Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Women Say They Like "White Knights" But SLEEP With ALPHA MALES

Ever wonder why women keep on telling
you about how many men are jerks and
how they can't stand these men, but
yet these are the ONLY men these
women date and sleep with?

In today's video, I'm going to explain
this phenomenon:

The good news is that you don't have
to be a JERK to attract women, you
just have to radiate POWER and
understand some important things
about women. 

Women say they like "White Knights" but
actually SLEEP with alpha males because
women are HARDWIRED to be sexually attracted
to confident, masculine men.

This is the way women evolved, so they
could survive and so their OFFSPRING
could survive. 

Women say they like "White Knights"
because on the very surface level,
that is what they believe since they
are bombarded with feminist messages
of how bad men are, how superior women
are, and how important it is for men
to kiss up to women.

"White Knights" parrot this feminist
drivel to women, and women nod their
heads and maybe even befriend these men-
but women have no actual sexual attraction
or interest in these men

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Hi Michael,

...This program is an action oriented
book, more like the drive manual of
a car, and how to operate it, and I see
it more as a mini self-boot camp which
I think is fantastic, although I am 3/4
complete with the reading.

You might also agree with me on this:
I think that you have to study all your
previous materials, and review it, to
have the full affect of the 30 awesome
days "guide."

This reminds me as a person who studies
to get his driver's license, studying
the theory first before anything, and
move into the "driving test mode."

I also love how gradual the program gets
in terms of levels...I love it.

I am going to sprinkle a little bit of
feedback/question when it comes to the
core of attracting women: POWER. I began
to wonder and realize that "the feeling
of power" can smoke just about any amazing
trait a woman is attracted to in a man
whether it is warmth, security, confidence,
being a good person etc.

Just like a lion is at the top of the food
chain, so does power (form the top of
the food chain in terms of its effect on

As I began to think through these things,
good qualities don't last as long as power
does to attract women. Power might seem
arrogant on the surface, and I remember
in your first book, The Dating Wizard,
you wrote how women are repulsed by
"nice guys", if the niceness does not
come from a feeling of abundance and
from feeling worthy.

One thing that I question myself is how
to gauge and not get corrupted by power, a
and keep all the best attractive qualities
to a woman-not becoming abusive and power
unbalanced? Maybe through kindness, balance
of power, calibration? I don't know.

Since I remember in one of your newsletters,
you hit on the concept of the "sweet spot"
(the "Star Wars" reference to hitting the
exact spot on the Death Star that created
a chain reaction blowing up the whole thing),
I begin to see POWER and KINDNESS must go
hand in hand, and kindness cannot come before

I begin to see it as the ultimate combination,
and the most powerful attraction combination
there is on this earth. You can see it in
just about everything attractive from a man
to women throughout the history of human kind.

I have a feeling this might be a very good
question and beneficial for other readers
too if you'd like, but you're the one who
makes the calls.

Thank you again! You're awesome.


Zack L.



Thank you for the kind words! And yes, this
book is even MORE powerful for men who HAVE
already studied my materials, because now
that they have all the theory, they can
put into ACTION the 30-Day plan outlined
in the book.

I felt this would be extremely valuable
because I know how it can seem OVERWHELMING
to put EVERYTHING you know into action,
so this way there is an exact ORDER
one can follow, on the days outlined
in the book, to actually DEVELOP the
skills and actually get the woman,
and not just have it be concepts
and theories.

At the same time, even if a guy doesn't
have the previous material, he can get
a real "crash course" on pick-up this way,
and truly hit the ground running!

You also asked a really good question,
regarding power and how to not get
corrupted by it, since in fact women
do also want the warmth and sincerity
as well, even though exuding POWER
from your behaviors and actions
comes first and foremost.

The answer, I have found, is to calibrate
based on the woman's emotional investment
in you, and how hard she is trying to
please you.

If a woman is bending over backwards to
please you, then she definitely VALUES
your VALIDATION more, and probably even
NEEDS it. So she is going to value more
warmth, more validation, more connection,
more kindness, etc.

If she is not doing this as much, then
she is not going to want or need the
other stuff as much, so you should
calibrate the warmth, the giving,
in proportion to this.

Ultimately, the goal is to meet the kind
of woman who is so crazy about you that
you can give her more warmth without
her becoming spoiled by it.

There's always calibration involved,
but the more she is crazy about you,
the easier it is :)

It's also funny how that Star Wars
reference is STILL so useful, and
what's amazing is that this actual
reference came to me from a man
who was taking my bootcamp years

As I was teaching him about calibration,
he compared it to this idea of the "sweet
spot" and the Death Star, which, when
hit in the right spot, caused this
massive chain reaction that blew
up the entire massive thing which
was the size of a small planet!

So it is the same thing with women,
which is calibrating just right,
between exuding POWER and also
the right degree of warmth and
connection that is perfect for
HER, and it is MADE perfect by
YOUR SKILL in calibrating for her.

Hit the "sweet spot" in this sense, 
and she will be ECSTATIC and
CRAZY for you.  

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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