Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inner Game And Being A Man With Women

There are two crucial aspects of attracting women that go hand-in-hand, and are PARTICULARLY important these days when it comes to attracting women. These two things are your "inner game" and being more of a MAN with women.

When you combine the power that an attractive woman has over men, with the added power that feminism gives women in the sense of STRIPPING men of their own power and draining men of their confidence when it comes to women, the result is that most men are turned into MINCED MEAT in their efforts to attract women.

Then on top of that, you also have this major issue of men behaving in IMMATURE ways today. As much as I love movies, video games, and comic books, these things cannot be the over-riding traits that describe a man, if he wants to attract women. And whether we like it or not, immaturity harms a man much more than it harms a woman.  A woman will exude infinite sexual power simply by looking attractive, but the same is not true with men. 

Women, especially young women, don't want BOYS.  They want MEN.  And they want men who BEHAVE like men. This includes a general tendency to not complain much, to handle their own world, to be in control of their reality, and to be able to even handle an attractive woman who may have just a bit of an attitude and who actually finds it ATTRACTIVE when a man can make sure she does NOT walk all over him.

On a fundamental level, in a world where an attractive woman can get ANY MAN by snapping her fingers, and where these women have SEEN EVERY LAME-ASS PICK-UP TACTIC from men THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF TIMES, one of the BIGGEST mental steps you have to take internally is being willing to WALK AWAY from a GORGEOUS woman. You have to be really willing to "cash that cheque" mentally, in order to BEHAVE in the right ways with women at all times.

Also, when it comes to pick up, many men fail because they use GOOFY humor, which is a sign of lack of confidence. Why is this? It's because goofy humor says outright that it is goofy, so it's like an excuse you are giving for not being GENUINELY funny--and using excuses for yourself is a form of QUALIFYING yourself. Plus, goofy humor is  often when you're laughing at your own incompetence, which LOWERS YOUR VALUE even further.

Women want men who exude POWER, who aren't so afraid of failure they are already starting with excuses before they even start the actual pick-up!  

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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Moral Cesspool Of Dating And Relationships Today, And The SOLUTION

I want to make something clear today: Most of the women that PUAs aka pick up artists are attracting are NOT the kinds of women that would make for great long-term relationships. In addition to being promiscuous, unfaithful, and lacking commitment, these women are also very often plagued with STDs as well.

In fact, the very SOURCE of "power" for many men when it comes to getting these women IS the fact that these women are PROMISCUOUS. 

Often, these women are also drunk or HIGH. 
In other words, not in their RIGHT state of mind.

These women sleep with MANY men, and don't plan on COMMITTING to ANY man, at least not until they feel they are losing their attractiveness. So, it's really a very tiny investment of energy, time, and emotion that these women are putting into these guys.

Let me put it this way: If a woman has slept with a HUNDRED guys, do you think she was madly attracted to all of them? And how attracted do you think she needs to be for the NEXT guy she sleeps with? This is a LIFESTYLE for her.

So it's hardly sincere for many of the PUAs out there to call this "attracting women".  These women sleep with TONS of guys. For these women, quantity outweighs quality.  These women don't mind if they don't feel major attraction, because they are on to a NEW guy before they even finish with the previous guy!

This is not attracting women; this is finding women with low standards who have sex with tons of guys, because novelty and quantity is the name of the game for these women.

Plus, of course, there is the issue of STDs. Did you know, for example, that right now, 7 out of 10 sexually active people already have HPV which could lead to cancer? Do you know the insane rates for things like chlamydia? It's CRAZY how uninformed people are.

And to get back to the lack of loyalty, fidelity, and commitment from these women, I want to mention a female author named Julia Stephenson who wrote recently how she couldn't stay faithful to her husband, and she gave the excuse that she was too attractive to stay faithful. She wrote how she just couldn't turn away all the offers and attention she was getting from other men.

This is insane. The reason people aren't faithful has nothing to do with being attractive or not, it has to do with a basic lack of MORALS, and the very fact this issue is not clear, is a sign how far down the moral cesspool our culture has dropped.

In the 1950s, the average person, not a particularly religious person, just an average person, would, in our society today, be considered "very religious" when it comes to basic family values, loyalty, fidelity, not cheating in relationships or marriage, etc. So this is the proof that it has nothing to do with religion, but rather the very BASIC MORALS of the times.

Today, caring about the family unit, caring about marriage, caring about being loyal, these are now so RARE, that the insane thing is that the only people who seem to even TALK about these things are "religious" people. Meanwhile, back in the 1950s, this was just COMMON SENSE. Common sense that stemmed from TRADITIONAL VALUES that stood the test of time for thousands of years.

