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Creating The VIBE That Attracts Women

The most important thing for attracting women
is creating something known as the VIBE.

This means stimulating their EMOTIONS in 
a relaxed, positive way that includes getting 
them to experience feeling turned on, feeling 
excited, feeling laughter, feeling just the right 
degree of safety, feeling intrigued, feeling 
adventurous, and many other emotions.

You don't need to stimulate all these emotions
at once, although many of them can combine
at once to create an even more powerful effect.

Notice that just the plain "feeling aroused"
is not it alone, and this is because for women
emotions tend spill into each other and create
new experiences that are even more meaningful.

A student of mine explains EXACTLY how he used
what he learned from me both in my book and in
my bootcamp to successfully pick-up and attract
women this way.

His letter is MASSIVELY helpful for ANY guy
who wants to know how EASY it can be to
attract the most incredible women on Earth!

The entire message is tremendously informative,
and I have highlighted sections that I think are
of PARAMOUNT significance:


Hey Michael,

Just had to write in to you, to tell you how
you have transformed my life with women.

I still can’t believe that a few short weeks ago,
I was living in despair, misery, and loneliness after finding
out that the girl I have had a crush on for years
is now “seriously” dating some new guy.

She works at the same company I do, she is
beautiful. She’s a petite dyed blonde, the most
feminine giggle you have ever heard, the most
sweet voice on the face of this earth, and the
drop-dead curves on her in every place a man
could ask for.

And she’s a great personality, too. Completely
down-to-earth; not stuck up at all.

We have been friends for three years- or should I
say I have been her “girlfriend” as I was the
one she would come to for support as she
would come crying revealing her bad dates
and relationship issues to me.

All that time, I thought she would eventually see
what was right in front of her, a guy that was caring
and devoted to her best interests, always.

And somehow, she just bypassed me and went
from one bad boyfriend to some totally new guy.

That’s when I discovered you and your new book
online. I devoured it in one sitting, and at first it
was too much for me to accept, it had my entire
vision of women and reality upside down, and
yet it confirmed what I had suspected on some
gut level for so many years.

So I read it again, and again. And again.
Four times I read your book, Michael, and
each time it hit me like a locomotive.

I started to realize how I had been screwing up
every single opportunity I ever had with women,   
including this one that I had my heart set on.

Constantly trying to appeal to women by doing everything
except what really counts- getting their emotions pumping!

All those years, I was still trying to appeal to women
based on a male perspective of things, so I would
try to improve my looks by being in the gym, and
try to make more money, and also try to provide
logical reasons for her to be with me, like being
supportive, giving her good advice in life, etc.

Your book truly blew open my mind to how
off-track I was in terms of creating attraction,
and your tips on creating the sexual vibe
and on just how far we can go with this
when interacting with women got my mind
racing and excited to try them out on real

So I started following the tips you gave for changing
my internal emotional baseline, so that I am truly
exuding the right combination of “vibes”.

And I started doing this while also “pushing the envelope"
in my interactions with women I would see anywhere, and
it was as if I had suddenly been shifted to an alternate reality,
where instead of getting pissed off and slapping me
across the face, women were melting and flirting back
with me! 

One gorgeous waitress I had only flirted with, wrote her
number along with a borderline explicit dirty message,
on the receipt, which I had almost thrown out when
I got home because I didn’t even know she had done

Well, before this point, I had wasted enough years
doing things the way I thought they were supposed
to work, and I wasn’t going to waste one more second
of my life being less than I could be with women, so I
signed up for your bootcamp that same night- I knew your stuff
would work, and I wanted to get to my full potential
with women as absolutely fast as possible.

I believe you only live once, and so every second counts.
Why wait years to have the greatest level of ecstasy with
women when I could have it now?

For your readers, I’d like to impart the moment of bootcamp
that left the most permanent effect on me that I will take with
me for the rest of my life.

We were walking along the sidewalk downtown,
you and I, discussing some of the finer details
regarding creating the all-important “vibe” that
swallows women up into your reality and makes
them never want to leave- when the most heavenly
creature entered my reality.

She had just stepped out of a taxi, and was walking up
ahead of us, a pony-tailed brunette, about 5 foot 6, clad
in baby-blue short-sleeves and a tasteful white skirt that
showed off her lightly tanned, shapely, womanly legs,
in strapped black heels that accentuated her feminine

Just the sight of her instantly shot my pulse into orbit.

I took your subtle nod as my cue to go into action, and
I knew, in a humorous way, you would never forgive me
for not taking action!

So I stepped up my stride and quickly caught up
to her, when I realized she was even more beautiful
than she looked from afar. About 26 or 27, angelic face, 

a bit like Mila Kunis, her arms and legs were toned-she
had clearly spent time in the gym. 

And curves that made it difficult for me to even think! 

She was truly "poetry in motion". 

And here is the part your readers need to understand:
What I said next came with unbridled passion, sincerity,
and joy for life. I truly felt more alive in the presence of
this woman than I had felt in my entire life. 

