IS a SKILL-SET and an ART to attracting a woman, keeping a woman attracted to you, and dealing with "competition" from other men, and it takes someone who REALLY UNDERSTANDS THE FULL PICTURE to teach it properly.

This is where I come in.  I could have easily "sold out" by focusing on the promiscuous women out there.  Teaching that stuff is the EASIEST thing on the PLANET, because there really is hardly anything to teach.  Those women are, after all, looking for sex, and that's it.

Most men don't know the difference between attracting a quality woman who would be a great girlfriend and attracting a promiscuous woman who sleeps with TONS of men.  And make no mistake about it-the number one indicator of FUTURE behavior is PAST behavior.  A promiscuous woman, regardless of any redeeming qualities she may have, is an INSANE choice of woman if you want a long-term faithful girlfriend. Statistically, she WILL fool around on you.

So if any guy out there is trying to tell you that ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME, and that attracting a quality woman is very similar to how to attract promiscuous women, you KNOW he is LYING his ass off to you, or even worse, he is showing his COSMIC LEVEL OF IGNORANCE on the subject of attracting and keeping a quality girlfriend.

Attracting and keeping a great quality woman is about so much more than just basic confidence-it's about being emotionally COMPELLING to her, so that she feels more ALIVE with you than with ANYONE on the planet.

And I can TEACH YOU LIVE, in BOOTCAMP, how to BE this man, and you will actually be PERFORMING these pick-ups on women during the bootcamp, so that you PROVE it in front of your own eyes. 

You can go for the rest of your LIFE without taking the right action by learning from me, and then NEVER get the crucial skills for getting the kind of woman that you really want-the kind of woman that makes you feel more amazing than anything else ever could make you feel

Or you could GET THESE SKILLS NOW, and get the woman you WANT, and start making life truly feel like you are LIVING again-living with FULL PASSION.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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