Friday, March 24, 2017

The Moral Cesspool Of Dating And Relationships Today, And The SOLUTION

I want to make something clear today: Most of the women that PUAs aka pick up artists are attracting are NOT the kinds of women that would make for great long-term relationships. In addition to being promiscuous, unfaithful, and lacking commitment, these women are also very often plagued with STDs as well.

In fact, the very SOURCE of "power" for many men when it comes to getting these women IS the fact that these women are PROMISCUOUS. 

Often, these women are also drunk or HIGH. 
In other words, not in their RIGHT state of mind.

These women sleep with MANY men, and don't plan on COMMITTING to ANY man, at least not until they feel they are losing their attractiveness. So, it's really a very tiny investment of energy, time, and emotion that these women are putting into these guys.

Let me put it this way: If a woman has slept with a HUNDRED guys, do you think she was madly attracted to all of them? And how attracted do you think she needs to be for the NEXT guy she sleeps with? This is a LIFESTYLE for her.

So it's hardly sincere for many of the PUAs out there to call this "attracting women".  These women sleep with TONS of guys. For these women, quantity outweighs quality.  These women don't mind if they don't feel major attraction, because they are on to a NEW guy before they even finish with the previous guy!

This is not attracting women; this is finding women with low standards who have sex with tons of guys, because novelty and quantity is the name of the game for these women.

Plus, of course, there is the issue of STDs. Did you know, for example, that right now, 7 out of 10 sexually active people already have HPV which could lead to cancer? Do you know the insane rates for things like chlamydia? It's CRAZY how uninformed people are.

And to get back to the lack of loyalty, fidelity, and commitment from these women, I want to mention a female author named Julia Stephenson who wrote recently how she couldn't stay faithful to her husband, and she gave the excuse that she was too attractive to stay faithful. She wrote how she just couldn't turn away all the offers and attention she was getting from other men.

This is insane. The reason people aren't faithful has nothing to do with being attractive or not, it has to do with a basic lack of MORALS, and the very fact this issue is not clear, is a sign how far down the moral cesspool our culture has dropped.

In the 1950s, the average person, not a particularly religious person, just an average person, would, in our society today, be considered "very religious" when it comes to basic family values, loyalty, fidelity, not cheating in relationships or marriage, etc. So this is the proof that it has nothing to do with religion, but rather the very BASIC MORALS of the times.

Today, caring about the family unit, caring about marriage, caring about being loyal, these are now so RARE, that the insane thing is that the only people who seem to even TALK about these things are "religious" people. Meanwhile, back in the 1950s, this was just COMMON SENSE. Common sense that stemmed from TRADITIONAL VALUES that stood the test of time for thousands of years.

And that brings me to the SOLUTION. You need to not only apply all the attraction strategies in my programs, but also apply the methods of screening for quality women with fantastic morals and values. In particular, I am referring to women who embrace TRADITIONAL VALUES.

In our "modern" society, we have THROWN OUT all the TRADITIONAL VALUES, thinking they are old, outmoded, superstitious, and repressive. And we have embraced all the NEW values instead. New values like FEMINISM, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, AND MULTICULTURALISM.

And where has THAT gotten us? It's gotten our entire culture into DISASTER. Disaster in destroying marriages, relationships, families, and the fabric and stability of our entire society.

TRADITIONAL VALUES have lasted the test of TIME throughout the millennia, for a REASON. They are consistent with human nature, and they are designed to make the BEST of human nature. 

Promiscuous sex, infidelity, does not lead to happiness. Look at the Hollywood couples who can have endless gorgeous partners, and who have all the luxuries, and who embrace feminism and multiculturalism, and political correctness. They are miserable, addicted to drugs, can't make a relationship work, destroying their families and relationships with their own children, and they often end up committing suicide after being addicted to drugs.


And when it comes to letting a woman know you are ONLY interested in a woman with traditional values, you better be FIRM. Because many women will PRETEND to be whatever you say you want, in order to GET YOU. 

They do this because they figure you want them so bad, because they are women and because they are attractive, that you will BE WILLING TO PUT UP with their lack of commitment, their lack of traditional values, and their general selfish agendas.

They are not USED to men who will PUSH BACK, who will actually say NO.

So when you DO push back, when you do say no, they tend to think you don't REALLY MEAN IT. So they pay lip service to what you say you are looking for; they pretend on the surface to be "quality women".

And you can then find yourself getting under the spell of them, once you start dating them, having sex, and enjoying the PLEASURABLE part of being with them--and you start to QUESTION whether maybe you should STAY even when you start to find out that they are NOT quality women at all.

This is a HUGE mistake. Don't even question it.  DO NOT ALLOW A CORRUPT WOMAN TO GET HER EMOTIONAL HOOKS INTO YOUR BRAIN.  The wrong women will DESTROY you emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

So you must be SOOOOO FIRM right from the GET GO, right from the start, with a woman, that you are absolutely ONLY looking for a woman with MASSIVE TRADITIONAL VALUES.

And THEN, and ONLY then, will she know you are NOT bullshitting.  And then she will know to NOT waste her time on you, and to move onto some other guy.

By the way, it's not just me who says this.  Napoleon Hill, author of "Think and Grow Rich" wrote about the power of "sex-transmutation", which basically means focusing your sexual energy properly for maximum achievement in anything.

So I am telling you this is true, and getting the "woman" part of your life handled is MASSIVELY important for getting FOCUSED as well.  Chasing women all day, and especially being with the WRONG woman, will DESTROY your sexual power, and cause you to LOSE focus.

There is so much important about getting a great woman.  She will fulfill you sexually, yes, and make life more enjoyable, yes, but she will also help you FOCUS your sexual energy so that you can be all you can be. 

Warren Buffet, the legendary billionaire, recently mentioned how if he had to use one word to describe the top trait of himself and his business partner, it is FOCUS.

FOCUS is what gets you places in life.
And women with the modern MADNESS in terms of their values will cause you to have NO focus; they will turn you into MUSH emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually.

The RIGHT woman, with traditional values, will SKYROCKET your development in EVERY WAY, including your achievement in every area in life.

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Michael Marks

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