Friday, December 13, 2019

Don't "Play Hard To Get"! Actually BE Hard To Get! And BE Hard To FORGET!

Have you heard the advice "play hard to get" in order to attract women? I have something INFINITELY more powerful for attracting women. Instead of "playing hard to get", you should actually BE hard to get, and just as importantly, be hard to forget

So let's get right to it, shall we? Here we go:

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Michael Marks 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Most "Attraction Tactics" REPULSE Women Because They Make Men Look The OPPOSITE Of Masculine: Do THIS Instead!

The world is full of irony, and this includes the world of attracting women. Most men using so-called "attraction tactics" on women are actually REPULSING these women. And it is because so many of these tactics are inherently the OPPOSITE of being masculine and

Women can tell that those tactics are fueled by INSECURITY, and insecurity is the REAL destroyer of attraction. 

And what makes this all the more destructive is that just by USING these wrong tactics, a guy will become even MORE insecure, thus creating a never-ending destructive cycle where a guy does worse and worse with women as he becomes more and more insecure

So today, let me bring this wrong approach to a STOP, and show you what to do instead!

As you can see, men using these so called "attraction tactics" on women are actually REPULSING these women.

And it is because so many of these tactics are inherently the OPPOSITE of being masculine and courageous. Being manly to attract women means being secure enough so that you are not obsessed with the fear of rejection and rather you confront it head-on.

Most of the "attraction" and "pick up" tactics that guys read about on the internet are just weak attempts at  avoiding facing this fear.

And women can tell anyway when a man is trying to avoid facing this fear through endless indirect tactics, and it actually creates the reverse effect: It's UNATTRACTIVE.

It's far more attractive to show a woman you are courageous enough and believe in yourself enough to just go for it.

Being manly to attract women does NOT mean that you should not also work on yourself to become the best version of yourself possible. That is important to do as well. 

And being manly to attract women does not mean that you should not ALSO master the social skills to spark a conversation that not only shows your character in the best light so that you do yourself justice in conveying who you are, but also allows you and the woman to get to know each other. Those things are important, and they have nothing to do with hiding from rejection. And I teach these components of success as well.

The greatest hurdles that most be overcome are the fears within. These internal obstacles prevent  success with women, and these fears are not limited only to the fears of rejection.

I have helped thousands of men overcome the obstacles holding them back, and I have launched them into massive success with women.

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Be cool...

Michael Marks

Monday, December 2, 2019

The World's Greatest Secret For Attracting Women

Today I have a new video that is so important, so absolutely hard-core and true about attracting women, and yet I suspect that because the message sounds so simple on the surface, that many people will not appreciate it. The message is that attracting women is about being NORMAL.  

And yet, like no time ever before in history, men are being bombarded by so much nonsense about women that what is actually NATURAL for men has become, in most men's minds, something INSANELY COMPLICATED, as if it involved the need for special magic tricks and circus acts. So let's get right to it:

As you can see, doing the truly NORMAL thing these days doesn't always SEEM so normal, but once you strip away the fears, the insane indoctrination, the insane advice, you start to see that indeed attracting women CAN be a very natural process. The REAL obstacles are the ones we have allowed to be created in our MINDS. 

This is why I focus on making you the most unstoppable version of yourself. Think of me and my programs as "antivirus" software for your MIND when it comes to attracting women. You probably already KNOW what you need to do to attract women, but there are things INTERNALLY in your mind that are holding you BACK. This is where I will UNLEASH your full potential. 

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