Also, rather than interpreting my exploding heartbeat
in a way that would cause me to give into fear, I took
what you said and interpreted it as a sign my body was
giving me everything it had to be my best and give me
as much energy, resourcefulness, and ingenuity as
required to succeed.

I told her what was on my mind:

“You have to stop”.
And I slowed down to a stop.

At first, she didn’t know what was going on.
So I repeated myself.
“You have to stop’”

She looked at me curiously as she slowed down
and then stopped walking!

Step one accomplished. I had this woman now
stopped and giving me opportunity.

Your readers should also realize the power of this,
because by getting her to stop, and not chasing her,
it sends off a message of your own power and your
own internal state of mind. It shows just how mch
you know that you are worth every bit of her time.

So naturally, this makes a woman feel better
about the interaction than stopping for some guy
who himself feels unworthy of her.


I continued:

“You are a woman who makes a man feel like
a man; and there is no way on Earth I am going to
let you slip through my fingers without the greatest
battle and effort of all time, anywhere, everywhere”.

Now, I admit, that some of this came from my conversations
with you, but it was not conscious, it was subconsciously
“stealing” from my conversations with you where you had
taught me earlier. 

But as you said, the key was my state of mind as I delivered
the message, as she would pick up subconsciously on
my full intent and meaning regardless of the words if
the feeling was truly there in my gut.

Her expression went from curious and concerned to
lit up with a really warm smile! She understood fully.

I also knew from you how important it was to continue
the interaction because it’s not enough to break the
ice; otherwise these women would be going out with
every guy!

So I started to work on building the foundation.
I took in the cues, including her toned muscles,
and accomplished humor and connection at once:

“Whoa! (pointing to her biceps) Are you a bodyguard?!
I could use a bodyguard! Too many women are always
after my body and I need protection! Especially from
a woman who could appreciate my mind and not treat
me like meat!”

To this, she started laughing, and looked me
straight in the eyes:

“Is that such a problem? What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s a huge problem! What if I want to make a living
Using my mind? No one will take me seriously!”

She laughed even harder! She totally got it!

Michael, as you taught me, turning around the entire
third-wave feminism thing on its head is so powerful!
It’s powerful because women really are as sexual as
men, and because especially attractive women are
so confident that they need to meet men who are
also as confident and who aren’t going to fall for the
“helpless female victim” perception of all women that
so many men have.

These women are so confident, they absolutely want
men who can have fun with them, and play and push
the envelope, and who understand that women are
even more sexual than men!

By playing up the angle of me being the one trying to
push women away, there was just the right amount of
challenge for her, combined with the natural chemistry
of man and woman, plus of course there was my sincere
compliments by sheer virtue of the fact I had opened
her in such a direct way about her feminine beauty
and how it made me feel more alive than ever.

Women really do want the pick up to be done in a way that
is not vulgar, that shows class, that shows personality.
Which makes so much sense as it just feels so much
better this way for everyone involved!

And yes, part of what I said again came from things
you taught me, but I wasn’t trying to repeat lines or
routines, I was just naturally drawing on the themes
and principles about women you had taught me.

And I’m sure in a very short time I will be creating
completely new ideas on the fly spontaneously
based on the truth and concepts you taught me.

At this point in the conversation, I had given her
the most sincere compliments and delivered it with
feeling, with passion, and with confidence, and we
both felt so good, that it was easy to start getting
to know each other.

I also used other things you had taught me.
Before meeting you in bootcamp, I might have said
something like “Are you a personal trainer?” because
of her toned body.

But you taught me to avoid the obvious for many
reasons. First of all, the obvious tends to get overplayed,
which means a million guys probably say the same thing
and therefore there is less of an emotional HIT from that
kind of comment.

Secondly, the so-called obvious is often not true.

So what I did was, I actually said that I bet most guys
think she is a personal trainer, but that I knew she was
probably something else, and I made a joke like she is
bent on taking over the world.

She giggled and told me she was actually a nurse,
and on her way to the gym, because she works the
night shift!

I then couldn’t resist the opportunity for more fun!
I told her that we could play doctor and patient later,
to which she again started laughing, and then I got
even more emotions pumping by telling her to get
her might out of the gutter and that I had meant
in terms of the health insurance information, that
we could discuss the boring financial issues involved!

She then punched me playfully in the arm, to which
I yelled out in mock pain and told her that I was definitely
going to call my lawyer and have her make me a rich
man as a result of this.

The next part of this is the part that will forever be
burned into my memory:

She commanded me to take out my phone!
Her actual words were:
“Okay mister, what is your name?”
“Andrew, give me your phone”.

Cautiously, I took out my phone and placed it in her waiting,
open palm.

She keyed in her number and her own phone rang
from her purse. She took her phone out and called
my own phone back.

She holds up my phone and puts it in front of my eyes:
“You have my number. Use it. Call me.”

