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Freedom & Responsibility: The Winning Combination To Attracting Women

There are two forces, that when combined,
result in MASSIVE power to attract women.

These two forces are FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION

And what is CRAZY is how these two
values are increasingly becoming
EXTINCT in the western world.

So, in a way, attracting women is about
unleashing the two forces that are
being QUASHED not only in men, but
that are being crushed in our entire

Let me explain:

More than EVER, you can't say ANYTHING
that might offend ANYONE, even if what
you say is TRUE.

Actually, I need to clarify a bit:
This culture DOES allow people to
offend those who RESPECT traditional

The values that BUILT our entire

Things like the family unit.
Things like marriage.

Things like raising children
in a traditional way.

Things like championing the free exchange

Things like capitalism and the free market.

So in our insane society today, you can
spew hatred and use free speech when it
comes to DESTROYING these things.

You can go on ALL day long spewing
HATRED against the institutions of
traditional marriage, against the
free market, against the family
unit, against allowing conservative
values to flourish.

And this is why we get things like
third-wave feminism, and even laws
that forbid you from DISCUSSING
certain topics in public, and why
we get the increasing involvement
of the government in everyone's lives.


It's all part of POSTMODERNISM and
MASKS itself as something COMPASSIONATE
and caring, (e.g. "to defend women", and
to "embrace all cultures equally") when
in reality it is about manipulating the
masses into voting for them so they can
gain power.

So what does this have to do with
pick-up and attracting women?


If you can't be FREE to let your mind
EXPRESS itself with women, you can't
display your real PERSONALITY with

You end up REPRESSING yourself around
women because you want to make sure you
are doing everything that is POLITICALLY
CORRECT, that sounds like you are a
perfect match for all the politically
correct things that you are supposed to

And the thing about political correctness
is that it is a LIE; it is not based on
truth. So OF COURSE it FAILS to attract

It DENIES reality.
For example, REALITY is that women want
men who resonate POWER. And they want
men who make women feel FEMININE.  

How on EARTH can you do this when you
are told by politically correct forces
that you are supposed to look at women
as basically MEN who just happen to have
a different ANATOMY on the surface???????

And of course the politically-correct
forces also stop you from discussing
ANYTHING in a truly RELEVANT way, because
it's all based on BULLSHIT!

Here's something else too about our culture
these days: Part of political correctness
is also about BLAMING people for your
problems and challenges in life.

It says that someone ELSE is in power,
it says that people are VICTIMS,
and it tries to put people into camps,
e.g. WOMEN are into the WOMEN camp,
and different races are into their camps,
and it is always someone being the
OPPRESSED and someone being the OPPRESOR.

And it looks for VILLAINS, and not
just individual VILLIANS, but

So MEN are the villains, AS A GROUP.
WOMEN are the VICTIMS, as a GROUP.

And then there are MORE subgroups:
So if you are a man, you can STILL
complain, by saying you are POOR
man, and you are the VICTIM of the

It also likes to pit races against each other.

Meanwhile, the TRUTH is that in the
western world, even those who think
they are POOR, are ACTUALLY wealthier
than 95% of the ENTIRE PLANET!

And that wealth is the RESULT of the
TRADITIONAL VALUES of our culture;
it is what BUILT our entire civilization,
and though far from perfect, it is the
BEST system there is, compared to
communism, dictatorships, etc.

And we all have the access to things
like information, libraries, and
FREE SPEECH which we can all use to
CLIMB UP the ladder to GREATER success.

But instead of APPRECIATING this,
political correctness breeds CONTEMPT,
it breeds HATRED and NEGATIVITY, and
it breeds SPOILED ARROGANT behaviour
instead of displaying one IOTA
of gratitude.

It breeds a VICTIM MENTALITY that
blames everyone else instead of
being empowering and taking
RESPONSIBILITY for improving one's

those before WWII in the West who had
it MUCH harder financially than we do
today, and who had much LESS than us,
somehow THEY were able to be HAPPIER,
and to require LESS from the government.

And let me tell you something:

This is why we talk about a time
"when men were men". 

Women don't want men who play the
VICTIM card.

They don't want men who think they
are so deprived of power, and who
think they are helpless.

Such behavior is the 'ANTI-ATTRACTOR',
because on a hard-wired level, women
are subconsciously attracted to men
who will THRIVE and who will help
them have chilren who will THRIVE.

They want the "THRIVING DNA",
not the "WHINING" DNA.

Now, of course, this culture RUINS
millions of women as well. Because
feminism, for example, BLAMES men
for all women's problems.

And on top of this, it STRIPS
bad behavior.

And, as explained, this culture of SHIRKING
responsibility has affected men as well.

Millions of men have grown up in this
politically correct culture that keeps
on telling men that it's someone else's
fault they aren't successful.

That tells them to show ZERO gratitude
for living in the most free societies
on Earth, with the most opportunities
on Earth.

But as far as ruining a pick-up goes,
because it is men who approach women
and not the other way around, it
REALLY screws up a man if he has
been brainwashed by this new
politically correct culture.

It makes him come across as weak
and bitter and arrogant.


There's one last part here, and that
is the component of RESPONSIBILITY.

When I am doing a pick-up, I take
RESPONSIBILITY very seriously.

It shows in every DETAIL of what I do.

So yes, I am FREE in the pick-up, and it
shows in my demeanor, in my words, in my

In fact, one of the things men tend
to say when they come to my bootcamps
is that they notice how FREE I am when
I'm interacting with women-how the entire
pick-up just seems to FLOW in a way
that just seems so natural-as if the
women and I have known each other
for years.

And this is the quality I instill in
the men I coach as well-so that they
can approach any woman anytime anywhere,
and have it STILL be totally free and

But I am also exercising great RESPONSIBILITY.

I don't take the woman for granted.
I have NEVER filmed a pick-up for public gain
even ONCE, even though I was the FIRST on
the scene in the public media with doing
bootcamps, and I could have made TEN TIMES
the profits by filming the women I was
picking up or that my students were
picking up.

Also, the CONTENT of what I chat about with
women, in the pick-ups, SHOWS that I have
that BALANCE, that I will get them laughing,
get them thinking, get them inspired, even
get them aroused-but not PUSH too far too
fast even if COULD have, because I want
the women to be able to go home and
REFLECT on the pick-up, and consider
whether they want to continue this-
AND FASTER in the moment --but I don't.

This is RESPONSIBILITY, and lo and behold
it actually is GOOD for the REAL success
in terms of getting a woman to want to
see you again.  Instead of the incredibly
HUGE DROP-OUT RATE that so many guys
get from women when they try to just
PUSH PUSH PUSH for physical escalation
whether it is for pick-up videos marketing
or for their own selves.

Most women DEEPLY VALUE this responsibility
COMBINED with that FREEDOM in your expression,
that LACK OF REPRESSION due to political
correctness-so that you come across as
a man in all the dimensions of being
a man and not hiding the sexual interest
in her, done in a tasteful way.

Instead of repression and blaming others.

And really, that is what postmodernism
and political correctness is-it seeks to LIMIT
your freedom of speech, and it seeks
to make you view yourself as a VICTIM
of some other group.

And that's NOT attractive to women.


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Michael Marks

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