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The Horrifying Reason Most Men Fail With Women, And What To DO About It

There is a reason that most men fail with women, and it has NOTHING to do with lack of pick-up artist "tactics" such as negs, cocky and funny, or any other superficial external strategy. Rather, it has to do with something much, much deeper. 

From the day they are BORN, men in the western world are BOMBARDED by messages in the media and in their schooling creating an impression that most men are monsters to women-be it in the form of raping women, sexually abusing women, or physically assaulting women. And, of course, men are told that women are HORRIFIED of them.

So who do you think CHANGES the way they behave with women as a result of this INDOCTRINATION since birth? The men who don't give a damn about women, or the men who have empathy and who CARE about women?

That's right-it's the men who CARE about women. These men, the good guys, end up bending over backwards for women, using ULTRA-EXTREME caution in their approach. They CAN'T be confident with women, because even the act of HAVING such confidence would mean they don't understand the HORRIFYING GRAVITY of the picture that has been painted in their minds about how terrible women have it with men. 

So these GOOD MEN end up LACKING confidence, and LACKING in conveying sexuality with women, as a result of TAKING THIS INDOCTRINATION SERIOUSLY and as a result of CARING about women.  

And of course, women are REPELLED by such behavior, and at best can only be FRIENDS with these guys.  Because women just can't feel turned on by men who lack confidence, lack a sense of sexuality, and who act like they are walking on eggshells when it comes time to take things to a sexual level.

But the men who care about NO ONE, who have no empathy, well guess what? They couldn't give a rat's ass about any message from anyone. So they don't get indoctrinated. They are totally comfortable being sexual with women. They are totally confident. And, of course, they find that women LOVE this, and so they get this behavior REINFORCED by women. 

And then these women get ABUSED by these men, and then these women say that all men are jerks.

That is why I made today's new video. It is to DESTROY the LIES promoted by feminism and political correctness. It is to RE-IGNITE your natural sense of masculinity and your PRIDE in BEING A MAN. And by the way, women are attracted to men with PRIDE.

This is ALSO the reason I am working on an important film to WAKE UP society to the horrifying ways in which men are being treated today by so many women. You can help make this film a reality by going here:

If you have been born in the western world, you don't even REALIZE how DEEPLY brainwashed you have been. You have no idea how DEEPLY this stuff affects the way you FEEL about yourself and about women, and how deeply this indoctrination screws you up at every step of the way from the first time you walk up to her to the time you are supposed to take things to a more sexual level. 

Beyond watching this video, the BEST things you can do for making sure YOU succeed with women include the following steps:


If you haven't already read my very FIRST book, The Dating Wizard, then for the love of all that is sacred in this world, READ IT NOW. This book is ALL about being a MAN with women, in a world that tries to tell you to DESTROY your manhood and your masculinity.   

I'm not exaggerating-this book REALLY IS all about being THE MAN, and you will in fact see how I show you how to UNLEASH your masculinity and embrace it in a way that drives women WILD. 

It's also important to note that I wrote this first book over FIFTEEN years ago, when all the other dating coaches were obsessed with superficial tactics like negs and other things that don't address the REAL ISSUE.  I already saw back THEN how being a MAN was something that our society was trying to VILIFY, and yet I also knew even back then how VITAL it is for men to be masculine in order for women to feel turned on and in order for women to feel feminine. 

And all these issues have actually become EXPONENTIALLY more important since then, making this book even MORE important today than it was then!

It's at:


At the same time, there is also ANOTHER book that is ESSENTIAL reading.  Even though so many women have been messed up by feminism and political correctness, it is essential to realize that there are still some AMAZING women out there-women with rock-solid morals and women who can appreciate a good man.  If and when you meet a woman like that, you NEED to make sure you communicate with her in a way that still shows you are THE MAN, but ALSO builds the absolutely strongest level of CONNECTION and TRUST as well. 

After all, this is not a woman looking to invest one night of her life, but her actual lifetime  with you.  And the irony is that most of the pick-up artist tactics DESTROY trust. THIS book will show you how to create attraction AND build that supreme level of trust from the very get-go of your first interaction with her so that you set things up right from the start.

It's at:


After reading these two books, it's time to take things to an even HIGHER level.  First, as you now know from today's video and newsletter, the GREATEST obstacle to most men's success with women stems from an issue that goes DEEP into the subconscious, which is the result of a lifetime of being INDOCTRINATED to believe all kinds of destructive lies. 

And so the SOLUTION is REPROGRAMMING YOUR MIND AND YOUR EMOTIONS so that you are RESTORED back to your AUTHENTIC MASCULINE SELF.  To do that at the highest level I suggest you download my most ADVANCED program EVER on what is known as "INNER GAME". 

This program was filmed LIVE, and is called Warrior Within, because it is all about unleashing the power INSIDE of you that has been REPRESSED by years and years of feminist, politically-incorrect indoctrination.

It's at:


I have created an entire UNIVERSE of programs, and I believe every single one of them is important for different reasons. For example, once you HAVE your inner game fixed, THEN it can be helpful to understand OTHER aspects of success with women, from learning how to unleash HUMOR, to how to use your VOICE in a way that shows sexuality and confidence and playfulness, to learning the smoothest way to start a pick-up, to learning the smoothest way to transition from one stage to another with a woman from the moment you meet her all the way to getting physical and beyond. 

And much, much more. I also have a PRIVATE consultation service where you can get LIVE, customized one-to-one coaching from me where I will answer your questions and help you solve any issues you want fixed in a SNAP. 

And of course, I also have my famous Bootcamp program that is so powerful it has been featured on national television news programs, in national newspapers, and has a GLOWING reputation for its effectiveness. 

You can find out about ALL these programs by going here:

As you can see, I truly care about changing the WORLD when it comes to the way men are being treated. It is the reason I am working on that film to combat the feminist indoctrination. Learn MORE about this film and how to help get it made by going here:

Until next time, stay cool.

Michael Marks

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