Thursday, January 5, 2017

How To Make A Woman Feel EROTIC With You. PLUS: How To Use Your Voice To Attract Women, Overcoming Fear, And How To Develop The BELIEF SYSTEMS To EMPOWER Yourself With INFINITE CONFIDENCE!

So I just happened to notice a video from a seminar I spoke at years ago, where I demonstrated with audience members how to make a woman feel erotic with you, and how to use your voice to attract women, and how to develop the belief systems to empower yourself with infinite confidence, and much more. 

It's important to understand that I was hesitant at first to attend this seminar. The reason is because before this seminar, NO PICK UP ARTIST DATING COACH had ever taken my approach to attraction, which is the sleaze-free way to attract women.  The pick-up community was immersed in, unfortunately, many manipulative tactics that were based on lowering a woman's self-esteem, such as "negs", and things like "freeze-outs" if a woman wasn't jumping to have sex with a guy on the first date, etc. 

In other words, I was the guy who ORIGINATED AND DEVELOPED the superior, sleaze-free approach to "picking up" and attracting women.

And, even though for MANY YEARS I had been proving how to attract quality women without engaging in ANY of that stuff, I was never "invited" to speak at the mainstream pua seminars. They were CLOSED-MINDED to my approach.

In fact, the best-selling book The Game, by Neil Strauss, which came out in 2006 and basically celebrated all the sleazy tactics of pick-up artists, made ZERO mention of me or my approach to attracting women, even though I had been doing bootcamps publicly since 2003, and even though I had been publicly messaging Neil Strauss who went by the name of "Style" on a message board called "Fast Seduction" back then. My messages regarding how you don't need pick up lines or routines were NEVER replied to by him. 

Then, after I was PROVING to the world, often in front of journalists from major newspapers, for YEARS, suddenly there was a major "dating seminar" being put on by David DeAngelo, that was featuring, basically, MY APPROACH to attracting women-something NO ONE else was doing and actually PROVING it for YEARS in a major, publicly-documented-in-front-of-all-the-major-media, way. 

David DeAngelo of Double Your Dating, was or is the most commercially successful dating advice company, that previously featured seminars with the typical pick up artists like Neil Strauss who were engaging in the "negs", "freeze-outs" and other manipulative, self-esteem slamming, techniques described in The Game.  And there was NO ONE in the dating coaching field teaching my approach to attraction and also proving it works in a very public way, before me. 

In fact, if you read the book The Game now, you will see that 99% of it is now OBSOLETE. All the stuff on pick-up lines, pick up routines, and negs, NONE of it is required for success with women anymore, and in fact a lot of that stuff actually HARMED men's success with the BEST kind of women-the kind of women that you can actually have a long term relationship with. 

And that stuff was made obsolete by MY teachings.  

I was the guy who DISRUPTED an entire MOVEMENT that spread around the WORLD. The Game was a best-selling book that MILLIONS of men around the WORLD ABSOLUTELY SWORE BY, and thought was the BIBLE OF TRUTH on how to attract women!

And if you look at that book now, you will see that 99.99% of it is OBSOLETE, and what really works are the things that I teach, that have NOTHING TO DO WITH NEGS, abuse, or  MANIPULATIVE behavior.   

So it was a little frustrating to see that a huge commercial seminar was being held that basically took my style to attracting women, and the credit was not going to me. Instead, I was invited to be a GUEST at this seminar. I decided to go, because otherwise I would have ZERO exposure to the audience, who would otherwise figure I had nothing to do with any of that stuff, even though I was the guy who developed this superior, sleaze-free approach. 

The footage you see above is just SOME of what I did at that seminar, and although I am proud of my work there, since that time, my work in coaching men to be successful with women has ECLIPSED this previous work by LIGHT YEARS. As good as what you see there is, my ability to transfer the skills to men has BLOWN UP due to a constant stream of  breakthroughs as well as a never-ending stream of refinements, YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR.

If you want to truly SKYROCKET your success with women, I suggest you take advantage of ALL my latest programs and my LIVE BOOTCAMP programs as well. 

The bottom line is you can have the woman of your dreams in less than 30 DAYS from now.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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