Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal And Political Correctness

Today I have an important video for you that is all about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and political correctness. I feel it's important to discuss, because once again we are getting bombarded by another story about "evil men", and when good men only hear about how evil men are, it causes good men to become weak, apologetic, and submissive to women.

This DESTROYS their ability to attract women, so it's important to see the BIG PICTURE here. Also, in this video, I show you how much HYPOCRISY has gone on regarding the very people who are now lambasting him, and I ALSO show you how political correctness makes a MOCKERY of those people who CHERISH fidelity and who cherish the family unit. 

It's all here:

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Michael Marks

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