Monday, March 28, 2016

The Key To Attracting Women: Unleashing These States Of Mind

The biggest key to attracting women is to be in the right STATE of mind, or to be even more accurate, the right COMBINATION of states of mind.  

These states include being upbeat, adventurous, secure, sexual, warm, playful, dominant, and other related states.  And you don't have to be in ALL of those states at all times, but they are all very attractive states, especially when mixed with you being in a sexual state.

The reason why this is so important is because when you are in these states, you AUTOMATICALLY say and do all the RIGHT things!  You don't have to learn special moves that feel robotic and not natural. 

If you haven't experienced this before, you have no idea how MASSIVELY POWERFUL this is as an attractant to get women. 

And the most powerful way to get into these states of mind is to do the following things:



So, for example, if you spend just a few minutes FOCUSING on upbeat thoughts, you will actually start to FEEL that way. Similarly, with getting into that sexual state.  And getting into that playful state, and all the other states. 

There is an old rule of thumb that you should be in the same kind of state that it takes to sing a song that is about the kind of state you want to be in.  This has nothing to do with your singing ability, it has to do with the STATE of mind to sing an upbeat song, a sexual song, a playful song, and so on and so forth.

So don't go out approaching women until you DO this and until you are IN that state.  


Do everything in your power to pack your life with as many experiences each day, week, month, and year, that help you ACCESS the states of mind described above. 

Discover your passions, start giving to people in the ways that you are best at (there is a massive emotional high that comes from giving your talents to help people), and push your comfort zone in life so that you are experiencing the ADRENALINE and the ENDORPHINS that come as a result.

When you are in THOSE STATES OF MIND, you will find it is not only EASY to approach and attract women, but that you are doing things that you never THOUGHT POSSIBLE before. 

You will go right up to women, you will say things that are "not expected" and "not the usual" and not following social convention, and you will find that women LIGHT UP.

And it won't hardly matter WHAT you say. It can be a compliment, it can be almost anything, and it will WORK, because women will pick up subconsciously on your STATES of mind, and THAT will attract them.

And all this goes against the politically correct brainwashing that tells men to act like DOCILE, CASTRATED, AND EMOTIONLESS beings when approaching women.

Instead, unleash the FULL POWER of your personality with women to attract women NOW.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Massive Proof Women Aren't Attracted To Men's Looks (And Other VITAL Keys To Success With Women)

If you think that women are attracted to a man's LOOKS,
then I have MASSIVE PROOF for you that this is NOT the
case and that men have INFINITELY more power to attract
women than most men have ever DREAMED of before.

I explain all of this and MUCH MORE in a NEW video
that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND, right here:

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

How To Create A Deep Connection With A Woman

I have a powerful new video for you today on
how to immediately create a deep connection
with a woman who is fantastic on all levels.   

It’s important to understand that this kind of woman
values connection far more than the kind of women
for whom promiscuity and drunken behavior sum up
their attitude regarding “getting physical”.

So when I say connect, I mean this on a much,
MUCH higher level than typically passes for
connection in the low-level connections where
some dude is making out with some drunk woman.

You may have heard me explain before how important
congruency is in other aspects of the pick-up, and here
is yet ANOTHER place where CONGRUENCY rules.

Congruency means your actions, your words,
your EVERYTHING lines up consistently,
right down to your MICRO-EXPRESSIONS.

Can some guys FAKE this?

Maybe, but faking it takes THOUSANDS of hours
of practice, and also only works in the short-term.

most guys when there is no NEED to fake it because
there are so many women around who are promiscuous
and who require virtually no connection.

And the BETTER a woman is when it comes to her
appreciation for bonding, commitment, and longevity
in relationships, the EASIER it is for her to spot a faker,
and she can do this SUBCONSCIOUSLY.

She has spent YEARS of her life simply being HER,
and she is a person who CARES about these
things, so she has had THOUSANDS of hours of
LIFE PRACTICE simply seeing and naturally observing
the behaviors of the men she has dated and spoken
with over the years.

So by this point in time, she has a very refined
in guys that are shady and who don’t REALLY
mean what they are saying in the connection
part of the conversation.

I have to wonder when I hear and see so-called
“pick up experts” telling guys that they can get
GREAT FAITHFUL WOMEN anytime they want,
while SIMULTANEOUSLY speaking out of the
OTHER side of their mouths saying how
AWESOME it is to sleep around with tons of

Trust me, as Aristotle said:

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Or, as I say:

And again, do NOT underestimate the power of the

This is because it is ONLY those subtleties that
from those who are not.

And the reason so many people get fooled by
so-called experts is because it can take YEARS
to DETECT the difference between someone who
knows what they are talking about and someone who
does not.

Often, the only way to tell is to become at least proficient,
if not an expert, one’s self.

But let me prove how important LITTLE differences are:
Do you think Michael Jordan was really A HUNDRED
TIMES better than average player on the court?

Or even 50 times better?
Or TEN times better?

Do you think the FASTEST man alive is really a
HUNDRED times faster than the other runners?
Or even ten times?
Or even five times?
Or even just TWICE?
In reality, he’s often just MILLISECONDS faster.

The REAL truth, is that the difference is not
NEARLY as much as you think it is.

BUT, to get even a LITTLE bit better, takes a


The same thing happens in any successful area.
One might argue that the original Star Wars film,
(Episode 4), is no different than a hundred other
sci-fi films taking place in space, with battles,
action, and special effects.

But the truth is, there are COUNTLESS tiny subtleties
that most people aren’t consciously aware of that went
into the making of the film at every level, from the
script to the design of the every last character and
vehicle, from the music to the casting, from the effects
to the locations and the editing, and so on and so forth.

All the tiny subtleties add up to one MASSIVE but unconscious
effect experienced by the VIEWER.   

