Thursday, February 21, 2019

Reclaiming Your Sense of SELF-WORTH As A Man

The BIRTH of success with women really begins with reclaiming your sense of SELF-WORTH as a man.

And doing this TODAY is a challenge like NO TIME ever before in HISTORY. This is because as men, we grow up literally from BIRTH being immersed in a culture that constantly BOMBARDS us with the message that women are SUPERIOR MORALLY.

And not only this, but we are actually indoctrinated to believe that men are SCUMBAGS. As if the MAJORITY of men are just RAPISTS waiting for an opportunity. This has the effect of turning men into MICE with women. And women are attracted to MEN, not MICE.

And in today's new video, I have a REAL-LIFE situation that is so horrifying that I truly wish it was not NECESSARY to even discuss, but I can see, for reasons I will show you, that it is VITAL that you DO see this and learn about it.


Do you want advice that is TRULY free from ALL forms of BULL?

Do you want to know what you actually CAN do to attract women that WORKS for REAL?

Whether it's about pick-up, dating, or relationships, I will give the most ROCK-SOLID success coaching on EARTH. 

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We must also JOIN the fight against modern feminism that aims to destroy everything men and women love about each other. To FIGHT BACK against the horrifying propaganda we see in the media against men, I am passionately working on producing a film that conveys the TRUTH in the most powerful way possible. 

But I can't do this all on my own. I've busted my butt getting the budget down to the lowest it can go while still maintaining the quality of production this film needs to make MAXIMUM IMPACT on the world.

JOIN me in this battle. Help me get this film MADE. The campaign is almost over, and every PENNY we gain helps encourage OTHERS to contribute as well. 

Do NOT underestimate the power of ART to create REAL CHANGE. Art moves people in ways nothing else can, because it reaches the HEART.

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Stay cool, 

Michael Marks

Monday, February 18, 2019

It's BACK: The "TEN" Service!

Over the last sixteen YEARS, I've truly
been the only dating coach to not only
focus on CONCRETE truth regarding success
with women, but also the only dating

My clients and their progress have been
observed by SEVERAL of the most respected
journalists in the country. And for the
most part, their successes have been
journalists for the public to see. (You can

even see some of these reports on my site.)

That meant not resorting to ridiculous
gimmicks and it meant not resorting to
short-term success with highly promiscuous,
std-infested, emotionally unstable women.

I could have so easily 'sold-out' during
all this time, but I take this field
with grave seriousness.

After all, getting true, meaningful success
with a quality woman is a greater joy than
pretty much ANYTHING else in life.

Yet, getting mixed up with the WRONG
woman or women truly is the most
DESTRUCTIVE force in a man's life.

And now, I am bringing back one of my most
POPULAR services, known as the "TEN SERVICE".

In this service, you receive LIVE coaching
with me, over the phone or Skype, regarding
ANYTHING you want solved when it comes to
women-whether it's coaching or advice on
the initial pick-up, or whether it's on
improving your online dating success,
or whether it's about what to do once you
already have succeeded past getting her
number and now you want to make sure the
date goes well. 

Perhaps it's about how to know when is 
the right time to take things to a physical
level, and how to do this smoothly.

Or you may have a relationship question. 
Maybe you are in a very specific situation
with a woman and you're not sure what to do.

I can seriously help you with ANY matter
related to success with women. 

Also, if you prefer email coaching instead of
live coaching,  you can let me know this and 
you will receive a reply from me by email within
24 hours. I will spend TEN minutes writing the
absolute best advice for you.   

Whether you prefer live coaching or email coaching,
this service puts the MIGHT of sixteen years of 
REAL LIFE experience at your FINGERTIPS.

That is sixteen years of helping THOUSANDS
of men in EVERY type of situation with women.

For all these matters and much more,
the TEN SERVICE is for you. It includes

coaching from me to you.

I will give you the absolute BEST advice
based on over SIXTEEN YEARS of experience
helping ENSURE guys get success with women
at EVERY STEP of the process-from first
seeing a woman anywhere all the way to
being deep in a relationship.

You'd be AMAZED how much you will benefit
from this service, and at this offer, you
truly have EVERYTHING to gain.

With my years of experience, I can EFFICIENTLY
help you at LIGHTNING SPEED, truly taking you
to the next level of success in a FRACTION of
the time it would normally take any other way.

All you have to do is order the service with
the link below, and then email me to let me
know some time slots that work for you.

I will then email you back to confirm the
time of your appointment as well as to
let you know any other important info
including how to contact me. 

This service is truly the closest thing there
is to a "magic pill" that exists for skyrocketing
your success with women at lightning speed.

Also, this offer is most likely going to be
a limited time offer only, so take advantage
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Stay cool,

Michael Marks

Friday, February 15, 2019

Why Men Kiss Up To Women And The TRUTH About "Hoop Theory"

Today I have a VERY important new video for you that gets right to the HEART of the issue for men who are looking for GOOD women-the kind of women where men can actually have a long-term future with them. 

In this video, I am going to BLOW to SMITHEREENS the typical PUA advice regarding "Hoop Theory" and give you a blow-by-blow analysis of just how DEEPLY screwed up so many women are today thanks to modern feminism. I will also show you the PROPER way to deal with these kinds of women so that you can get the RIGHT woman. 

It is all the more IRONIC that this time it's a WOMAN who is clearly bullshitting every step of the way with her "how to attract women" advice. Being a woman, she KNOWS for SURE how what she is saying is TOTAL BULL, so there is no excuse on EARTH for her to be saying the stuff she is saying. And the tragedy is that at least half a million men have already been exposed to the B.S. she is spewing.

And of course, she promotes her advice as being "NO B.S.!" 

If you are mature enough to appreciate TRUTH when it comes to success with women, instead of being one of the millions of men who are exploited by lies, then you are going to actually EXCEL with my guidance when it comes to success with women.

If you haven't already downloaded my video program on genuine success with women from the moment you see a woman you want to approach all the way to deep into a relationship with her, then definitely do that now. It's called WARRIOR WITHIN, and it's at:

For many men, the most powerful way to success is with personalized, private, one-to-one coaching. This is where I speak with you through Skype or on the phone (or in person) and help you achieve your goal, whether it is how to skyrocket your confidence, how to approach women, how to deal with a specific issue you are currently dealing with regarding a particular woman, or any other goal you want accomplished. 

Consultations are at:

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And finally, to JOIN the rebellion against the political correctness and third-wave feminism that is behind so many of these issues, become a contributor to my Indiegogo film campaign. This is an extremely important and special film I am making to COUNTER the toxic propaganda of political correctness and third-wave feminism.  

It's at:

Till next time, stay cool...

Michael Marks

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