Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why Women NEED Men To Be Dominant

Women actually NEED you to be DOMINANT
and more MASCULINE so that they can
naturally feel FEMININE and attracted
to you! 

Human beings naturally have a need to
KNOW what role they are supposed to
be in any given situation, just as
for example, the same man will behave
differently in different ROLES, such
as being a father, son, friend, teacher,
husband, lover, and so on.

This need to know our ROLE goes deep
into our primal psychology and is of

So if you take on the FEMININE ROLE
and if you behave less dominant, you
basically force HER to figure that
YOU are the feminine one, and so therefore
SHE must adopt the masculine and dominant
role, and she can NEVER feel attraction
to you if you do that!

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