Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why Intelligent Men Fail With Women, And What To Do About It

Intelligent men fail with women for a very IRONIC reason: They actually read, learn, and absorb more information on the topic of attracting women-the only problem is that all that information is wrongMost of what men are told about attracting women is feminist, politically-correct propaganda, or half-truths from so-called "experts" that actually DESTROYS attraction and REPULSES women. 

Attracting women is about emanating POWER and confidence, and it is about DEFYING political correctness-it is about having no SHAME about being a man who is interested in a woman or in women in general.

Most of today's feminism, and political correctness in general, appear like something good on the surface, but they are actually  evil, and they get away with evil by masquerading themselves as something good, noble, and virtuous, such as being about "equality", "fair treatment for women" and "anti-racism".  

One of the products of feminism and political correctness are men who are known as "White Knights" who actually BELIEVE all the politically correct feminist propaganda, and think they are GETTING SOMEWHERE with women by "standing up" for all the BULLSH*T.

Here is a diagram (click to enlarge), made with a sense of humor, illustrating this point:

Political correctness and feminism relies on people being DUPED by these manipulative tactics, and political correctness and feminism also relies on SHAMING people if they don't AGREE with political correctness-so that people will AGREE with it all just in order to not be considered social outcasts or be considered "crazy".

In this video, I discuss not only overcoming political correctness, but also the importance of seeing the "window" that a woman gives you for sexually escalating physically with her - most men never even RECOGNIZE these brief "windows" of opportunity and when these windows CLOSE, they are usually SHUT for GOOD, at which time you become FRIEND-ZONED.  

Plus, I also discuss how to prevent a woman CHEATING on you, as well as  important tips on SCREENING a woman for LOYALTY and other essential traits for a great long-term relationship.

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Michael Marks 

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