Before parting, we embraced her for a long
moment in a tight hug, and I didn’t push further,
in order to keep things from getting out of control
in the wrong place.

I felt like I had entered a science-fiction realm, where
I was sucked into a worm-hole into another dimension,
where I was being catapulted past endless realities
and across space and time, to a universe where
there were no rules, no laws, aside from one:
Make what you want, happen.

Now, I had to come back to my own city after bootcamp,
but I am still in touch with this amazing woman.

More importantly, the confidence and the lessons
learned from bootcamp, including of course from
that particular experience, will stay with me forever,
and I currently have three incredible women that
I am seeing, and for the first time in my life, I have
a “quality” problem with women, in that I must decide
which of these women I truly think is best, because
I love them all.

Michael, you have changed my life, and for
your readers, they should know that bootcamp
truly will give them the power to attract the kind
of women most men only dream about.

If it wasn’t for your book and your bootamp,
I would still be rotting away in misery, pining
over one woman, when an entire universe of
gorgeous, superior, amazing women were out
there for me, for the taking.

Thank you, Michael. 

Andrew, Los Angeles

My Comments:

Thank you, first of all for that detailed and truly
informative email that helps guys understand the
HOW part of applying what I teach.

For anyone reading this, did you notice what
DIDN’T come up in the ENTIRE conversation?

NONE of the things that most guys think is part
of a real conversation. The part where you go on
and on about your job, about you trying to say how
cool you are, or about how much you appreciate
serious things, or about how you try to prove
your worth.

NONE of that.

Instead, Andrew just focused on what actually
WORKS to get EMOTIONS pumping in women.

He also did this from a place that was empowering
for HIM as well.  He didn’t memorize jokes. He
didn’t try to put himself down to be the butt of a joke.

He also didn’t shy away from showing he was a
MAN interested in her as a WOMAN. No apologies
for that at all.

In fact, that was the very FIRST thing he did, he
showed immediately he was approaching her out
of his natural desire as a man, so there was no
confusion in her mind about what was going on.

And since he gave HIMSELF permission, she
found it easy to ALSO give him permission, and
she found it easy to give HERSELF permission to
be a woman and not a robot.

And he made the process fun, and never LET UP.
When he told her to get her mind out of the gutter,
he did something UNEXPECTED, which means
she had an even STRONGER emotional reaction
to it, and that emotion was POSITIVE; it was a shock
but a good kind of shock. A playful innocent funny

These kinds of behaviors are EXTRAPOLATED
by women subconsciously; they can’t help but
feel that THIS is the way you are EVERYWHERE,
that you are a fun, sexual guy, who they will
have a great time with, in regular life, in the bedroom,

And there is the INDIRECT message given off
by these behaviors which also says that since
you are SOCIALLY SAVVY in general as well,
which means that you are good with people,
and this tells her that you are going to be good
with EVERYONE in her life as well.

So it’s all PLUS PLUS PLUS in terms of the
MASSIVE benefits this kind of interaction means
for you when it comes to women.

Now, there is MORE to success with women as well,
such as the forming of DEEPER BONDS which usually
comes later, but can also be done in the initial pick-up
as well.

This letter, though, shows just how POWERFULLY
you can attract women with this vibe, and with applying
the concept that I teach.

And if you want to learn how to attract the women
of your choice, there are two things you should do

First of all, make sure to DEVOUR my new book.
It is the INSTRUCTIONS for how to attract women,
very much like the DRIVER’S MANUAL is an instruction 
for drivers on the rules of the road.

This book contains ALL-NEW strategies and insights on
how to approach, pick-up, attract, and keep women.

Download it immediately at:

The next step is the most effective way to put it all
into PRACTICE in the REAL WORLD by taking my

BOOTCAMP is like taking the DRIVING LESSONS,
where you now take what you learned from the
driver’s manual and combine it with actual real
life practice DRIVING with an expert instructor.

In bootcamp, you will be approaching women in
all types of environments and places where you
typically find women all the time- coffee shops,
bookstores, transit, taking walks, supermarkets,
and tons of other places!

I will serve as your INSTRUCTOR and save you
YEARS of time from learning it all on your own,
by CORRECTING any errors you are making in
your approaches and in your interactions.

With 13 years experience behind me, I can
immediately detect any errors you are making
and correct them for you so that your pick-ups

Plus, in person, I can also SKYROCKET your
“inner game” and answer any questions you have.

The truth about attracting women is that it is not
as simple as just “be yourself” because your
SELF is not something that is STATIC and
something that never changes. 

Should someone never LEARN to ride a bike
because at FIRST, their “self” does not know
how to do it?

Should someone not LEARN how to become
FIT, and learn how to work-out, because their
SELF, at first, does not know HOW?

It’s the same thing with learning to attract women.
As long as no one is being hurt or dishonest,
should one not LEARN how to attract women
just because at first, one does not know HOW?

So, as you can see, learning how to attract women
is just like learning ANYTHING ELSE.

Bootcamp is at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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