Sunday, March 29, 2020

Why "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" Is A Must See Film For Any Man Trying To Get Over A Woman

These days, most of us are trying to
stay at home as much as possible, and
so I just happened to watch a fantastic
film again, and it made me realize even
MORE how important this film is for all
men to see, because the lessons it
teaches when it comes to getting over a
woman and getting a new woman are 


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Michael Marks

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Proof That Effective Communication Skills Are More Powerful Than Having A BILLION Dollars

Today I want to prove to you that having effective, strong communication skills is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than even having BILLIONS of dollars if you want to WIN with anyone, and that is true whether it is getting a woman to want to be with you or whether it is getting millions of people to vote for you. 

If you would like to makes sure that YOU are coming across in a way that ensures you WIN with women or with anything else in your life, I can make that happen for you. 

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Michael Marks

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Will Create Your Customized, Winning "Personal Profile" To Attract Women Online

For many years now, I have often
steered guys AWAY from online dating
because in general, it's EASIER to
attract women in person, and I never
wanted guys to shy away from the
opportunities of meeting women right
in from of them in real life.

However, there are situations for
men who are looking for a very specific
type of woman, or for men who live in
areas where there aren't many women, or
the current situation of today with
"social distancing" when online dating
may often be the best option.

The most important part of online dating
is REPRESENTING yourself online in a way
that says all the right things about you.



And now, there is a program where I will
PERSONALLY do that for you.

I will write your profile! 

That means customizing a winning profile
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traits she is looking for.

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Be cool...

Michael Marks

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