Friday, September 7, 2018

The "Invisible" Pick-Up: Why The BEST Pick-Ups Are SUBTLE (The TRUTH That NO ONE ELSE Will Tell You)

EFFECTIVE pick-ups with sober, attractive, morally-sound, intelligent women tend to look very much just like smooth conversations where the woman then gives over her number. The pick-up is SUBTLE, and in fact to most people it wouldn't even LOOK like a pick-up-it would be INVISIBLE. 

However, in order to market themselves, or due to ignorance, the supposed "experts" out there never focus on the TRUTH about how pick-up REALLY works, and they EXAGGERATE how pick-ups are performed in order to APPEAR more "impressive" and "sensational" in the same way movies make martial arts often appear "sensational" rather than realistic in terms of the way things actually go down in real life, which doesn't look as "theatrical". 

Confidence, wit, charisma, sexuality-all these thing are conveyed through SUBTLETY, but subtlety can only be appreciated by those who KNOW that this is true in the first place.

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This program is the REAL DEAL. No gimmicks, no flashy exaggerated nonsense. Just the TRUTH on how to succeed with the best women at EVERY STEP of the way from first seeing a woman you'd like to attract, all the way to keeping her attracted to you long-term.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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