Friday, December 28, 2018

Political Correctness Is Killing Common Sense

Political correctness is killing common sense, and it should be the other way around!  Today, I reveal to you what may be the most important video I have ever released:

If you've just watched the video, let's start the Common Sense Revolution by getting this movie made: Let's Start The Revolution And Get This Movie Made!

Over the course of thousands of years, our civilization has accumulated wisdom. A wisdom that came at great cost through learning from horrifying mistakes over the millennia. 

The result of that wisdom was a society that flourished-a society that balanced freedom with responsibility, free enterprise with ethics, the rights of the individual with the needs of the family and the community. There was a respect for man and for woman and how they are both vital to each other and to their children. 

Today, however, all this is going DOWN THE TUBES.  What used to be SIMPLE and COMMON SENSE to just about EVERYONE in our society is now UNKNOWN, and not only unknown but most people actually tend to think and believe the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of what is the TRUTH!

Here are just SOME of the important topics I discuss in this new video:
  • The truth about how to approach women anywhere.
  • The most important thing to consider when you approach women.
  •  Why most PUA teachings are the WORST advice for attracting a quality woman.
  • The PROOF that women who are in relationships who go out with so called "platonic male friends" and who do everything but actually have sex with those guys, and then say that it's all innocent because there's no sex involved, actually KNOW 100% how SERIOUS of a moral ISSUE this is.
  • Why people are more UNFIT than ever even though here are more GYMS than ever! 
  •  Why FREEDOM and CAPITALISM can be the GREATEST thing, but will also  DESTROY us without ETHICS and MORALS being the foundation of our society.
  • Why men and women start off dating on the WORST foundation today, and what they should do instead.
  •  Why feminism is setting up most women to fall in love with the most ABUSIVE men, which then messes up these women for life. 
  • Why promiscuity is not a form of freedom but rather a sign of compulsive behavior and a predictor of infidelity.
  • Scientific studies that prove having great relationships is so powerful, that the effects are greater than the effects of MORPHINE, and that it creates deep happiness even in people experiencing physical pain, and also promotes long-life as well as healthy brain function even into OLD AGE!
  • The ROOTS of political correctness-the WHY and the HOW our culture has been sucked in by the LIES of political correctness. Hint: It has to do with the SELF-HATRED that has been indoctrinated into us since we were kids.
  • Why more women than men tend to support political correctness. Hint: It has to do with women scoring higher on the trait of "agreeableness" (which means going along with the majority) than men!
  • Why the politically correct left-wing movements i.e. "progressives" (who should be called "REGRESSIVES") have no moral issues with telling OUTRIGHT LIES to further their own agenda.
  • Why political correctness can ONLY exist in societies that are PROSPEROUS enough to allow people the option to be SHELTERED and DISCONNECTED from the BRUTAL TRUTHS about life.
  • Why men are actually NOT the superficial stereotype portrayed by women, and in fact are MORE WILLING to compromise on superficial characteristics about the opposite sex than women are!
  • What is REALLY going on with the EPIDEMIC now of men being accused of sexual harassment.
  • Why the majority of women's attitudes toward the family unit has created a nightmare scenario for the moral integrity of our culture, and how it jeopardizes the psychological health of children, the family, and our entire society's present and future.
All this is the reason why I decided to make a film that captures the EMOTIONAL essence of what is at stake, which is the HEALTHY BOND between man and woman. 

By showing, in an emotionally compelling way that only a great film can, how PRECIOUS this is and how it is in jeopardy today, this movie will be a catalyst for CHANGE, so that our society can take ACTIONS in the right direction to restore the traditions and values that made it an incredible place to live in the first place.

Let's start the Common Sense Revolution by getting this movie made: 

Let's Start The Revolution And Get This Movie Made!

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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