Friday, February 15, 2019

Why Men Kiss Up To Women And The TRUTH About "Hoop Theory"

Today I have a VERY important new video for you that gets right to the HEART of the issue for men who are looking for GOOD women-the kind of women where men can actually have a long-term future with them. 

In this video, I am going to BLOW to SMITHEREENS the typical PUA advice regarding "Hoop Theory" and give you a blow-by-blow analysis of just how DEEPLY screwed up so many women are today thanks to modern feminism. I will also show you the PROPER way to deal with these kinds of women so that you can get the RIGHT woman. 

It is all the more IRONIC that this time it's a WOMAN who is clearly bullshitting every step of the way with her "how to attract women" advice. Being a woman, she KNOWS for SURE how what she is saying is TOTAL BULL, so there is no excuse on EARTH for her to be saying the stuff she is saying. And the tragedy is that at least half a million men have already been exposed to the B.S. she is spewing.

And of course, she promotes her advice as being "NO B.S.!" 

If you are mature enough to appreciate TRUTH when it comes to success with women, instead of being one of the millions of men who are exploited by lies, then you are going to actually EXCEL with my guidance when it comes to success with women.

If you haven't already downloaded my video program on genuine success with women from the moment you see a woman you want to approach all the way to deep into a relationship with her, then definitely do that now. It's called WARRIOR WITHIN, and it's at:

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Till next time, stay cool...

Michael Marks

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