Thursday, July 21, 2016

The DIFFERENCE Between Loyal Women And Promiscuous Women

Just wanted to point out something that is SUPER IMPORTANT, like SUPER IMPORTANT, for any man out there who wants to not only attract a woman, but attract a woman who is stable and LOYAL. 

For some reason, hmmmm I wonder why, the majority of the pick-up artist community just KEEPS ON AVOIDING mentioning a few "little somethings" that actually are of MASSIVE importance:

There are a lot of PROMISCUOUS women out there, and promiscuous women and even promiscuous men are PROVEN STATISTICALLY to be more likely to have serious instability issues and they are MORE LIKELY TO BE UNFAITHFUL. 

And for women, this is actually even MORE true, and it's PROVEN BY THE FACTS:

Here is the DOCUMENTATION regarding CHEATING:

Here is the DOCUMENTATION regarding other issues:

"For both men and women...the odds of developing substance dependence increased virtually linearly with the number of sex partners. The relationship was particularly pronounced, however, for women."

But the pick up artist community spreads the OPPOSITE of this truth-- they pretend that a woman is so GREAT because they got her in BED quickly!!!  

One has to wonder how many AMAZING WOMEN have been REJECTED by men who were brainwashed by the pua community, because these women didn't want to JUMP INTO BED right away!!!!!!!!!!

The LAST THING most men want is a woman who is going to make life MISERABLE for them by cheating on them and by not being stable!

That's all, I don't even care if you want to buy my stuff or not, but just please for any guy out there who is rejecting AWESOME women because they aren't JUMPING INTO BED, please WAKE UP!!!

And if you are wise enough to see the difference between different kinds of women, then go here:



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