Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"The Pick Up That Wasn't There" And Other MASSIVE Revelations On Attracting Women

There is an ENORMOUS amount of crucial insights into success with women that I want to share with you today, and there are TWO new videos on this as well.

The first thing I want to tell you is that TRUE attraction, the kind that doesn't require a woman to be drunk or promiscuous or desperate, is about a TON of TINY NUANCES that all come TOGETHER to create FULL IMPACT.

The subtleties involve everything from your vocal tonality, to your deep understanding of women, to your ability to "feel" out the vibe in the moment (which comes from accurately reading her body language), to your ability to TIME things right.

Timing means for example knowing whether it is the right time to get more physical, or the right time to simply increase the comfort stage, or whether it is the right moment for teasing her playfully. It also includes the WAY in which you build the connection with her (is it smooth and natural feeling, or is it a forced "yeah, me too!" statement).

And it is also about your own confidence in your self and your own attitude toward life, and much, MUCH more.

NONE of these things, however, on their own, are ever IN HER FACE in a really "showy" way.  NONE of these things should ever feel like you are doing something that feels non-natural. NONE of these things should come across as SENSATIONALISTIC or WEIRD or OVER THE TOP.

It doesn't even look like a pick-up! Which is why I call it "THE PICK-UP THAT WASN'T THERE"! It doesn't "feel" like anything strange is going on-it doesn't feel like there is some big "pick-up" happening.

When a woman is being approached and attracted properly by an expert, it actually looks very much like the man and woman HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER A LONG TIME; it all seems SUPER SMOOTH and very NORMAL.  

It's a bit like how a true martial arts expert knows that a real take-down or real street fight is NOT flashy. You hardly see anything, and then it's all over.  Yet, TONS of tiny nuances in timing, in performance, in decision making, in technique, have all been delivered.  To the naked eye, it almost seems like nothing happened, except the awesome result. 

Same thing with a proper pick up and attraction. It all happens very quickly, and it seems as if the woman just already "liked" the guy, because it's so hard to determine WHAT the guy did.  But in reality, he did things on the HIGHEST LEVEL.

Unfortunately, though, so much of the PUA community is about GETTING MEN'S ATTENTION, not women's attention.  And so GETTING MEN'S ATTENTION on the internet especially, has to do with SHOWING OVER THE TOP, SENSATIONALISTIC, BIZARRE, SHOCKING, EXTREME behavior in a pickup.

And because so many men are misguided, they don't understand what is really going on. They will assume that a woman in a club who is drunk, tipsy, or promiscuous is the same thing as an amazing loyal woman who is looking to have a fantastic faithful relationship with an amazing guy.

Also, there is a TEMPTATION to believe that some technique that sounds MEAN or MANIPULATIVE ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL, such as "negs" against women, is the SOLUTION.  The temptation comes from INSECURITY and from thinking that the only answer to attract women has to be something to "even the score"--which in itself stems from NOT UNDERSTANDING FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY.

Men think they don't have what it takes to attract women, so the only answer is to NEG them or be MEAN in some way, to somehow bring "women's over-estimation of themselves" down so that there is a more level playing field. But women don't base their attraction on that, they base their attraction on HOW MUCH POWER THEY FEEL YOU ARE RADIATING, ALONG WITH HOW MUCH CONNECTION YOU BUILD WITH THEM.

And those two things have NOTHING to do with "negs" or any other kind of OBNOXIOUS behavior. In fact, for the very BEST women, those "negs" and OBNOXIOUS behavior will DESTROY any chances with them!!!!

The MOST POPULAR pick-up videos on the internet are usually the WORST advice, FULL of THIS kind of obnoxious behavior. The same way the PUA community never mentions the physical hazards of promiscuity as well- including the fact that 7 out of 10 sexually active people WILL GET HPV.  Yes, 7 out of 10. It's not just the PUA community that is blind to this fact; it is also MAINSTREAM society.

I have always been focused on making men the BEST they can be.  FORGET the average, forget mainstream society, mainstream tends to be VERY IGNORANT. Just look at the news most people follow. There is no reason for ANYONE to be stuck in the land of AVERAGE, when they can be AMAZING.

In today's new video, I ALSO discuss KEY insights into how to use humor in a way that is not only funny, but that ATTRACTS women as well, and that makes it SUPER EASY to open up conversations with women anywhere!

Plus, I discuss the TRUTH about political correctness, which is CRUCIAL for understanding in our era of third-wave feminism that corrupts many women and that brainwashes and weakens so many men.

PLUS, you will learn how having a CONFLICT with a woman is no reason for weakening her attraction to you-it can, if resolved, lead to bringing you together in a way that is MORE POWERFUL THAN EVER, increasing the attraction and the bond a hundredfold!

You'll ALSO learn how to USE YOUR BODY in a way that TRIGGERS UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE that takes only TWO MINUTES! Imagine using this right before approaching women!!!! 

PLUS, I have ANOTHER VIDEO that shows you a special insight into HOW A GREAT WOMAN tests a man, which is something that NO OTHER DATING COACH EVER TOLD YOU AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL.

So let's get to it! Here we go:

As you can see, I am OBSESSED with the TRUTH on how to attract AMAZING WOMEN. No gimmicks, no phoney come-ons, no "hypnosis". Just hard-core ATTRACTION, with the kind of women that TRULY enhance your life.

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They are all an absolute MUST if you want to be the BEST with women.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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