Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Immediate And Long-Term Success With Women And Life

Today I have a new video for you that is of MAJOR importance for your success with women and with life in general. 

First of all, it's going to cover how far you are supposed to go beyond your comfort zone to attract women while STILL being "yourself".

It's ALSO going to PROTECT YOU by showing you something you NEED to see. I'm talking about the truly frightening DYNAMICS of how political correctness works to TRICK and then "suck-in" the MASSES and DESTROY everything we LOVE- from our ability to attract women, to our ability to have happy and lasting relationships and happy families, to our FREEDOM to express ourselves, to the very ENGINE that generates GREATER WEALTH for EVERYONE in our society. 

Political correctness is currently on a WAR-PATH to DESTROY all that, and the evidence for its destructive effects is OVERWHELMING.

And this video goes even FURTHER: It also shows you how to PREVENT self-sabotage by giving you special tips that help COUNTER-ACT the vicious and IRRATIONAL forces within our minds that tend to keep most people from ever getting anywhere NEAR the success they could be getting. 

Plus, this video contains even MORE than all the above as well.    

Here it is: 

As you can see, my work has never only been about "getting physical" with a woman, as that is not the real issue. The real issue is getting the kind of woman who will treat you right, which is something that, as explained above in the video, is becoming harder and harder to get due to the "PERFECT STORM" created by political correctness and third-wave feminism that affects men's power to attract women.

It is of UTMOST importance to me to CHANGE THE WORLD in this manner, by first creating AWARENESS on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.

Years ago, I said that the revolution has begun. This was before many of the new, positive, counter-cultural movements had started. 

I believe the way to move people is EMOTIONALLY. 
And a great FILM can MOVE people. 

I invite you to JOIN me on this journey as I create the film, by going to the Indiegogo Pre-Launch page for the film HERE:

I also want to let you know that I am CONTINUING the GREATEST DEALS OF THE YEAR on ALL my programs. This is a SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER, and it WILL expire soon.

It's at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Battle To Stand Up For Men

Wow, it’s only been about four weeks, but it
feels like it’s been FOREVER since last time.

There’s so much I want to tell you, and it won’t
be possible to do it all in one newsletter, but here’s
what I can tell you right now:

As you know, I truly believe that men in the
western world are facing new emotional challenges
that men have NEVER had to deal with before,
and these challenges strike right into the CORE
of a man’s identity, self-concept, and mental

For one thing, the politically incorrect FACT is
that women are attracted to male STATUS and
power. The same is NOT true vice-versa: Men
are NOT attracted to female status and power.

And like no time in history before, men are LOSING
power in EVERY way-politically, financially, academically,
and most importantly EMOTIONALLY.

The RAVAGING effects of this are TRAGIC and
have a MULTITUDE of disastrous effects on men.

For example, there are more women in universities
than men, and this includes in many high-status and
respected fields as well, including fields such as

And OF COURSE there is nothing WRONG with
WOMEN being in these professions-what’s wrong
is that men are dropping out of academics.

And no one cares to even help these men.
For another example, the fact is that it is BOYS
who are suffering in school at an early age, much
more than girls. It is BOYS who are trailing when
it comes to reading skills, for example.


Men’s diseases, like prostate cancer, don’t get
a FRACTION of the attention that women’s diseases
like breast cancer do.

All this also sends a subconscious message to men,
and it is this: MEN DON’T MATTER.

Meanwhile women are CONSTANTLY told that
they are “worth it” and that they are the prize
and that men should just be so lucky to even
get a glance from a woman.

And it is MEN who will emotionally suffer,
because on a CORE LEVEL, as human beings,
being WANTED by the opposite gender is
HARD-WIRED into our sense of self-worth,
our confidence, our emotional well-being.

Men don’t CARE if a woman isn’t rich, or isn’t
a doctor, a lawyer, or any other professional.

It is WOMEN who care about these kinds of
things-and though OF COURSE there are
a TON of OTHER ways for men to attract
women, those OTHER ways are ALSO being
attacked and ravaged.

So, for example, even having a basic sense
of healthy sexuality and feeling GOOD about
being a masculine male is under ATTACK
by our politically-correct anti-male culture.

And it starts from the moment a boy is BORN.
I am NOT exaggerating-I have seen the way
our culture is trying to indoctrinate even children
to start believing that males are inherently violent
and evil and need to be reformed while girls are
supposedly innately more civilized and virtuous.

And male health issues are IGNORED by the
media, including the fact that THREE QUARTERS

Worse still, is that when such issues ARE ever
brought up, (and it is a RARE moment when they
ARE mentioned) most of the world PRETENDS
that they have NO CLUE as to WHY this is-
as if all these horrific issues have NOTHING
to do with male suicide.

Combine all this with the fact that the NUCLEAR
FAMILY has been all but DESTROYED over the
last several decades, resulting in millions of men
growing up without fathers that could show them
the way to be a man. Millions of men growing up
without someone who could instill the confidence
and strength in them that is required to handle life.

Ways of life that have worked for literally THOUSANDS
of years for humanity are being DESTROYED in just
decades, and in recent years being destroyed at
EXPONENTIALLY growing rates.

The honest truth is that being a MAN today is
a HELL of a challenge.


Over the years, I’ve learned that the way to make
IMPACT is not through FACTS AND FIGURES but
rather through EMOTIONS.

And I have ALWAYS loved movies, and in fact I am
a screenwriter and have served as a film instructor
at several colleges over the years. Movies are about
of just hearing or seeing a bunch of statistics.

And for that reason I have been working for YEARS
on making a MOVIE about the HELL that men are
facing when it comes to dating and relationships.

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes
for this film- the completion of the script, the search
for the right actors, the right cinematographers, the
right talent in every department.

And YOU can be a PART of this journey. 
This film is going to be produced through a form
of crowd-funding known as “Indiegogo”.

The Indiegogo campaign for this film is about to
LAUNCH very, very soon.

But BEFORE it launches, I’ve set up a special
“PRE-LAUNCH” page where you can get a sneak
preview of what it’s all about, and you can sign
up as a special “early bird” subscriber to get
cool perks from the film at special offers that
will not be available to anyone else!

There’s also a special video from me to you
where I explain what’s going on and how you
can be a part of it.

It’s all at:
And just because you’ve been so patient
all this time, I’ve also just created an
for my programs to
give you the EDGE for success with
women in today’s world.

The link for that is here:

Stay tuned for more announcements about the
film and for more newsletters with important
tips for success with women today.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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