Thursday, October 24, 2019

The TRUTH About "Not Chasing Women", Pick-Up, Hypergamy, And Western Vs. Eastern Women

It’s been a while since I’ve made a new video,and so I wanted to make today’s new video EXTRA special for you. I honestly think it’s one of the most important videos I’ve ever made on practical, REAL-LIFE solutions for attracting women.

The reason this video is so important is because the most POWERFUL strategies for attracting women are unfortunately MISUNDERSTOOD by the VAST majority of men who use them,but in today’s video I EXPLAIN these strategies so that they are CRYSTAL-CLEAR to you.

And when it comes to using these strategies, you really DO need to use them PROPERLY. Think of these tools as instruments of PRECISION.

My favorite analogy comes from the original Star Wars film, A New Hope. 

When Luke had to blow up the Death Star, only a DIRECT HIT would work. A DIRECT HIT would cause a chain reaction that resulted in the entire, MASSIVE, “DEATH STAR” battle station EXPLODING into a billion glowing splinters. (My thanks to a brilliant student from my bootcamp program for this excellent analogy!)

But anything less than a direct hit, and NOTHING would happen.

It’s the same with attracting women and using these strategies. You must understand them ON THE DEEPEST LEVEL, and you must apply them with PRECISION.

Do that, and the most gorgeous women will MELT before you, chasing you out of their attraction to you.

But use these strategies in a SLOPPY way, or use these strategies without truly understanding them, and NOTHING happens.

And if you are reading this right now, and want to know the next step, I suggest you download my one-hour audio program, Politically Incorrect Pick-Up

This program is a must have, especially when we live in a society that constantly tells you all the politically-correct, but WRONG things about how to attract women. This program is the CURE. 

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Till next time, be cool...

Michael Marks

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Woman Reveals How To Attract ALL Women

Today, there is a special new video revealing how to attract ALL women, so let's get RIGHT TO IT!

To learn the FULL PICTURE on attracting women, from how to develop UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE with women to how to develop the kind of humor that attracts women, to how to go from first approach to first kiss all the way to taking things to the most intimate levels, go here now:

Be cool...

Michael Marks

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