Monday, January 2, 2017

The Truth About Your EX-Girlfriend

One of the worst mistakes a man can make with women is when he continues to stay with, pursue, or long for an ex-girlfriend that he is subconsciously, in his own mind, making seem MUCH BETTER than she really is or was. 

You can't trust your own feelings about your ex, because your brain doesn't focus on REALITY- it focuses on your FANTASY-VERSION of your ex and how AWESOME things would be IF you got back together.  

Also, the brain always OVER-VALUES things that EASY compared to things that are HARDER, and it's HARDER to actually GET OUT THERE and MEET NEW WOMEN than it is for you to just FANTASIZE about how PERFECT things "would" be if you got back together again.  

PLUS, the mind always gravitates to the BETTER image, and the FANTASY image is better than any REALITY can EVER be, with anyone. 

On the other hand, the GREATEST thing that TRULY EXISTS is getting out there and ACTUALLY GETTING YOURSELF AN AMAZING WOMAN.

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