Friday, January 6, 2017

The Greatest Pick-Up Artist In The World

Just a brief message today, regarding
credentials when it comes to teaching
men how to be successful with women.

It has been well-documented that in
general, those who are truly most
competent tend to under-rate themselves,
while those who are incompetent tend
to OVER-RATE themselves.

This makes sense, because the more
you learn and know, the more you tend
to realize how much MORE there is to
know, plus also in general if you
feel there is so much more you
need to know you tend to work
harder, practice more, learn more,
and this very thing MAKES you

Once you stop adopting the mindset
of a "beginner", you ironically end
up actually SLOWING your progress.

So your mindset should always be that
of the beginner, in the sense of being
hungry to learn more.

There are those out there who have
billed themselves as "the greatest
pick-up artist" in the world.

The evidence for this, however, remains
pretty much ZERO.  Anyone can call
themselves anything, and without an
independent, third party, informed
panel of judges, anything they say
is meaningless. Lies can be said,
video footage can be made to look
real when it is fake, just like
reality tv has so often proven
to be fake as well.  Etc.

So let me tell you a bit about myself
that CAN be proven:

I have been teaching men, and demonstrating
on actual women, for about 14 years now
publicly, and privately have been doing it
for even longer.  The newspaper articles
featuring stories on my work even as far
back as 14 years ago can all be dated and

That INCLUDES the actual demonstrations being
done publicly, in front of journalists, and
this ALSO includes demonstrations done by
STUDENTS of mine as well, proving that it
works, in front of journalists.

I was the guy who originated the entire
style of approaching women without using
pick-up lines and instead focusing on
the ACTUAL dynamics that make attraction
happen, including all the many, many ways
to convey POWER, as well as all the many
ways to create CONNECTION, and doing all
this in a way that actually makes sense
and and does not feel like you are being a
robot.  And of course bringing you the
most advanced insights into unleashing
your inner game as well.

I also never gave into the temptation to
sell out to anything if it wasn't honest.
It's the reason I didn't resort to pick-up
lines even when everyone thought it was
the "coolest" thing without it being
proven at all.

Also, many of the men I have worked
with over the years are on my Facebook
now happily with amazing girlfriends
and sometimes also with gorgeous women
they married.

And all that time, I never called myself
the world's greatest pick-up artist,
because I simply haven't seen every
man on this world (there are billions
of men on this world) try to attract
women, and try to keep these women
attracted.  So until I can do that,
I really can't verify. 

And that just keeps me working even

So if you want success with women,
and you want someone who won't give
you B.S. but rather give you my
of acheiving BREAKTHROUGHS in
this field, come to me.


To learn about ALL my programs, go here:

Till next time,

MIchael Marks

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