Thursday, March 24, 2016

What All Men Need To Learn About Women From The Jian Ghomeshi Case

I just heard some breaking news that is very
important, and had to get this newsletter out 
to you right away. 

I just found out that a famous talk-show host (Jian Ghomeshi)
in my part of the world was cleared on all charges
regarding sexual assault.

In a nutshell, let me tell you why this whole case
has been and is significant.

First of all, he was a MASSIVE feminist his
whole adult life.

In university, he was known for talking up a 
big pro-feminist storm. 

As a talk-show host, he was also known for
being a big feminist, and his feminist guests
loved him.

He worked for the largest national government-
owned broadcasting network, which is actually
very big over here. He was their media darling.


Then, one day, after all those years, there were
suddenly accusations against him by some women.

Accusations suddenly coming into existence about
things that had happened YEARS ago.

Accusations about him sexually assaulting women.

At first, nobody believed it, because there was
“NO WAY” that this great feminist dude who the
media and many others loved could be guilty.

Then, more women stepped forward. 

He was fired from his job at the government organization.

He even went so far as to say that while he did
enjoy ‘rough sex’, it was always consensual.

What ended up transpiring was that the whole
thing was brought to court.

And suddenly, in the blink of any eye, it seemed
the whole planet was AGAINST him. 

Or should I say MOST of the planet.

There were some politically-incorrect journalists
that held their judgement and waited to see what  
actually came out in court. 

But just about all the feminists, tons of women, and tons of men.
They all HATED this guy now.

It seemed impossible now for him to NOT
be guilty, with three women now teaming up
together in court to testify against him.

It seemed like a “shoe-in”, that he was for SURE
going to be put away by these three women who
were chosen as the perfect witnesses who were
his “obvious” victims, that could give perfect testimony
against him.

However, it turned out, though, that things the women  
were saying against him were NOT adding up.

For example, one woman said that he assaulted her,
and that she hated him, and that she NEVER got in
contact with him again after that night. 

The TRUTH, though, revealed that not only did she CONTACT him again, but the very next DAY she
went HOME with him and got very SEXUAL with him, and continued to send him sexual messages! 

She wanted him, and not only wanted him, but wanted
him more than he wanted her! Clearly!!!!!! 

So to make a long story short, he was CLEARED
on ALL charges.

Now, why is this all important?

It is important because it reveals a few things:

1. That in our FEMINIST society, all a woman needs to do is ACCUSE a regular guy of sexual harassment, and within a HEARTBEAT, this guy’s life will IMPLODE.

was quickly turned into the villain very quickly. He was
actually FIRED from his place of work long before the
case was over.

And make no mistake about it, that place he worked
for, which was a government agency, was VERY
politically correct. SUPER in love with the feminist

So, the average guy who grows up in this society
becomes SUPER-SENSITIVE to women, to a degree
that is NOT natural, that is NOT psychologically
healthy, that is NOT attractive to women, that
REPRESSES his masculine energies and nature.

If you have not been reading my material over
the years, chances are you don’t even REALIZE
just how DEEPLY this environment that we live
in and grow up in SCREWS UP YOUR MIND
in a BILLION subtle ways---and if you are aware
of the teachings in my new book, The Dating Wizard Returns,
you KNOW that the DIFFERENCE between attraction
and repelling a woman boils down to the subtleties
in your demeanor. 

Everyone knows the BROAD strokes and basics,
but it is the SUBTLETIES that make all the difference-
the subtleties in your voice tone, in your expression,
in your reactions, in your body language, that make
the difference between attracting a woman and pushing
her away.

And when you feel that women are these heat-sensitive
delicate EXPLOSIVES that must be handled with trepidation,
lest your entire world come tumbling down, it’s pretty
damn hard to give off the right vibes that must flow from
the deepest levels of your unconscious mind.

And by the way, that is another SUPER IMPORTANT
reason to get my new book – it DEALS with this stuff,
and how to OVERCOME it so that your mind is FREE
of this stuff that is TOXIC to your attraction power.

2. Feminism actually ENABLES guys like him.

This may sound ironic, but it’s true.

You see, just because he wasn’t convicted of anything
does not mean he is a NICE guy to women, or to any
human being for that matter.

And there are, unfortunately, PLENTY (not the majority) of men around who EXPLOIT feminism for selfish gain at the expense of women’s emotions. 

Because, one of the greatest ways to get the modern
woman is to lay on thick and heavy how much you believe
women should be more free to be sexually promiscuous
and how there is some evil “double-standard” when it
comes to men versus women who are promiscuous.

Lay it on thick and heavy, when it comes to framing
the whole perspective on sex, how you think women should
be entitled to sleep with whoever they want whenever
they want how often they want.

Trust me, you would be HARD-PUT to find a western
“modern” woman who didn’t agree with such a statement.

Now, the thing is, that YES, women and men are free
beings who have the right to make decisions for themselves.

But the IMPLICATION these guys give is that somehow
NOT SLEEPING AROUND, somehow NOT jumping into
bed with whoever you feel, is somehow a form of MEN
controlling women!!!!

