Thursday, February 21, 2019

Reclaiming Your Sense of SELF-WORTH As A Man

The BIRTH of success with women really begins with reclaiming your sense of SELF-WORTH as a man.

And doing this TODAY is a challenge like NO TIME ever before in HISTORY. This is because as men, we grow up literally from BIRTH being immersed in a culture that constantly BOMBARDS us with the message that women are SUPERIOR MORALLY.

And not only this, but we are actually indoctrinated to believe that men are SCUMBAGS. As if the MAJORITY of men are just RAPISTS waiting for an opportunity. This has the effect of turning men into MICE with women. And women are attracted to MEN, not MICE.

And in today's new video, I have a REAL-LIFE situation that is so horrifying that I truly wish it was not NECESSARY to even discuss, but I can see, for reasons I will show you, that it is VITAL that you DO see this and learn about it.


Do you want advice that is TRULY free from ALL forms of BULL?

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We must also JOIN the fight against modern feminism that aims to destroy everything men and women love about each other. To FIGHT BACK against the horrifying propaganda we see in the media against men, I am passionately working on producing a film that conveys the TRUTH in the most powerful way possible. 

But I can't do this all on my own. I've busted my butt getting the budget down to the lowest it can go while still maintaining the quality of production this film needs to make MAXIMUM IMPACT on the world.

JOIN me in this battle. Help me get this film MADE. The campaign is almost over, and every PENNY we gain helps encourage OTHERS to contribute as well. 

Do NOT underestimate the power of ART to create REAL CHANGE. Art moves people in ways nothing else can, because it reaches the HEART.

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Stay cool, 

Michael Marks

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