Sunday, September 2, 2018

Risking Rejection Is ATTRACTIVE To Women

I I have an INSANELY important yet BRIEF new video for you today, and it's going to FLIP your entire PARADIGM you've had your entire life regarding avoiding rejection when you see a woman you really want to approach or attract.

Honestly, this one thing made a HUGE difference for me in my own development, and I think it will be HUGE for you as well.
In this video, I also share an email from a man who has been using my materials and is now married to a truly great girl who is beautiful inside and out.

Risking rejection is attractive to women because it shows courage, and intelligent risk-taking behavior is also part of being able to survive, thrive, and prosper, so it may very well be an evolutionary development that intelligent risk-taking behavior in men is attractive to women.

So rather than being like most guys who are spending forever trying to find every single possible way to avoid rejection, you should EMBRACE the risk-taking opportunities of approaching women because the risk itself is part of what makes the action SEXY to women.

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