There is the total ABSENCE of TRUTH here, which
is that actually actions come with consequences, and
so there can be LOTS of good reasons to NOT jump
into bed so fast with so many partners!

And nothing to do with men being controlling!

In fact, one of the biggest reasons is to avoid getting
VERY FREAKING LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so, make no mistake about it, this talk-show
host knew very early on, starting in university, how
this stuff could get him into women’s pants very easily.

And it also sure earned him politically-correct points
with the MASSIVE government TV network that hired
him and it got him politically correct points with many
of his celebrity guests who of course are all drinking
the same feminist Kool-Aid.

This is what a lot of the “dark side” pick-up artists do,
by the way, when not dealing with drunk women at
promiscuous clubs where there the women are already

By the way, this is ANOTHER reason why I wrote 
my latest book; it is because I wanted to attract women
WITHOUT resorting to this kind of exploitation and 

I really cannot stress enough how important it is
that you get this new book from me immediately.
It is DIRECTLY relevant to all this- especially if you
want to attract women without resorting to abuse,
exploitation, and dishonesty.

You can get it right now by going here:

3. The whole case also shows how women are
ATTRACTED to the very OPPOSITE of the things
FEMINISTS try to turn men INTO.

Remember, this guy was doing great with women

LONG BEFORE he was a celebrity. 

There are interviews with plenty of people who 
knew him back in college, and they say he was 
sleeping with many women, and some women 
are saying that it was funny how many of their 
female friends he slept with!

None of this is said by them in some kind of 
mean-spirited way, but rather a jovial, friendly
way, in the sense that everyone loved him, 
it seems!  

Women are not these immaculate creatures that 
just enjoy watching sunsets or romantic gazing at
the stars at night.

And I am NOT saying that all women like rough sex,
not saying that at all, but CLEARLY one has to be
INSANE not to see the relationship between men
who are into “politically incorrect” attitudes toward
sex and the success they have with women.

To go back to the real life example here, not only 
did this woman LIE about not communicating with
him again, she WENT HOME WITH HIM the very
NEXT day, and got totally sexual with him! And

And this was not some woman who was financially
dependent on him. And it was not a woman who
could argue she was TRAPPED.

And it seems, he didn’t absolutely want HER as much.

Maybe, just maybe, THIS pissed her off.
Why else LIE to such a MASSIVE degree?

And maybe he WAS a prick!
Who knows?

Clearly, a lot of women HATED him.


And trust me, I am NOT advocating getting women to 

So the strategy he took, that many abusive men take, 
(and I'm not saying that HE was abusive, just that 
many men who are abusive use this tactic in  
conjunction with other strategies) is to SUPERFICIALLY
talk ad nauseam about how evil most men are because 
they aren’t into condoning female promiscuity, and then
ON THE "TAKING ACTION" LEVEL, they just go on
taking whatever they want sexually from these women,
being super assertive and aggressive, and then go back
 to saying:

"Yeah, yeah! Women’s rights in the West! The women in the West have it soooooooooooooo bad because of all the freaking evil men who are not like me!” 

So FEMINISM brings together the kinds of women
who are weak emotionally and the kinds of men
who are abusive. 

But the key for YOU to remember is how
DEEPLY sexual women REALLY ARE,
which is ANOTHER topic that I go into
DETAIL on in my new BOOK. 

Seriously, you MUST understand the FULL TRUTH
about women’s sexuality that I reveal in DETAIL
in my book.

Going without the knowledge in my book is really INSANE.

Knowing this stuff will turn women into GLOWING hot
creatures of desire that are focused on YOU.

Get the book here:

4. Feminism encourages women to SHIRK any
responsibility for making horrible decisions with
the men they sleep with!

This case is a perfect example.

Rather than ACKNOWLEDGE the truth,
that she FELL for a guy who was NOT
that interested in HER, or who was at least
no LONGER that interested in her, she just
TRIED HARDER to get him.

And then, when it all didn’t work out, she decided 
to BLAME the whole damn thing on ONE person: HIM.

NOTHING to do with her, in her mind.

It was ALL him.


BLAME men, and not just the specific man,
but ALL men in general, including the good guys
that were super-sensitive for REAL to all the feminist
stuff, who of course would never stand a snowball’s
chance in HELL of getting to be with her.

So you see, in this world of feminism, if
you want to attract women, and you want to
be HONEST about it, you can’t attempt to
engage in some kind of LOGICAL conversation
about all this. 

Feminism has ENTRENCHED itself so deeply
into our politically correct culture, it now has
become an EMOTIONAL topic.

Not being feminist has come to mean you must
HATE women. Being feminist has come to mean
you CARE.

The logic doesn’t matter. 

The fact that feminism creates horrors is not
going to sink in when you try to logically talk
about this to the women you are meeting.

You MUST deal with it all on an EMOTIONAL level,
which is the most POWERFUL level, and which is
what I SHOW you how to do in my new book, 

Get it NOW, at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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