And that brings me to the SOLUTION. You need to not only apply all the attraction strategies in my programs, but also apply the methods of screening for quality women with fantastic morals and values. In particular, I am referring to women who embrace TRADITIONAL VALUES.

In our "modern" society, we have THROWN OUT all the TRADITIONAL VALUES, thinking they are old, outmoded, superstitious, and repressive. And we have embraced all the NEW values instead. New values like FEMINISM, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, AND MULTICULTURALISM.

And where has THAT gotten us? It's gotten our entire culture into DISASTER. Disaster in destroying marriages, relationships, families, and the fabric and stability of our entire society.

TRADITIONAL VALUES have lasted the test of TIME throughout the millennia, for a REASON. They are consistent with human nature, and they are designed to make the BEST of human nature. 

Promiscuous sex, infidelity, does not lead to happiness. Look at the Hollywood couples who can have endless gorgeous partners, and who have all the luxuries, and who embrace feminism and multiculturalism, and political correctness. They are miserable, addicted to drugs, can't make a relationship work, destroying their families and relationships with their own children, and they often end up committing suicide after being addicted to drugs.


And when it comes to letting a woman know you are ONLY interested in a woman with traditional values, you better be FIRM. Because many women will PRETEND to be whatever you say you want, in order to GET YOU. 

They do this because they figure you want them so bad, because they are women and because they are attractive, that you will BE WILLING TO PUT UP with their lack of commitment, their lack of traditional values, and their general selfish agendas.

They are not USED to men who will PUSH BACK, who will actually say NO.

So when you DO push back, when you do say no, they tend to think you don't REALLY MEAN IT. So they pay lip service to what you say you are looking for; they pretend on the surface to be "quality women".

And you can then find yourself getting under the spell of them, once you start dating them, having sex, and enjoying the PLEASURABLE part of being with them--and you start to QUESTION whether maybe you should STAY even when you start to find out that they are NOT quality women at all.

This is a HUGE mistake. Don't even question it.  DO NOT ALLOW A CORRUPT WOMAN TO GET HER EMOTIONAL HOOKS INTO YOUR BRAIN.  The wrong women will DESTROY you emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

So you must be SOOOOO FIRM right from the GET GO, right from the start, with a woman, that you are absolutely ONLY looking for a woman with MASSIVE TRADITIONAL VALUES.

And THEN, and ONLY then, will she know you are NOT bullshitting.  And then she will know to NOT waste her time on you, and to move onto some other guy.

By the way, it's not just me who says this.  Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich" wrote about the power of "sex-transmutation", which basically means focusing your sexual energy properly for maximum achievement in anything.

So I am telling you this is true, and getting the "woman" part of your life handled is MASSIVELY important for getting FOCUSED as well.  Chasing women all day, and especially being with the WRONG woman, will DESTROY your sexual power, and cause you to LOSE focus.

There is so much important about getting a great woman.  She will fulfill you sexually, yes, and make life more enjoyable, yes, but she will also help you FOCUS your sexual energy so that you can be all you can be. 

Warren Buffet, the legendary billionaire, recently mentioned how if he had to use one word to describe the top trait of himself and his business partner, it is FOCUS.

FOCUS is what gets you places in life.
And women with the modern MADNESS in terms of their values will cause you to have NO focus; they will turn you into MUSH emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually.

The RIGHT woman, with traditional values, will SKYROCKET your development in EVERY WAY, including your achievement in every area in life.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

The "Pick Up Women" CHECKLIST (Field-Tested!)

Today for you I have an emergency 
to check over before you go out to
approach and attract women, anywhere,

In this video, I cover overcompensating
behaviors, how to pass women's tests
that they give men, how to build a
connection with a woman, how to know
when a woman is ready to be kissed, how
to use humor in an effective way to
attract women, situational openers,
direct openers, indirect approaches,
and MUCH more.

Plus I give some real-life examples
to show how it works, so you can

Here we go:

Are you ready to take your success with women
to the NEXT level?



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Friday, March 17, 2017

Make SEX Not MONEY To Attract Women

Once again, I have a VERY important, yet
BRIEF, new video for you on a topic
that is very EMOTIONAL for most men
when it comes to attracting women,
and that is the topic of MONEY.

I'm sure you've heard and even FELT
at times, that if you just had more
MONEY, it would be SO EASY with women.

The truth about money and women is COMPLEX:

First of all, if a guy EARNED a ton of
money, THAT says something exciting
about his CHARACTER to many women,
so even then, it's not just about
the money, it's about a character
that still exudes POWER.

Second of all, there are SOME guys
who absolutely DON'T know how to
attract women, and who try to use
money in a very INSECURE way instead,
e.g. just buying her things, and so
SOMETIMES these guys DO get 'taken
for a ride' by SOME women who ARE
gold-diggers, but this is NOT
most women.

