Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mind-Blowing NEW Strategies For Showing CONFIDENCE To A Woman! Plus, "Should You Go Back To Her For A SECOND Approach??" PLUS A Fantastic NEW Video!

Are you ready for another MASSIVE gift to you
that is all about SKYROCKETING a woman’s
attraction to you? You’re going to get that today
in the form of a NEW video and newsletter as well.

I have a new VIDEO for you on a MAJOR topic,
which is what to do when you SEE a woman,
you WANT to approach her, you start walking
toward her, and then DITCH the pick-up due to

Then, because you think she SAW you as you
were ABOUT to approach her, you now feel that
the whole situation has been made “weird” and
so now you feel that for SURE you shouldn’t go back.

I used to suffer the most INSANE approach anxiety.
I felt my heart was going to EXPLODE out of my
chest when I would think about approaching the
women I wanted to approach.

And I would THINK for too long about approaching
the woman, and she would then SEE me before I made
the decision, and then I would think it’s all screwed up because
now it would seem “too obvious”, or seem like I hesitated
too long, etc.

So this kind of thing used to happen to me ALL THE TIME.
And it would get me so angry when I would go home
after NOT approaching and then thinking about that
gorgeous creature for HOURS or sometimes DAYS

Well, in today’s new video, I not only discuss the SOLUTION
to all that, but I also have a fantastic new woman in the
video with me, who shares her HONEST perspectives on
this, and it’s all MASSIVELY HELPFUL for YOUR success
when you want to approach a woman:

And guess what?
We’re just WARMING UP here, because there’s

So, perhaps you have already heard of the
principle of NOT QUALIFYING yourself.

This means not trying so hard to prove your
worth to a woman. 

When a man tries hard to prove himself, he is actually
showing a LACK of value.

So, for example, many guys will try showing off,
trying really hard to find an opportunity to say
GOOD THINGS about themselves, whether it’s
their fancy car, their special connections, the places
they have travelled to, their degrees, etc.

Or, they may try TOO HARD to EXCUSE things
about themselves, for example let’s say a man
starts a conversation with a woman and he is
running out of things to say, and he then says,
“Normally I’m much funnier/cooler/more interesting”
because he is concerned that she is going to

But the IRONY of all this is that if you REALLY
felt that you were so cool, or WHATEVER good
thing it is you are trying to say about yourself,
you probably WOULDN’T feel this urgent need
to have to say it, or even worse, KEEP ON
saying it.

One of the massive pluses from doing this for
over 13 years is that NEW LEVELS to these
principles have made themselves apparent to me.

And when it comes to QUALIFYING, a new level
has made itself apparent to me.

The new level is this:
If a woman ever asks you a question regarding
WHY she should give you her number, go out with
you, trust you, kiss you, etc., etc., etc., you should
either do one of TWO things in order to prevent
coming across as qualifying yourself.

One option is the standard PLAYFUL/COCKY option where
it shows you don’t feel this INSECURITY where you
HAVE to answer her questions about your value.

So for example, let’s say she asks you if she is
going to regret giving you her number, or if she is
going to be happy she did it, you MIGHT answer

That would actually show you are SECURE and
that you are not needy and not feeling like having
to jump through her hoops to win her approval.

But there IS another option, and this is the NEXT LEVEL
stuff that I have been talking to you about and that is the
FOUNDATION behind next level of The Dating Wizard,

The next level truly ALLOWS you to not even
have to use ANY game, not even the INNOCENT
game like the playful comment above.

You can simply answer her ONCE, totally STRAIGHT.

So, for example, you tell her she is going to be
ECSTATIC for the rest of her life that she gave
you her number.

Or you tell her that she is going to have a night
with you that is going to be so amazing, she is going
to forget that any other man on earth even EXISTS.

The key is to say whatever the positive thing is,

That means you MEAN what you are saying on
And don’t make GESTURES to try to REINFORCE
what you said.

And don’t EXPLAIN it.

Just let your words HANG THERE, with your face

This shows you have such FAITH in yourself,
that there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO  
do ANYTHING else to back it up.

Because, to YOU, it’s OBVIOUS you are the
best choice.

And THAT, my friends, is showing to a woman
that you are MASSIVELY desirable.

You can even be leaning back in your chair,
calmly, comfortably, not saying one more word
about that topic.  The case has been SHUT,
as far as you are concerned, since it’s so obvious
to you.

She will subconsciously READ this message
from you, and it will make EMOTIONAL IMPACT-
the emotion of ATTRACTION.

And this, my friends, is just ONE of the MASSIVELY
powerful insights and strategies for attracting women
that I made while spending YEARS out there PERSONALLY
developing, testing, and learning new revelations on what
WORKS to attract women.

And all that time, PUSHING ahead with MORE POWERFUL 
RESULTS FOR YOU rather than being satisfied with the 
conventional “wisdom”.

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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