Sunday, May 28, 2017

How To Respond To Women Teasing You

Today you are going to learn something
PRICELESS for helping you attract women.

Did you know that when a woman LIKES
you, she tends to actually TEASE you?

Most men either aren't even aware this
is true, or they have NO CLUE how to
HANDLE this, and how to respond to it.

And trust me, it is of MASSIVE importance
to do this right, or you can so easily
lose a woman who might otherwise have
been HAPPY AND EXCITED to be with you
and who would have made it EASY for
you, if you JUST got this part right.

So, let's begin:

And if you want even MORE success with women,
remember this-the FIRST impression you create
with a woman tends to be the one that LASTS.

So you want to make it as GREAT as possible.
With my programs, you will learn to be more
WITTY, to show more confident humor, to pass
her tests, to show masculinity, to build
more sexual tension, to build more connection,
and much, MUCH more, so that in her mind
with you.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Showing "Modern" Women You Want A Relationship REPELS Them, And What To DO About It

There are two incredibly important new videos
for you today that reveal key insights into 
TRUE success with women that NO ONE
else out there discusses or reveals.

They BOTH concern the fact that getting
the kind of woman who actually is going
DIFFERENT in almost every single way
than "hooking up" with most of the 
attractive yet promiscuous women 
you meet today.


Men, partly due to many so called "PUAs"
or "pick up artists" out there, THINK that
there is something SPECIAL to learn
regarding "hooking up" with women.
The truth is, promiscuity among women
is so high today, that there is NO NEED
for any "tricks" to be performed by men
to get these women, and in fact, the 
MORE you try HARD, and the MORE
you try to show how you would be this
great guy to her, the WORSE it is,
because she isn't LOOKING to commit
to 99.999999999999999999999999%
of men till she is truly out of options.

This is thanks to feminism and political

These women think commitment is a loss

These women, thanks to being bombarded
by feminist propaganda that keeps on telling
them how they are ALWAYS THE PRIZE
no matter what, end up feeling that men are 

These women sleep around quite a bit,
and the STD rates PROVE it - click this sentence itself for stats.

So, being a typical pick up artist really means
in terms of things like actually having a

It's JUST about sleeping around, and if you 
want those kind of women, you have to make
it CLEAR that you are NOT looking for a deep
serious relationship.

You have to actually go against your own
values and pretend to be some guy who 
has ZERO interest in emotions, in bonding,
in relationships, in family, in raising children,

Because all THOSE things, to soooooo many
feminist-brainwashed women today, are 
and on her CAREER.  

What SHE wants is CAREER, TRAVEL,
AND SEX. And a lot of PROZAC to 
combat the depression that she finds
herself in when all these things don't
amount to much in terms of actually
feeling any real satisfaction at the
end of the day and when feminism
fails them and has no answers.

But if you are looking for the REAL THING,
for a woman who takes PRIDE in her 
femininity, who ENJOYS being GOOD
to her MAN, to a man who she has
CAREFULLY CHOSEN because of his
CHARACTER, then you need to RAISE
YOUR STANDARDS, and take a
very DIFFERENT approach, which
is where I come in.   

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Special Offer - Entire Dating Wizard Collection

There are now more women out and
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of the year, because spring has sprung 
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Instead of being cold, bundled up, or at home indoors,
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Michael Marks

Monday, May 15, 2017

Hack Your Brain's "Computer" To Succeed With Women AND Life

Today is a SUPER-IMPORTANT new video
that will make a MASSIVE difference for
attracting women AND also for succeeding
at LIFE as well. 

In it, I show you how to "hack" into the
"software" that has been programmed 
subconsciously into your mind and 
how to REPROGRAM yourself to 
GAIN unlimited confidence, masculinity,
strength, and energy, instead of being
a slave to the old mental program 
in your head of fear, submissiveness,
weakness, and fatigue. 

I even show you a cutting-edge method
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tonality to SUPREME new heights
of power that will attract women and
command total respect EVERYWHERE
Again, this is MASSIVELY important.
So let's get right to it, shall we?

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The TRUTH About "Don't CHASE Women" Advice

The truth about "don't chase women" advice is that
it is MISGUIDED. It makes men AVOID taking action
because the men think ANY action is some form of

The problem isn't CHASING, the problem
is NEEDINESS and approval-seeking.

A woman NEEDS to see the guy MEANS BUSINESS,
and what I mean by that, is that she needs
to see he DOES want her for REAL, and is
prepared to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Tommy Lee chased Pamela Anderson (Baywatch)
across the COUNTRY, and it only made
her want him MORE.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Self-Optimization For Ultimate Success With Women And Life

One of the biggest things I learned
when it comes to the whole topic of
women is that many of the principles
that help with women actually help
you with LIFE as well-whether it is
your career, your business, your
health and fitness, and just about
anything else where you want to
truly OPTIMIZE yourself.