Just like all the tiny subtleties that you express in your
micro-expressions, body language, and tonality add
up to one MASSIVE but subconscious effect on a
woman.  And all these subtleties can only be generated
properly from the DEEPEST LEVELS of your emotions
and your inner game.

They are too subtle and too numerous to try to
actually do each one consciously.

It would be absurd, i.e. “So now, move your left
eye-brow up by one-thousandth of a millimetre”
and “breathe .001% slower and deeper”, etc.

This is why you must be super-careful to adopt,
regarding women, yourself, and attraction, the
RIGHT beliefs and perspectives, and to know the
full truth about women and attraction, because your
women (which are things that the current environment
of political correctness HIDES from most men) will 
automatically SHOW UP into your corresponding 
MICRO-EXPRESSIONS, body language and tonalities- 
and THESE are the BIGGEST things that matter
when it comes to ATTRACTING women.  

The WINNING in life in any area is really
about the TINY SUBTLETIES that may seem
like very LITTLE to the UNTRAINED eye, ear,
or mind, but that are OBVIOUS and MASSIVE
to anyone who KNOWS that field.

ABOUT being good, loyal, and faithful, on a very
instinctive level; they can SNIFF IT OUT on a guy
without even being CONSCIOUS of it.

They have had their entire lives to practice.

So, the UNTRAINED person might superficially
REPEAT A FEW WORDS he heard from
a valid source on how to go about getting a
great woman or a great relationship, and then
THINK he can fool and immediately go and
get and keep any good woman he wants, after
living a life of wild abandon and not giving a damn
about things like bonding, commitment, and relationships,
but REALITY doesn’t work that way.

Our behaviors SHAPE our minds and emotions and
actions on the DEEPEST of levels.

The greatest predictor of one’s future behavior is one’s
past behavior. We are what we think and do.

And although we can always CHANGE our path,
it would be INSANE to advise one to do the OPPOSITE
of what gets the BEST results in obtaining the results
one desires.

A lifetime spent on LOW LEVEL bonding trains you to
FEEL on a low level of human bonding, to think on
a low level of human bonding, and to feel WEIRD
going into a higher level of human bonding.

And so a woman who is FAITHFUL AND LOOKING
FOR A FAITHFUL MAN will SNIFF this stuff out
in the wrong guy FAST.

His real attitudes and beliefs formed over years
and years will SHOW in subtle ways in micro-expressions
in his face.  He might make a split-second frown when he
hears about commitment, he might have this strange
look in his eyes that is only a THOUSANDTH of a second
long, but that the woman detected on the most powerful
subconscious level.

Remember, human COMMUNICATION has had
A LONG, LONG, LONG time to develop, and the
ability of humans to communicate to each other
has developed into the most complex of all the
other living creatures on the planet. 

It is the reason that humans can mate face-to-face
instead of just from behind like most animals.

This was and is not a coincidence; it is because
human communication is a MASSIVE part of 
mating, and because the FACE can communicate
TRILLIONS of bits of data to the other person
about how we feel and what we are thinking.

And, the other person SUBCONSCIOUSLY processes
all these signals we are giving off, which is why people
get “FEELINGS” about people instead of reams of raw
data that they can articulate.

This is because humans usually aren’t CONSCIOUSLY
aware of what every single tiny bit of communicated data was,
and where it came from, and which body language motion
from the other person delivered it, etc.

Do you see now how the most typical “pick-up artist”
advice in terms of lifestyle and attitude toward relationships
is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the REAL way to pick-up
a quality woman?

The very language and mentality floods your
brain with all the wrong thoughts and emotions,
which end up SHOWING CLEARLY to a woman!

They show like a BLARING RED SIREN
to her! And then the so called “experts” start
to call these women bad names when the
interaction doesn’t go well!

They say, “Oh, she’s cold, she didn’t want to
go jump into bed.  She must have emotional
issues. She must not be a liberated woman.”

And this kind of insanity is then spread and
taught to millions of men, all of whom get
so brainwashed that they make sure to vote
with a big “Thumbs Up” on any insanity
preached- again, because they can’t tell
the difference since these guys don’t have
the experience to know the difference between
good advice and bad advice, and faithful women
and unfaithful women, and the winning lifestyle
and the losing lifestyle when it comes to getting
a faithful woman.

In the video in this article, I demonstrate a powerful
strategy and a powerful FRAME to use when going
to approach a woman that you want to turn into a
great girlfriend.

It is POWERFUL and will BLOW AWAY any
“competition” from other guys who are trained
in the typical way, by those who continue to taint
the minds of good men who just want to meet
and attract good women.

They want you to think that drunk promiscuous
women who disrespect traditional values are the
same thing as women who care about relationships,
family, and other traditional values.

And if you think THAT is powerful, just
wait till you see what is in my new book,


You see, every thought and emotion you have 
ends up showing.  So, if you feel nervous, if you
feel women are not as sexual as you, if you feel
women cannot be trusted, if you feel clueless,
if you feel like you can't be manly enough for
>and thought that is relevant to dating, attraction,
>and "getting physical" all ends up having an

It either ENHANCES the attraction or WEAKENS it.

My book will make sure you get all this stuff RIGHT 
in your own head and emotions so that you SHOW  
all the right micro-expressions, body language, and 
tonalities that ATTRACT the women you want.
I took it upon myself to ANSWER all the important
questions on how to meet, attract, and keep a great
woman, while still living in OUR politically correct
society, so that you don’t have to travel abroad.

I really do mean that- this book is DIFFERENT.

It pulls no punches, and gives you the
answers for how to go about everything in order
to get yourself an amazing and beautiful woman.

To learn more about my bootcamp, go here:   

Till next time,

Michael Marks, The Dating Wizard

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