Friday, October 13, 2017

The Superior Way To Attract Women: Building Meaning Into Her Life

There is a superior way to attract women that I want to share with you today, and it is based on one central principle: Creating more MEANING in her life.

In today's video, I discuss how to do this, as well as share with you a TON of other PURE GOLD on attracting women, PLUS I share with you the best way to LEARN the skills of pick-up, based on FIFTEEN YEARS of my experience teaching students and observing the most EFFECTIVE ways of learning these skills.

Of ALL the positive, happy emotions that a human being can experience, by FAR the most powerful one is a sense of deep meaning. And meaning comes from connecting our identity to others in a way that helps the most people.

So, for example, if a person has an innate or nurtured ability that makes them great at building things, or at working with people, or at figuring out math problems, or at inventing things, or if they have a love for the outdoors-anything that truly relates to their identity-if they can USE that in a way that helps the MOST other people, they will then feel a sense of deep meaning. 

For some people, this might be their job, and for others it might be something they do as a volunteer in their spare time-the bottom line is connecting that identity with helping the maximum number of other people. 


So, in a PICK-UP, you are trying to of course to always keep things positive, yet you are also trying to glean whatever you can about her (from observing her and listening to her) to figure out things about her that either show how SHE is using her identity to help tons of other people, or how she COULD use her identity to help tons of other people. 

If she is already AWARE of how she is doing this, then you simply POINTING OUT TO HER that you observe this about her is VERY POWERFUL in helping CEMENT your success in the pick-up. For example, if she is already doing something great for other people, then you can point this out to her and VALIDATE her for it with a sincere compliment. 

However, many times a woman may not be aware of the greatest aspects of their identity, and how they could be having this massive positive impact on society. So in these cases, YOU need to become the one who DISCOVERS it.

By YOU observing her behavior, and by listening really well, you can LEARN and figure OUT what these things are about her-and then when you POINT ALL THIS OUT to her, you will help HER experience the most powerful emotions a human can experience.  

And you end up creating the most powerful connection as well, because human beings connecting is really about connecting their IDENTITIES to each other. Most of the time, though, people just talk about themselves-so the REAL KEY is to learn about the OTHER person-in this case, it's about YOU learning about HER.

And by not only validating her identity, but also finding how her identity can be something of amazing value to HUMANITY, you are giving her the greatest emotional hit of all.  And you are confirming her identity as well, and bringing it to the surface, instead of what most people do in their lives which is BURY their identity and just try to fit in due to social pressure.  Most people repress their identity, and it destroys their FLAIR for life. YOU, however, will be FREEING this part of her. 

By doing this, you will separate yourself from every other guy she has ever met, and you will develop a more powerful connection in SECONDS than most guys do in their entire LIVES with ANY woman.


So the first key is to KEEP EVERYTHING POSITIVE, but the second aspect is to CONSTANTLY REDIRECT everything about the conversation towards building MORE AND MORE MEANING regarding HER identity.

Obviously, MASTERING this skill is something that takes more than just reading this article or just watching the video, which is why downloading ALL my digital programs AND taking my LIVE bootcamp is the GREATEST way to ENSURE mastery over this skill as well as all the other skills for successfully attracting women anywhere.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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