Developing BELIEF in yourself.
Finding your own infinitely powerful MOTIVATION
that gives you ENDLESS energy.
Developing razor-sharp SOCIAL skills.
react EFFECTIVELY to any situation.
Radiating CHARISMA.

These things turn out to be UNIVERSALLY
powerful for success in ANY area.

And, because women are attracted to the
OVERALL package as opposed to just one
thing in a man, the more you OPTIMIZE
yourself in ALL these ways, the
BETTER you will do with women as

So you get the benefit of OPTIMIZING
yourself AND also of course attracting
women even MORE in the process.

And it's also easier to have super-solid
confidence when you know your entire
reality is ROCK-SOLID.

It is for this reason, that I have created
my new coaching service for SELF-OPTIMIZATION.
That means I will help you get

I know I have used the things I've learned
to not only date and have relationships with
incredible women, but also to make breakthroughs
in other parts of my life, from my film-writing
work in the movie business, to personal breakthroughs
emotionally and physically.

If you would like to OPTIMIZE your LIFE,
I suggest you sign up for personal coaching
with me, where I can help you via Skype,
phone, or in person.

Email me at
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and I will get back to you within 24 hours
on how we can get started.

Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The HELL Men Face That Feminists IGNORE

When it comes to true success with women, nothing is more important than actually getting yourself a GOOD woman. No matter how gorgeous a woman looks, no matter how "fast" you are able to progress with her, it all is MEANINGLESS if she is the kind of woman who will make your life MISERABLE. 

On the other hand, getting a woman who really is the total package will fire up your engines like nothing else on EARTH in terms of adding joy, motivation, and satisfaction to your life. 

Well, today, that is harder than ever unless you are both informed and skilled when it comes to women. Like no other time in history, women in the western world are BOMBARDED with propaganda that VILIFIES men as abusers and rapists, and that ELEVATES and praises women for almost ANYTHING, and worst of all, that often gives women HORRIFIC advice that causes men to actually be REPELLED from them.  

I'm talking about things like telling women that men don't care about whether a woman is promiscuous or not, and that tells women to push off finding a good relationship and to instead be obsessed with career, money, traveling, partying, and casual sex during their youth instead of finding a good, loyal man who will treat them right.

And then on top of all this, women have no CLUE as to what is REALLY going on with men, and how it is MEN who are the victims of suicide in 4 out of every 5 cases of suicide!  

Can you imagine if this was REVERSED? If it was WOMEN who were the ones committing suicide in 4 out of every 5 cases??? There would be a NATIONAL CRISIS alert, and EVERYONE would know how HORRIFYING of an issue it was.

Meanwhile, when it is MEN who are killing themselves, NO ONE GIVES A RAT'S ASS!
No one even KNOWS about it!!!

And did you know that most of the HOMELESS are also MEN, and not women?

But all you hear about are how the only victims out there, are WOMEN.

And did you know that women assault men too? When was the last time you heard about THAT? 

And if men are so EVIL, then why is it that so many women are ASSAULTING men without FEAR of men FIGHTING BACK? After all, if men are so evil, then these women should be TERRIFIED of men using superior strength to truly BEAT THESE ASSAULTING WOMEN BACK TO A PULP, right?

So in fact, these women are relying on the DECENCY of most men to HOLD BACK, to actually RESTRAIN THEMSELVES EVEN WHEN BEING ATTACKED BY WOMEN. That includes things like being kicked in the groin, which can be very painful as any person with an ounce of comprehension knows.

And why is it, if men are so evil, and so powerful, that men LET WOMEN GET AWAY with making a MOCKERY out of, and TRIVIALIZING, female assaults on men?

All these things show you how WARPED our society has become, and how what should be considered evil is now considered perfectly fine.  And it is in THIS kind of world, where MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of feminist women think this is all FINE, that men are trying to have NORMAL relationships with women.  

Is it any WONDER why thing are not working out? Is it any WONDER why there are movements like MGTOW? Is it any WONDER why so many men are ABANDONING the thought of being with women who are RAISED in a society that teaches them that men are PUNCHING BAGS TO BE ABUSED?

It is in THIS world that I grew up, and it is the reason why I have never been obsessed with just sex, but rather with helping men find and attract GOOD WOMEN.

Getting a GOOD woman is very DIFFERENT today than it was in previous generations. 

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Till next time,

Michael Marks 

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