That's not just because most women
aren't gold-diggers, it's because
even most gold-diggers would WOULD
than get whatever a man's MONEY could
make them feel.

And this gets to my MAIN point,
which is number THREE:

If you learn to unleash SEXUAL ATTRACTION
in a woman, you will BLOW TO SMITHEREENS
anything else that could ever matter
on some cerebral level to a woman,
such as having lots of money. 

Don't even get CAUGHT UP in trying to
LOGICALLY engage a woman in conversation
HER, and you will find she sings a very 
DIFFERENT tune than whatever she was
telling you BEFORE you did this.   

And THAT is what this video is about!

So let's get to it:

As you can see, I really DO know what I am
talking about when it comes to women, and

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Unleash Your WILD Side To Turn Women ON

One of the greatest secrets to attracting women, to breaking the ice with women anywhere, and to making women feel AROUSED and uninhibited around you, is for YOU to UNLEASH YOUR REPRESSED WILD SIDE.  

The great news is that you already HAVE this IN you!  It's already THERE! It's just REPRESSED by years and years of conditioning that comes from political correctness,
as well as from third-wave feminism. 

Inside of you right now is INFINITE masculinity, INFINITE fun, infinite SEXUALITY.

It's who you REALLY are.

And THIS is what women not only want, but NEED from you, to help THEM also unleash THEIR sexuality around you and to help THEM be free from the repression holding them back from enjoying who they REALLY are.

In my new video today, I explain this further and give EXAMPLES of this so that you can understand what I mean 100%.

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Easy Ways To Get Women Addicted To You

Do you want to approach women in a super-easy way?

Then just follow my recipe, it’s called

Unless you're talking in a nightclub, where
the atmosphere is already very social, when
you're in normal places like the bus or coffee
shop, women have been conditioned to be a little
cautious for good reasons, after all there are
some men out there who are "less than virtuous",
just as there are some women out there who
are "less than virtuous".

So one of the BEST ideas that WORKS is for
you to draw upon POSITIVE VIBES that she
herself can IMMEDIATELY recognize, feel,
and relate to.

In the same way you wouldn't be able to relate to
a woman talking to you about the finer applications
of lipstick, you shouldn't expect most women to 
identify with demolition derby, Star Trek, or some
obscure Bruce Lee movie. Also, there is no point
in starting a conversation with a woman about
anything BORING, even if she can relate to it.

You can STILL totally be yourself and disarm her
and charm her, and you can do this by playfully
bringing up topics that are both INNOCENT and
FUNNY, and you can give these topics a
flirtatious TWIST.

One idea I love and that works with fantastic
consistency, is to bring up TV SHOWS from
childhood that chances are you both liked,
and then offer a playful sexual perspective
on the show, or even a playful perspective
on the show from the standpoint of male and
female gender roles.

I call it "Innocent Adult Views On Childhood TV!"

It's important to remember that it must still be
This is a fine line that most people overlook.

I mean, who CAN'T like The Flintstones?
Who CAN'T like Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch,
and Ernie and Bert???????????????

Okay fine, maybe some people can't, but
I don't want anything to do with those
people, that's for sure!

If a woman does not "get this", it immediately
screens her OUT, as you don't want a woman
without a sense of humor, or a woman who is
bitter and no fun.

So here's just one EXAMPLE of how "Innocent Adult
Views On Childhood TV" works to disarm her and
charm her:

"Excuse me, I have a very serious question
I need the answer to. Could you help me out?"

(This SERIOUS tonality at the start is done
on purpose because it makes it all the more
FUNNY when she finds out in about three seconds
from the topic that actually this is NOT serious
at all!)

So she nods to you, or says, "Ok sure", etc.

You then go on with:

"See, I was wondering, if you were to choose
one of the two, would you marry Fred Flintstone
or Barney Rubble? This is very serious."

As she starts to crack a smile, you keep a
straight face and give her a sec to answer.

If she laughs, you continue to let her know
this is very important and serious and that
you need the answer.

If she then says that she would choose Fred, you
tell her "Oh man, this would never work out with
you and me, Fred is far too normal, goes to work
every day, very reliable good guy, far too much
pressure for me. I'm more of a Barney Rubble
type dude, I just go for a drive in the morning
but don't actually work anywhere, and I need
a woman like Betty who is more cool and
who can help me in my underground illegal

Chances are, she WILL be laughing by now, and
that is not only because this stuff is funny, but
because the MEMORIES of childhood and of
that show are triggering POSITIVE EMOTIONS
in her, and it's hard to view you as a THREAT
if you are being associated in her mind with
Barney or Fred or the Flintstones.

