Thursday, April 28, 2016

Building Attraction, Trust, And Connection With Women

Years ago, I was invited as a guest on a show called "The Men's Room" to discuss some of the most important aspects on attracting an amazing woman who would make for a great girlfriend and a long-term relationship.  

I happened to come across it again, and thought that a lot of guys may enjoy it as a refresher on some of the FOUNDATIONS for creating attraction, trust, and building a powerful connection with a woman.  

Here it is:

And if you are reading this now and would like to simply get this part of your life handled once and for all, I suggest you make life EASY for yourself by getting my most powerful and newest book on the subject of attracting an amazing woman. 

It covers everything you need to know to go from ZERO to HAVING the woman of your dreams, to KEEPING the woman of your dreams. 

It's at:

Then, it's time to take things to the NEXT level - BOOTCAMP.

In bootcamp, I will personally instruct you on the strategies for SKYROCKETING your success on every aspect of attracting women- from how to be most effective at the approach, to getting a woman warmed up and giggly and receptive, to feeling intense attraction, to how to keep a conversation going, to how to build a powerful and deep connection with a woman, to how to overcome any "inner game" obstacles, to how to properly screen women to save yourself time, and much, much more.

And because you will be benefiting from my 13 years experience helping men in this area, you are going to find that the whole process is actually exciting, enjoyable, and a whole lot of fun!  

Your personality, your goals, your style of learning, are all of UTMOST importance to me, and I build each bootcamp individually around YOUR specific requirements and preferences so that you feel COMFORTABLE while you are learning. The more you ENJOY the process, the more you are going to be SOAKING IN.  

Bootcamp is a bit like driving school.  So at first, I will be helping you and doing a lot of the "driving" as you observe and soak it in.  In other words, I will be doing the pick-ups with you by my side. Then, gradually, I shift more and more of the "driving" over to you as you master the various skills involved in tons of "approach and attract women" situations, whether they are women in a coffee shop, supermarket, or anywhere else. 

And, just like a driving instructor, I will step in when necessary to keep you on course.  

Bootcamp really TRANSFORMS you.  The feeling you get when you know you can attract the women you want, at will, is empowering beyond belief. This is truly one of the greatest investment you can make in your life, as the woman you end up with affects you on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL- emotionally, sexually, financially, and physically.


For a personal consultation, go here:

Till next time,

Michael Marks


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