Monday, May 20, 2019

Adding "Rocket Fuel" To Jordan Peterson's Advice For Overcoming The Fear Of Approaching Women

When it comes to meeting women, the hardest thing for men to do is the actual APPROACH itself. When you see a woman you want to approach, there is suddenly this invisible WALL that feels as if it’s made of CONCRETE and is a thousand miles high and a hundred feet thick.  And TODAY, I want to help you SOLVE that problem. 

In today’s new video, I dissect the advice on this topic given by an extraordinary man of our times: A man who is not only a clinical psychologist, but also a man who stands up for MEN in these times of horrifying political correctness and feminism gone off the rails. His name, in case you don’t already know, is Jordan Peterson.

When it comes to success with women, a comparison can be made to race-car driving. To design the car itself and all its components, you need the engineers. And to keep the car working, you need the mechanics. I think of Dr. Peterson like the engineer and the mechanics. Yet, when it comes race time, you need the DRIVER.

And for over sixteen years now, I have been taking all the most advanced theories out there in human psychology and applying them in the real world of pick-up, dating, and relationships. And this was not just done for myself, but for literally THOUSANDS of men over the years. 

Whether it was in my bootcamp program where men actually perform pick-up on real women, or whether it was one-on-one coaching over Skype where men need to see results IMMEDIATELY in their real lives, I have the real-world experience to know what works and what doesn’t. 

And, keep in mind, this is about approaching quality women who are sober-this is not about getting into bed with drunk, promiscuous women who will never turn into great girlfriends and who will never in a million years be “the one”.

As a result, what I have done in this video is add ROCKET FUEL to Dr. Peterson’s advice to make it even MORE powerful and MORE efficient and practical for men who want to overcome their fear of approaching women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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