By the way, if she says she would choose Barney,
you could high-five her and tell her she is SUCH
a cool girl. (Totally over exaggerate, which only
HEIGHTENS the humor because even though she
knows you are kidding, it still feels GOOD for her,
since she feels, even if just playfully, that she
EARNED this respect because of her choice, she
didn't just get this high-five for nothing, but
rather because of her great taste in choosing a
man- BARNEY RUBBLE! People appreciate what they

And you could then go on to tell her why she
is so cool, because she is like Betty, who
was cool with Barney not having a real job
all day and that you plan to do the same
thing and just watch TV all day!

Then you can add the final kicker and say that

She will NOT think you are needy, she will KNOW
you are being playful.

So there, all at once, you have DISARMED her,
and you have CHARMED her.

This is just ONE example, there about
a BILLION other versions that you could
create, (and you could make them
even MORE powerful by incorporating
into your examples all the OTHER skills
I teach in my programs and materials.)

The first key to remember is to use something
from CHILDHOOD TV, something that is FAMOUS
so that she ALREADY is very familiar with it
so that you don't have to waste time explaining
all the details. You want her to GET IT immediately,
so it's key you use something that she will KNOW.

The second key to remember about this idea is to
give the whole discussion an ADULT twist.

The third key is to remember to NOT GO
OVERBOARD with the adult twist. In other
so many guys going wayyyyyy too far into
the land of the VULGAR and that totally
RUINS the whole effect, the whole point
of the idea in the first place.

And remember to be CONGRUENT with your
own personality. If you never watched the
Flintstones, then don't use that example.
There are so many shows that you could
choose from, it's ridiculous. And the truth
is that it doesn't even have to be TV. It
could be some kind of popular SNACK
that was famous for kids back when you
were a child.

Maybe the snack came with some really LAME
gift, or some offer for a free gift if you
sent in about a "thousand" proofs of purchase,
(exaggerate for effect) that at the time
seemed REALLY cool, that you could discuss
and twist in playful way. For example, you
could tell her that you only like adventurous
girls, and that you are looking for a partner
in crime, to steal the toys from the cereal
boxes in the supermarket. And you can
tease her that she is too much of a wuss
to be up for it, etc. Or you can tease
her that you know she would do it for
some prize from the Strawberry Shortcake

From there, now that you have her disarmed and
charmed, it's going to be MUCH easier to get
into rapport with her and to get into a real
conversation of getting to know each other,
now that you both have your "guard" down.

You've displayed guts, humor, charm, and you've
taken her into a receptive state of mind.

Get the idea?
It's gold, and I guarantee you IT WORKS.

As you might guess, I love using TV and MOVIES
because it’s on all over the world, and gives
you a chance to DRAW UPON the emotions and
the times associated with those experiences,
so she feels all THOSE cool emotions as well!

Let’s get into some DEEPER stuff too so
that you can take things to an even
higher level with that hottie!

Let me say, first, that I used to get
many movies on my perception of women.

I would watch as the hero went through
emotional torture and finally got the girl

So I figured THAT was what women LIKED, since
after all, not only did I feel, at the time, that this
was "right"- i.e. that women were naturally more
innocent and more virtuous than men, and that
men had to "earn" women's interest, but it
ALSO seemed to me that women LOVED
these movies.

That's how I USED to think.
Now, don't get me wrong.
I was not ONLY into these kinds of movies.
I was all into Rambo, Rocky, and all that
stuff. But I ALSO would get affected by
romantic movies.

Then, after YEARS, of finally figuring out the
TRUTH about attraction, and what DOES
work, I HATED all those "chick-flicks".

But there was still one question left:
Why the heck do women even LIKE these
movies, if in FACT, women are NOT
attracted to guys that act like that?????

And then one day it finally HIT me:
Even though guys and girls might see the
SAME movie, they are actually seeing two

You see, the truth is that once you GET IT
TOTALLY, you actually SEE the full picture.

Let me give you a PERFECT EXAMPLE:
The movie "The Notebook".

Women looooooved this movie.
And in fact it was written by a guy.
And it's actually a pretty well made movie,
even for guys, IF you are ALREADY in
the KNOW. If you are NOT informed about
women and what works, you will NOT
get it AT ALL.

If you are a typical good guy, the story seems
to be about some old guy telling this elderly lady
about a story about a guy without much money
who falls for a cute girl from a richer
social class and who REALLY DIG each
other but then end up in a fight.

They split, she moves away and eventually
meets some other dude and gets engaged,
and the original guy is depressed for years
till they meet again and the passion reignites
and she realizes HE was the one all along.

We then find out that the old guy and woman
ARE the characters, and that she has
memory loss and he tells her the story every
day till for a few minutes she remembers who
he is, then forgets him all over again.

