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Today you are going to get a SUPER powerful
and super EASY strategy for attracting women,
that actually attracts women in MANY WAYS
all at ONCE.

And by the way, I learned this strategy from
observing-you guessed it-WOMEN.

It is a great IRONY that these days, it is WOMEN
who are the ones that show OVERWHELMING
confidence with the opposite sex, and it is not
MEN who are doing this with WOMEN.

This is because women grow up in an environment
that constantly tells them how AMAZING they are
for men, while men grow up in an environment telling
them how TERRIBLE they are to women, and how
men must pay for women, prove themselves to women,
and die for women, while women owe men NOTHING.

So what I am going to show you today is something
back in your hands when you are interacting with women.

And not just any women, but especially the women
who are typical in western society today, and even
more so if they are attractive.

Before I get started, I just want to quickly print
one of the emails that came in today from the
readers regarding the latest newsletter:



As always you are so far ahead of the game.
If you are not killing it business-wise above
and beyond the competition, it's because the
masses just don't get it sometimes.

They don't recognize quality.

I really hope you grow from strength to strength
in your business, you deserve it for having the
most spot-on, timely, factual deep-level thinking
about the dynamics between men and women today.

The stuff about simple, wholesome, no b.s.
women from some overseas countries not affected
by feminization is so true, and the old v crappy new
Ghostbusters comparison is funny as well because
it is also true.

Seriously, feel free to use this email as an example
of some positive feedback from one of your avid
readers if you like, ok?! ;)


Flynn Bryant
Sydney, Australia


Thank you, Flynn, first of all for the kind words.

One of the main DRIVES I have is to be the
guy who actually helps men who want to get
a GREAT GIRLFRIEND that would make for
a truly successful LONG-TERM relationship.

And in the western world with third-wave feminism
running amok, that really DOES require skill and

There are three aspects to it:

ONE is the FINDING of a quality woman to begin with;
a woman who hasn’t been corrupted with promiscuity,
being spoiled, and with a lack of appreciation for men
who are loyal, hard-working, and thoughtful.

with WOMEN, because this society tends to turn men
into wusses with women who will SUPPLICATE to
any woman just because she is attractive, or just because
she is a woman.

And for a woman, a man without confidence is
UNATTRACTIVE, while a man with confidence

THREE is the mastering of all the skills that AMPLIFY
attraction, such as how to create sexual tension, how
to create intimate bonds, how to bridge to the erotic
side of things, and many other related skills.

My materials and programs focus on all THREE aspects of
success in getting a great quality woman.

So, thanks again, and on that note, what TODAY’S
newsletter is going to show you is a SUPER POWERFUL
strategy that you can use in almost ANY interaction with
women to show that you have SUPREME CONFIDENCE
in yourself, especially in regards to your confidence with

So, here’s how it works:

The first part involves something you already
KNOW hopefully, and is not the main focus
of this newsletter, but I need to mention it
because what I am teaching you today is
HIGHLY CONNECTED to this part.

So, one of the big “attraction creators” is playfully
TEASING a woman, which is a form of playfully
BREAKING rapport instead of what most guys
do, which is try to CREATE rapport by kissing
up in various ways, such as immediately giving
massive compliments to women.

For example, if a woman has a bright purse, you
might say to her, “Hey, how many batteries does
that thing take to stay so bright?”

If she is sitting on the floor in the bookstore aisle
with her Starbucks coffee and she is reading the
books rather than paying for them, you can tease
her with a comment like, “Sure, treat it as a library!
That way, someone else will have to pay for a
used book that you already read! NICE.”

Now, obviously, you have to calibrate properly,
and deliver this PLAYFULLY, not in a mean way.

But here is the thing that I want to mention TODAY:

Whether you playfully tease her or not, it is VERY,
VERY LIKELY that at some point in the conversation
with her, she will TEASE YOU back.

And the truth is, this is actually a very GOOD sign
that she is HIGHLY ATTRACTED to you.

It means that she UNDERSTANDS that you are
FLIRTING, and she is now FLIRTING back.

