Monday, August 13, 2018

Why Attracting Women Today Is Different Than Any Other Time In History

There truly has never been a time in history like there is at the present moment regarding the "perfect storm" of factors that make it VERY challenging for men to attract women if men aren't prepared for what to do.

There are MANY different reasons for this situation. I also think that, so far, no one else has truly explained what all the challenges are, and unfortunately this has resulted in over-simplifications of what is occurring at the present moment. Also, most if not all of these challenges, if ignored, will only become even more problematic with time if unaddressed. 

So, for that reason, today I have put forward a video that deals with all the major challenges that are facing men today when it comes to attracting women. Not every man is affected by every one of these factors, but I believe each one of these issues is crucial to understand and to be aware of in order that we as a society can move forward to true progress, as it is in the best interests of everyone, both men and women.

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Michael Marks

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