It breaks him up to see her forget him,
but it's okay, since he loves her.

SO, if you are a good guy, you get all
the WRONG lessons:

KISS UP, and pine for a girl for your
whole life, and be willing to give up
having a woman REMEMBER you.

ON properly with any other woman.

And you are taught that this is
ROMANTIC and that womens LIKE
this stuff, and appreciate such
behavior, since after all the movie

And the movie shows you that if you just
the WOMAN will come back, she will
be crazy about you, etc.



And there's a BIG but here:
especially considering it’s not a
big ACTION flick?

How come women get all choked up and
even turned ON from this???

I'll TELL you why: It's because they saw a

Now, let me tell you the movie they saw, from
the perspective of ATTRACTION:

In practically the first couple of MINUTES of
this movie, the GUY of the movie shows

Basically, while at the town carnival,
(this story is set during the Second World
War in a small town) he sees this beautiful
girl having the time of her life on the bumper
cars, she seems so totally free and full of
spark. As she gets off the cars and joins
her date for the evening as well as her
girlfriend and the guy she is with,
(so you get the feeling that this is not
something too serious, and more of
a social thing) the guy who is the main
character comes STRAIGHT UP TO HER,
and asks her if she'll dance with him.

He says it relaxed, a confident smile,
and NOT like a jerk at all. He is practically
in her face, yet his demeanor is so calm,
it doesn't seem crazy.

She tells him no.
He calmly says, "Why not?", NOT in an
argumentative way, but in a DISARMING
way. She tries to act like "a lady" that
she is not one to just be "taken" especially
while she is OUT with some dude and
her friends, so she tells him she doesn't
WANT to.

He is TOTALLY unaffected, and smiles
as she walks off.

As she goes off with her friends, she
remarks to her girlfriend she can't
BELIEVE the guts the guy had.

She also finds out that this guy is not
NORMALLY like that, so that he
must REALLY like her.

He had GUTS.
He had CLASS.
He was not treating her like a slut, because
he ACTUALLY liked her as opposed to
just her being another woman to use and
He was SPONTANEOUS and acted on
his OWN desire the way he felt was right.

Allow me to continue:

Minutes later, he sees her on the Ferris wheel
as it's about to start. He hurries over to it
and jumps and grabs her car as it begins to
rise, and he sits himself DOWN beside her
and the dude!

He is very straightforward, introducing
himself again, giving his name, handshake
etc. The woman and the guy think he is nuts.

He wants to know if she'll go out with him.

She says no.
He calmly gets out of car as it is
WAY UP HIGH now above the ground,
hanging on to the rails by his HANDS
only. He asks her again, and she
says no, but then he lets go of the
rails with one arm and is now only
hanging on by ONE HAND.

She yells to him that's she'll go out
with him. He tells her to say it again.

He calmly tells her something like,
"Don't do me any favors if you don't
REALLY want to" and she yells back
she "REALLY wants to"!!

So he gives back a COCKY, PLAYFUL
RESPONSE and says "Okay okay, I'll go
out with you!" as if SHE begged for it.

Then, as he is hanging there, she tries to
MAKE FUN of him and undoes his
pants so he is hanging on by his arms
and his pants are down with only
his underwear on.

He takes it all IN STRIDE, it all SLIDES
OFF HIS BACK, and he tells her he's
going to get for her it, but you know
he is NOT pissed.

Can you say, "PASSING THE TEST"?

Then, the next day, he sees her walking by
his work and tries to set the date, she tells
him she changed her mind. He doesn't
ARGUE with her, he DISARMS her
by being CHARMING and giving her
a GENUINE compliment that he likes

But REMEMBER, he has already shown
VALUE through his behavior and style.

She then tries to test him again, to see
if he is REALLY serious or not. She tells
him he's a good player. He tells her that's
not it at all, which is the truth, it's not.

At one point, she tells him he's dumb, but
you can tell she LIKES him, from her
TONALITY. He doesn't ARGUE with
her, he even says he can be dumb, it's
something he does too as well as dance, etc.

You see, most guys would only focus on
what he is saying that is self-deprecating, but
he did that GOT HER ATTRACTED.

They get a low level "double date" where he
goes to see a flick with her, and his buddy
is there as well accompanying her girlfriend.

He CALIBRATES right, because he can
tell she is enjoying the movie, and he LIKES
THE FACT she is the kind of person who
enjoys life. He likes her not just for her
body, but for her personality as well.

Then something happens after the flick:
He takes her for a walk and DISPLAYS

He READS her correctly, even though she
tells him how busy she is with all kinds of
"serious" things, and how every second of
her day is planned, mostly by her parents,
he tells her that it's strange because he
always sensed she was FREE.

