Monday, January 30, 2017

Are Women Genetically Programmed To Cheat On Men? The SHOCKING Answer

Are women genetically programmed to cheat on men? The answer is that female infidelity and competition with other men is far more serious than most men realize.

99% of male sperm is designed to DESTROY other men's sperm in a woman, and only 1% is designed to fertilize the egg. (Proof by biologist Robin Cook in "Sperm Wars".)

In this life-or-death battle in terms of your DNA being replicated to the next generation, it's all about being BETTER than the competition of other men- it's about being the ALPHA MALE, instead of the BETA male, and the number one thing women instinctively are attracted to is the man who resonates POWER.

One of the WORST mistakes a man can make is to "beta" himself by QUALIFYING himself to a woman, as this denotes a LACK of belief in your own power, your own value, your own desirability. ANOTHER horrible mistake is to compromise your own values in order to supposedly "win points" with a woman, as this again demonstrates "beta" status, a LACK of power, a lack of belief in your own desirability to a woman.

In today's video, I explain this in further detail:

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MIchael Marks

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