Friday, March 3, 2017

The Power Of A GOOD Woman

I want to get right to the point: The single greatest motivating force for a man to become all he can be, is being with a great woman. At the same time, the wrong woman will destroy a man, and she will do it in in EVERY way: Emotionally, physically, and financially.

So meeting the RIGHT woman is of absolute PARAMOUNT importance. You can see this kind of thing in the biography of almost EVERY successful man, ever.  For example, Sylvester Stallone, the guy who wrote and starred in ROCKY, was a struggling actor for many years, when he finally got interest in his screenplay for the movie ROCKY. 

His wife, named Sasha, was COMPLETELY supportive of his goals.  They were in POVERTY, but they didn't give up.  He would go on audition after audition, and he also kept on writing screenplays, with very little success.  They even had a new baby, and they were still in massive POVERTY.

When the studio discovered his script for ROCKY, they wanted to BUY his script, for what was a LARGE amount of money back then (not enough to be wealthy for life, but more money than he had ever seen in his life before), but they were dead-set AGAINST having him actually PLAY Rocky in the film.  They wanted the film to star some other actor, an actor who was famous at the time, like Robert Redford. They absolutely did NOT want Stallone to star in the film at ALL. 

They had ZERO confidence in him in the lead role, because he was not a famous star, and also they had no idea that he could really be so great in the film as an actor.

But Stallone knew this was the film he was BORN to do.
He discussed the situation with his Sasha his wife. 
He told her the truth, that the studio was willing to buy the script from him for a small fortune, but they didn't want to have him act in the movie.

That money that he could have sold the script for was something they could DESPERATELY use in their poverty, especially with a new BABY they just had.

But Sasha STOOD by her man, she SUPPORTED him, she AGREED that this was the role he was BORN to play.

And the rest is HISTORY. 

He stood his ground with the studio, they agreed to put him as the star but paid him very little, and they also gave the film a tiny shoe-string budget because they didn't believe the movie would succeed very much, so they wanted to reduce their financial risks.

Because of that film, starring him, he proved his ability, and he went on to create an iconic character that is known the world over, and he also went on to make another super-successful franchise known as Rambo.  

However, at a certain point in his success, he fell for the WRONG woman, and totally screwed up his marriage to Sasha. 

And I don't think it was a coincidence that he lost his way, and started to make a bunch of really weak films-films that just weren't exciting, funny, or compelling. Films where he wasn't really paying attention to the story or the performances.  Films that he agrees to this day were really pretty forgettable, and that almost DESTROYED his career PERMANENTLY.

He also fell into a depression, and then this same woman who was wrong for him also took him for his MONEY and hurt him financially as well.  This same woman was also rumored to be unfaithful too.

And I can go on and on, where men who were with amazing, supportive women, and who fueled them to MASSIVE heights, then got lost on their path and got caught up with the wrong woman and ruined it ALL. 

Remember Tiger Woods?
Do you think it's a COINCIDENCE that he started screwing around with porn stars and ruined his career? 

And now, more than ever, MEN are being BOMBARDED by the WRONG women, whether it is from third-wave feminist corrupted women, or whether it is by the promiscuous and/or the drunk types of women that so many PUAs tend to RELY on as the "supply source" for their students in pick-up. 

It's not just about getting a woman.

It's about getting the RIGHT woman.

And that is what I have focused my work on since day one-getting a QUALITY woman, a woman who is beautiful inside and out. A woman who makes you even BETTER. 

Let me show you HOW to truly CONNECT with such a woman when you meet her. How to attract THAT kind of woman, and how to build such a powerful bond with her, that she is forever GRATEFUL for the day she met you. 

You can learn from me in three ways:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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