Saturday, September 28, 2019

How to Approach Women | 3 Idiot-Proof Ways To Destroy Approach Anxiety

It’s very normal to feel anxious about approaching a woman you don’t even know, especially if you are interested in her and want to attract her. The problem with feeling this anxiety is not only does it stop most men from approaching women, but even if you do approach women, the anxiety can give you a mental block where you don’t even know what to say!

Plus, to a woman, the nervous feeling you are having might seem like something WORSE. It might seem like you are hostile, or in a bad mood. She doesn’t know the REASON for WHY
you are not relaxed and positive!  The good news is that in today's new video, you are going to get THREE ROCK-SOLID SOLUTIONS to approach anxiety that are so good they are IDIOT-PROOF.

And if you are reading this right now and would like the ULTIMATE program for destroying your approach anxiety, I suggest you download my audio program called Obliterating Approach Anxiety. This program is PROVEN to work, and I painstakingly devised it over the course of several YEARS. I am extremely proud of this program, because I know it will truly solve your approach anxiety forever.

It's at:

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Michael Marks

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What If You KNEW You Could Get The Woman You Wanted?

For a man, there truly is nothing else on Earth
like the feeling of knowing a woman you are crazy
about is also crazy attracted to you.

And it doesn't matter if you are a celebrity,
a billionaire, or a 'regular guy', because
the TRUTH is that even the guys who most
people think have it EASY with women,
like celebrities, actors, and athletes,
have ALL fallen for women that they
COULDN'T get, and of course it was
THOSE women that they then wanted
more than all the others.

And meanwhile, there truly are SECRETS
to attracting women, and KEEPING women
attracted, that most men will NEVER
learn, because most men believe that
it really is just about luck, good
looks, or money.

But the TRUTH is women really CAN be
attracted to something you have
CONTROL over-the way you BEHAVE.

That's all it takes.
You need to know how to BEHAVE when
you approach women, when women say
certain things to you, when women
test you, when women need to know
they can trust you, when women are
ready to get physically intimate
with you.

It's as simple as that.

And right now, I can be your coach, LIVE,
on Skype or the phone, to give you ONE ON ONE
coaching with ANY or all aspects of dating,
attraction, or relationships that you want

What this means is simple: I will EXPLAIN
to you EXACTLY what you need to do to
ATTRACT fantastic women. No matter what
your "sticking point" right now is, 
I will show you exactly how to SOLVE it.

There is NO aspect of these skills that I
CAN'T help you with. From beginner mode to
advanced, I've been helping guys in this
area since 2003!
And my work has been
documented by journalists from SEVERAL
major newspapers, including the two
LARGEST newspapers in the COUNTRY!!!

Normally a one hour coaching session with me
is $400, but if you order it now before
September 29th, 2019, you can get it for $99.

That's only one QUARTER the normal cost!

Just use this link:

All you have to do is let me know some possible times that work for you for the Skype or phone coaching session.

You can let me know in the "comments" section of your order or you can let me know by email at:

And I will then send you an email confirming the time for the phone or Skype coaching session.

I look forward to making you my next success story!

Till next time, be cool...

Michael Marks

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Where It All Starts For Picking Up Women

Today's new video is about what to do if you want to meet and attract women, but don't know where to start. This is extremely important, because even if you've been in several long-term relationships, but you one day find yourself single, it can be a very lonely and scary feeling if you have no idea how you are ever going to get yourself a woman again. 

And if you're looking to get your first girlfriend, then it's even more obvious how important this is. So let's get right to it:

Helping men succeed in attracting women is more than just "a thing" I do.  It's my MISSION:

When it comes to what I teach, it's all about making sure there is NO B.S. at ALL. You will find that I never teach gimmicks, sleazy tactics, or manipulation. I focus on just the truth of what works to get women great women. And I have the credentials and the record to prove my results with ensuring men attract the women they want:

And if you are reading this right now and want to know the best way to start approaching women, attracting women, and destroying the fear that creeps up inside when you want to approach women, then I suggest you take two actions immediately. First, download my E-Book, called The Dating Wizard, which is packed with important, easy-to-use strategies for approaching and attracting women. This is like ROCKET FUEL for your success with women

The The Dating Wizard E-Book is at:

I also suggest you download my audio program called Obliterating Approach Anxiety, which I absolutely guarantee you is the most effective program in the world for ensuring you obliterate and totally destroy the fear the creeps up inside when you want to approach a woman you are attracted to.

Obliterating Approach Anxiety is at:

If you have any question for me, just email me at:

Till next time, be cool....

Michael Marks

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Dating Wizard Finally In PAPERBACK!

Today, I have a very special announcement for you. The FOUNDATION for your success with women, and the foundation for all my other programs, is The Dating Wizard, my very first book, and it's now available for the first time in paperback!

Plus, it's being offered at an INSANE value that may not stay at this price for long. 

Here's how to get it:

If you're in the USA:

In the UK:

If you'd like to get it and you're outside these countries, let me know by email and I'll let you know how to order. 

By the way, the online PREVIEW of the book is currently only showing the "Kindle" E-Book preview, and not the paperback preview. The Kindle version is still being formatted and
is just there to give you a preview of the actual content, as the content of the Kindle version and the paperback is the same but the formatting differs.

Be cool...

Michael Marks

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