She says she IS free, but he senses that she
WANTS to be free, she is the kind of person
that really loves doing her own things, but
that she is NOT doing that for most of her

she understands herself.

He is giving her the GIFT of greater self
awareness and leading her to the path of
inner peace and feeling better about herself.

And then he does something REALLY GOOD:

He doesn't just TALK, he DEMONSTRATES.

He lies down on the STREET, which is empty
and pretty much free of traffic at night in this
small town in those days. He chills out and
enjoys watching the street light change from
red to green etc.

She doesn't want to join him, it's too
socially unacceptable and "crazy".
He tells her that's her problem,
that she's too worried about
what everyone else thinks.

She feels CHALLENGED by this.


So she joins him, on the ground, looking
up. He also teases her when she asks
what happens if a car comes, playfully
and casually answering with: "We die".

In that moment, as she chills out and
just enjoys the colors of the lights
changing and TOTALLY chilling out
there at night on the street, she has

She is feeling the peace, the joy of it.
And it is PRICELESS even though it costs

Then suddenly, they hear a car SPEEDING
THE STREET onto the sidewalk, and she is
laughing hysterically, because she HAS

From here he offers her to dance again, right
there on the street, and they do, and it's
the perfect time for real physical contact.

ATTRACTION has been earned.
RESPECT has been earned.
CONNECTION has been achieved.


And it was all done in a NATURAL WAY.
No manipulation.

THIS is the kind of stuff that WOMEN are
seeing in the movie.

And the movie is EMOTIONALLY true as
well, because the dude is not perfect.

He screws up when he LOSES HIS OWN
SELF-ESTEEM when he repeatedly hears
how OTHERS in her social circle look
DOWN on him, including her mom, the
family, the family friends, etc.

it's not enough for him, because
BY THEIR STATEMENTS and this has made
him FEEL UNWORTHY of her. He can't stand
to FEEL like HE may be holding her back
from being as great in her social setting
as she could be without him. (This is
his own massive error in thinking,
the result of his damaged self-esteem).

He can't stand to see her parents
yelling at her because of HIM.
He feels UNWORTHY of her, as if
there is no way on Earth she
could want to be with him if it
means all this stress for her.

So HE breaks up with her.

And yet, she gets PISSED at him for
wanting to break up with her. She
tries to convince him not to worry
about what others think, that they
can make it, but he is TOO WEAK to
though she is sad at the same time.

It pisses her off that HE doesn't believe
strongly enough in the GREAT TIMES
that they had and that they can CONTINUE
to have it.

The EMOTIONAL TRUTH of this is

The biggest enemy most guys have is

Well, I'm not going to go into the ENTIRE
movie here, but let me just say that the way
they DO end up back together is only
AFTER he does the SAME THING that
got HER into him in the FIRST PLACE:
by being THE MAN.

When he first met her, he was operating from


By encouraging greater INDEPENDENCE
in her, she FLEW FASTER TO HIM.

And it wasn't like he was doing this to be
MANIPULATIVE, it was because he
LIKED her personality, it was about
the JOY for life he saw she had deep
in her that needed to get out and be

And in the end, he does this again, in a
more INTENSE way, when he tells her
regarding her confusion over what to
do, since in her own words the other
guy is a "good man" too, he tells her
to do for once what SHE feels, not
what her PARENTS feel, not what
HE feels, not what the other guy
feels. He practically YELLS at
her. Once again, this is a guy who
is NOT desperate to have a woman.

A woman can only be with him if HE
likes her and if SHE really WANTS
to be there. And also, he really IS
the kind of guy who believes in being
FREE to do what you really believe.

So his words are CONGRUENT
with his personality and actions.

And he DOES get her back.
But really, that's not the point, the point is
HIS IDENTITY, the kind of PERSON he is.

discussed are what must happen in the
REAL WORLD as well for a guy to get
RESULTS with QUALITY women. I'm
not saying the exact same EXAMPLES
have to happen, but the exact same
PRINCIPLES must be there:

The bringing her into YOUR world, the
enriching HER life, the desire without
the neediness, the connection, challenging
her in a genuine yet heartfelt and good
way, the ability to walk away, the true
level of understanding her world as good
or better than she does herself, and ALL
the other elements above as well.

Some of that is very advanced stuff.

And ALL THOSE EMOTIONS are what women
emotionally get ADDICTED to.


It's not cerebral; women do NOT
go around articulating it.

It's totally something they feel
emotionally and immediately
and NOT consciously or
in a cerebral way.

And the emotions are true to life; it all
makes perfect sense. In fact, women had
no choice. It was HARDWIRED that they
would love this flick.

