Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inner Game And Being A Man With Women

There are two crucial aspects of attracting women that go hand-in-hand, and are PARTICULARLY important these days when it comes to attracting women. These two things are your "inner game" and being more of a MAN with women.

When you combine the power that an attractive woman has over men, with the added power that feminism gives women in the sense of STRIPPING men of their own power and draining men of their confidence when it comes to women, the result is that most men are turned into MINCED MEAT in their efforts to attract women.

Then on top of that, you also have this major issue of men behaving in IMMATURE ways today. As much as I love movies, video games, and comic books, these things cannot be the over-riding traits that describe a man, if he wants to attract women. And whether we like it or not, immaturity harms a man much more than it harms a woman.  A woman will exude infinite sexual power simply by looking attractive, but the same is not true with men. 

Women, especially young women, don't want BOYS.  They want MEN.  And they want men who BEHAVE like men. This includes a general tendency to not complain much, to handle their own world, to be in control of their reality, and to be able to even handle an attractive woman who may have just a bit of an attitude and who actually finds it ATTRACTIVE when a man can make sure she does NOT walk all over him.

On a fundamental level, in a world where an attractive woman can get ANY MAN by snapping her fingers, and where these women have SEEN EVERY LAME-ASS PICK-UP TACTIC from men THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF TIMES, one of the BIGGEST mental steps you have to take internally is being willing to WALK AWAY from a GORGEOUS woman. You have to be really willing to "cash that cheque" mentally, in order to BEHAVE in the right ways with women at all times.

Also, when it comes to pick up, many men fail because they use GOOFY humor, which is a sign of lack of confidence. Why is this? It's because goofy humor says outright that it is goofy, so it's like an excuse you are giving for not being GENUINELY funny--and using excuses for yourself is a form of QUALIFYING yourself. Plus, goofy humor is  often when you're laughing at your own incompetence, which LOWERS YOUR VALUE even further.

Women want men who exude POWER, who aren't so afraid of failure they are already starting with excuses before they even start the actual pick-up!  

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Michael Marks   

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