And let me just quickly state here that the whole
SUBCONSCIOUS reason why this stuff is so attractive
is because it shows CONFIDENCE in one’s inherent

If you think about it, attraction is TRIGGERED by
SIGNS of the other person’s GENETIC value.

Men in every culture and every society SHARE a
preference for women with the SAME waist-to-hip
ratios!  This is because women with those ratios
tend to be more capable of CHILDBIRTH.

And women tend to be attracted to signals from
men that show that these men are inherently
desirable based on either things like SKILLS,
leadership, status, social alliances, etc, etc.

Well, when you BEHAVE in a way that shows
CONFIDENCE in yourself, you are helping a
woman to SUBCONSCIOUSLY feel that you
MUST be desirable on a very DEEP level.

So, that is one of the reasons the PLAYFUL
TEASING is so powerful.

Now that I have given you the mini-dissertation
on all the BACKGROUND info, let me tell you
when a woman TEASES you BACK.

What you should do is NEVER argue.
NEVER get defensive.
DON’T get upset.

INSTEAD, you should AGREE with her and
even TAKE what SHE said even FURTHER!

So, for example, let’s say you teased her regarding
her sitting on the floor in the bookstore with her
coffee and reading the books there instead of
buying them, and she laughs and then says
to YOU something like this:

“It’s so wrong, I know. But I am reading real books,
are you at the comic book section usually?”

So at this point, you have TWO directions you
can go in, and one is ATTRACTIVE, and one

The UNATTRACTIVE one is where you start to
try to explain how you are so smart and how you
read complicated, highly challenging books, and
explain how smart you are and what you studied,

All THAT would do, though, is show INSECURITY
and a lack of social intelligence in understanding
that she was flirting back with you.

The ATTRACTIVE response is where you AGREE
with every WORD she said and even take it

So, for example, you respond with:

“I am ONLY in the comic book section.  I love the
PICTURES, and pretty soon I might even get to
to the part with READING actual WORDS!!!!!”

This does SEVERAL things at once:
It shows you are CONFIDENT.
It shows a sense of HUMOR.

And it shows you know how to FLIRT.

One of the IRONIES is that this level of
CONFIDENCE in one’s self is something
that more WOMEN are developing today
with the OPPOSITE sex than MEN are
developing with the opposite sex!

This is because WOMEN are bombarded,
in western culture, with messages of
EMPOWERMENT and “You’re worth it!”
and “You go, girl!” and “Girl power!!!!”
and “Women KICK BUTT!” while MEN
in our culture are being bombarded by
messages of having to APOLOGIZE
for even BEING men!

So the irony is that women, who are the
gender that is MORE attracted to things
like CONFIDENCE in the opposite sex,
are the ones that actually POSSESS
the confidence, while MEN are the ones
who tend to LACK this confidence with
the opposite sex.

And if a woman is attractive, most men don’t
even NEED her to be so confident, it’s enough
that she is attractive.

in men to feel attraction to men.

And again, the irony is that WOMEN are the ones
who have PERFECTED this art of expressing confidence
through words, teases, and confident RESPONSES to

In a recent film, that wasn’t a great film overall but
had a GREAT example of this ONE thing, the guy
in the movie is teasing the woman about her
COLLEGE, which is Arizona State University,
by hinting that it is PARTY university rather than
a serious place for STUDYING.

The guy goes, “Did you write your dissertation on
the collective works of RED BULL?”

(Which, by the way, would be a great playful
tease in real life!)

And the woman demonstrates SUPREME confidence
in her PLAYFUL response, when she says:

“Yeah, yeah I did. I got an A on it.”

This kind of response shows ZERO NEED to be


And if you enjoyed what you just read, remember
that this is just the TIP of the ICEBERG of what you
will learn from my PROGRAMS. 

The GREATEST people in ANY field ALWAYS have MENTORS;
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With COACHING directly from ME, you will UNLEASH
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How much would it be WORTH to you, if you could
go outside your door right now, see a woman you
LIKE, walk right up to her, have a brief CHAT,
and ATTRACT her to the POINT that she is
PUSHING YOU for WHEN you two are going
to meet up AGAIN?

How much is that WORTH to you?

The FASTEST way to learn is through BOOTCAMP.
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Till next time,

Michael Marks

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