These are the kinds of things that are created in
women when they watch the flick: The emotions
TORRID SEXY LOVE SCENE when they reunite.


What you've just read is a GLIMPSE into a
whole different UNIVERSE that no one
else on EARTH is giving you. It's the

Understanding this universe is the key to
genuinely improving yourself in this area
naturally, and it's also definitely the ONLY
way to attract the true QUALITY girls.

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suggest you do TWO things IMMEDIATELY:

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Michael Marks

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"The Pick Up That Wasn't There" And Other MASSIVE Revelations On Attracting Women

There is an ENORMOUS amount of crucial insights into success with women that I want to share with you today, and there are TWO new videos on this as well.

The first thing I want to tell you is that TRUE attraction, the kind that doesn't require a woman to be drunk or promiscuous or desperate, is about a TON of TINY NUANCES that all come TOGETHER to create FULL IMPACT.

The subtleties involve everything from your vocal tonality, to your deep understanding of women, to your ability to "feel" out the vibe in the moment (which comes from accurately reading her body language), to your ability to TIME things right.

Timing means for example knowing whether it is the right time to get more physical, or the right time to simply increase the comfort stage, or whether it is the right moment for teasing her playfully. It also includes the WAY in which you build the connection with her (is it smooth and natural feeling, or is it a forced "yeah, me too!" statement).

And it is also about your own confidence in your self and your own attitude toward life, and much, MUCH more.

NONE of these things, however, on their own, are ever IN HER FACE in a really "showy" way.  NONE of these things should ever feel like you are doing something that feels non-natural. NONE of these things should come across as SENSATIONALISTIC or WEIRD or OVER THE TOP.

It doesn't even look like a pick-up! Which is why I call it "THE PICK-UP THAT WASN'T THERE"! It doesn't "feel" like anything strange is going on-it doesn't feel like there is some big "pick-up" happening.

When a woman is being approached and attracted properly by an expert, it actually looks very much like the man and woman HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER A LONG TIME; it all seems SUPER SMOOTH and very NORMAL.  

It's a bit like how a true martial arts expert knows that a real take-down or real street fight is NOT flashy. You hardly see anything, and then it's all over.  Yet, TONS of tiny nuances in timing, in performance, in decision making, in technique, have all been delivered.  To the naked eye, it almost seems like nothing happened, except the awesome result. 

Same thing with a proper pick up and attraction. It all happens very quickly, and it seems as if the woman just already "liked" the guy, because it's so hard to determine WHAT the guy did.  But in reality, he did things on the HIGHEST LEVEL.

Unfortunately, though, so much of the PUA community is about GETTING MEN'S ATTENTION, not women's attention.  And so GETTING MEN'S ATTENTION on the internet especially, has to do with SHOWING OVER THE TOP, SENSATIONALISTIC, BIZARRE, SHOCKING, EXTREME behavior in a pickup.

And because so many men are misguided, they don't understand what is really going on. They will assume that a woman in a club who is drunk, tipsy, or promiscuous is the same thing as an amazing loyal woman who is looking to have a fantastic faithful relationship with an amazing guy.

Also, there is a TEMPTATION to believe that some technique that sounds MEAN or MANIPULATIVE ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL, such as "negs" against women, is the SOLUTION.  The temptation comes from INSECURITY and from thinking that the only answer to attract women has to be something to "even the score"--which in itself stems from NOT UNDERSTANDING FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY.

Men think they don't have what it takes to attract women, so the only answer is to NEG them or be MEAN in some way, to somehow bring "women's over-estimation of themselves" down so that there is a more level playing field. But women don't base their attraction on that, they base their attraction on HOW MUCH POWER THEY FEEL YOU ARE RADIATING, ALONG WITH HOW MUCH CONNECTION YOU BUILD WITH THEM.

And those two things have NOTHING to do with "negs" or any other kind of OBNOXIOUS behavior. In fact, for the very BEST women, those "negs" and OBNOXIOUS behavior will DESTROY any chances with them!!!!

The MOST POPULAR pick-up videos on the internet are usually the WORST advice, FULL of THIS kind of obnoxious behavior. The same way the PUA community never mentions the physical hazards of promiscuity as well- including the fact that 7 out of 10 sexually active people WILL GET HPV.  Yes, 7 out of 10. It's not just the PUA community that is blind to this fact; it is also MAINSTREAM society.

I have always been focused on making men the BEST they can be.  FORGET the average, forget mainstream society, mainstream tends to be VERY IGNORANT. Just look at the news most people follow. There is no reason for ANYONE to be stuck in the land of AVERAGE, when they can be AMAZING.

