Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Confidence, Courage, And Attracting Women

When it comes to success with women,
so much of it truly comes down to

And this is true at EVERY STEP

The moment you see a woman you'd
like you to approach.

The moment you want to kiss her.

The moment you want to take things
to a more physical level.

Even the HUMOR that attracts women,

you will notice, is a particular KIND
of humor-it's CONFIDENT humor.

And even in a relationship, there
are things you may want to say, to
do, that you KNOW would probably
make things BETTER, whether it is
in the bedroom or otherwise in
the relationship, but FEAR makes
you REPRESS it all.

And just because this is the simple
truth, does not in any way mean that
having that actual confidence and
courage is EASY.

In fact, our brains are hard-wired
to avoid anything where there is
possible danger. It's our way of
protecting us-it's a survival

The problem is that survival instinct
was designed for a very DIFFERENT
environment, where those fears
(such as fear of being eaten up by
a wild beast!) ended up serving us
more than harming us.

Of course, a man needed a MASSIVE

amount of confidence and courage to
thrive back then, too.

Today, things are very different
in our environment, but our brains
and bodies are still stuck in their
primitive forms, and we FEEL

the fears with the same intensity.

What makes this especially crazy when
it comes to attracting women, is that
not only do we need confidence and courage
to do all the right things with women,
but the actual CHARACTER TRAITS themselves
(of confidence and courageousness) are
things that women are HARDWIRED to be
attracted to in men!

In fact, women subconsciously search out
men the moment they meet them to see if
they have this inner confidence.

This makes a lot of sense when you think
about how much confidence and courage it
took to survive and thrive as a man in
ancient times. So women evolved to be
attracted to that.

And what is ESPECIALLY crazy today is that
men are BOMBARDED from BIRTH with messages
that make them feel a LACK of confidence
when it comes to women, because these
messages are all about how EVIL men are
and how women are supposedly so against
the idea of men "picking them up",
approaching them, or in any other way
getting to a physical level with them.

So it's NO WONDER that men are in this

And so, for that reason, I created a program 

that was designed for JUST THAT ONE PURPOSE: 


This program, called Warrior Within, was
delivered LIVE over the course of two days
to a group of men in a conference room in
a hotel in Toronto.

The men in attendance included those who
traveled over a THOUSAND MILES to get there.

And because I knew this program was going
to be something special, I recorded it
so that men all over the world would be
able to benefit from it too.

It truly covered every component of developing
and SHOWING that confidence and courage with
women at EVERY STEP of the process from A to Z,
whether it was the initial pick-up, whether
it was going beyond the pick-up, whether
it was online dating, whether it was getting
OVER an ex-girlfriend, and much, MUCH more.

This program truly is VITAL for any man
who is serious about getting the kind
of woman he wants, and it's vital as well
for KEEPING her, because not only does a
woman search out a man's confidence from the
FIRST MOMENT she meets him, but this
confidence can't just be a short-term
"trick"-it has to be REAL or the
woman's attraction will fade.

And I've just taken a VERY powerful action
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Michael Marks

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