In today's new video, I ALSO discuss KEY insights into how to use humor in a way that is not only funny, but that ATTRACTS women as well, and that makes it SUPER EASY to open up conversations with women anywhere!

Plus, I discuss the TRUTH about political correctness, which is CRUCIAL for understanding in our era of third-wave feminism that corrupts many women and that brainwashes and weakens so many men.

PLUS, you will learn how having a CONFLICT with a woman is no reason for weakening her attraction to you-it can, if resolved, lead to bringing you together in a way that is MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER, increasing the attraction and the bond a hundredfold!

You'll ALSO learn how to USE YOUR BODY in a way that TRIGGERS UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE that takes only TWO MINUTES! Imagine using this right before approaching women!!!! 

PLUS, I have ANOTHER VIDEO that shows you a special insight into HOW A GREAT WOMAN tests a man, which is something that NO OTHER DATING COACH EVER TOLD YOU AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL.

So let's get to it! Here we go:

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They are all an absolute MUST if you want to be the BEST with women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Power Of A GOOD Woman

I want to get right to the point: The single greatest motivating force for a man to become all he can be, is being with a great woman. At the same time, the wrong woman will destroy a man, and she will do it in in EVERY way: Emotionally, physically, and financially.

So meeting the RIGHT woman is of absolute PARAMOUNT importance. You can see this kind of thing in the biography of almost EVERY successful man, ever.  For example, Sylvester Stallone, the guy who wrote and starred in ROCKY, was a struggling actor for many years, when he finally got interest in his screenplay for the movie ROCKY. 

His wife, named Sasha, was COMPLETELY supportive of his goals.  They were in POVERTY, but they didn't give up.  He would go on audition after audition, and he also kept on writing screenplays, with very little success.  They even had a new baby, and they were still in massive POVERTY.

When the studio discovered his script for ROCKY, they wanted to BUY his script, for what was a LARGE amount of money back then (not enough to be wealthy for life, but more money than he had ever seen in his life before), but they were dead-set AGAINST having him actually PLAY Rocky in the film.  They wanted the film to star some other actor, an actor who was famous at the time, like Robert Redford. They absolutely did NOT want Stallone to star in the film at ALL. 

They had ZERO confidence in him in the lead role, because he was not a famous star, and also they had no idea that he could really be so great in the film as an actor.

But Stallone knew this was the film he was BORN to do.
He discussed the situation with his Sasha his wife. 
He told her the truth, that the studio was willing to buy the script from him for a small fortune, but they didn't want to have him act in the movie.

That money that he could have sold the script for was something they could DESPERATELY use in their poverty, especially with a new BABY they just had.

But Sasha STOOD by her man, she SUPPORTED him, she AGREED that this was the role he was BORN to play.

And the rest is HISTORY. 

He stood his ground with the studio, they agreed to put him as the star but paid him very little, and they also gave the film a tiny shoe-string budget because they didn't believe the movie would succeed very much, so they wanted to reduce their financial risks.

Because of that film, starring him, he proved his ability, and he went on to create an iconic character that is known the world over, and he also went on to make another super-successful franchise known as Rambo.  

However, at a certain point in his success, he fell for the WRONG woman, and totally screwed up his marriage to Sasha. 

And I don't think it was a coincidence that he lost his way, and started to make a bunch of really weak films-films that just weren't exciting, funny, or compelling. Films where he wasn't really paying attention to the story or the performances.  Films that he agrees to this day were really pretty forgettable, and that almost DESTROYED his career PERMANENTLY.

He also fell into a depression, and then this same woman who was wrong for him also took him for his MONEY and hurt him financially as well.  This same woman was also rumored to be unfaithful too.

And I can go on and on, where men who were with amazing, supportive women, and who fueled them to MASSIVE heights, then got lost on their path and got caught up with the wrong woman and ruined it ALL. 

Remember Tiger Woods?
Do you think it's a COINCIDENCE that he started screwing around with porn stars and ruined his career? 

And now, more than ever, MEN are being BOMBARDED by the WRONG women, whether it is from third-wave feminist corrupted women, or whether it is by the promiscuous and/or the drunk types of women that so many PUAs tend to RELY on as the "supply source" for their students in pick-up. 

It's not just about getting a woman.

It's about getting the RIGHT woman.

And that is what I have focused my work on since day one-getting a QUALITY woman, a woman who is beautiful inside and out. A woman who makes you even BETTER. 

Let me show you HOW to truly CONNECT with such a woman when you meet her. How to attract THAT kind of woman, and how to build such a powerful bond with her, that she is forever GRATEFUL for the day she met you. 

You can learn from me in three ways:

1. ONE ON ONE SKYPE CONSULTATIONS, where I can answer your questions IMMEDIATELY:




Till next time,

Michael Marks

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