Monday, July 18, 2016

Calibration: The Key To Attraction Most Men Will NEVER "Get"

Just a really short but IMPORTANT message today
regarding attracting women, and it's all about
the thing that most men just NEVER truly
"get" - and that is something known as

Calibration is using the RIGHT amount of any
particular strategy, and using it at the

So, for example, the idea behind being PLAYFUL
and TEASING is to CREATE the right MOOD from
the very START, from the very first MOMENT.

Being playful and teasing initially sets up the
MOOD for her to feel more SEXUALLY FLIRTATIOUS,
and it allows her to take on the role
of being more feminine while you are more
masculine, and it allows her to be FREE
of all the politically correct  behaviors
and moods that tend to STIFLE the sexual

There are so many DEEP reasons why this works,
from the fact it is PLAYFUL instead of serious,
so she can tell herself that there is nothing
wrong, that this is all innocent fun, so
she doesn't have to feel guilty about it,
to the fact that you are teasing which
allows her to experience you being in
a more dominant role, and she can enjoy
that in a safe way, and much, much more.

BUT, here is the thing:
You have to know HOW MUCH of this to do,
and how MUCH of it is playful versus how
much of it is teasing, and how much
teasing is TOO MUCH and how much teasing
is too LITTLE.

And you have to know when to STOP all this
as well, because at a certain point, a woman
is heated up and wants to ESCALATE to the

And what happens with so many guys is that
they start to finally see some progress
from the playful teasing, but they have
no idea when to STOP this and when to
MOVE ON to a MORE SERIOUS level of
bonding, and then to a more INTIMATE
and more PHYSICAL level.

All this is what I mean by proper CALIBRATION.

You have to CALIBRATE how much of each
strategy, and you have to calibrate WHEN
to stop and move on to the NEXT LEVEL
of the interaction.

Remember that, although women are different in
many ways from men, they are still the same in
one major respect- they ultimately want to
take things to the HIGHEST LEVEL, just like
YOU do.

What is so crazy is that sometimes women will
they want to move things ahead to the next level,
but because guys are so brainwashed by third
wave feminism, they don't even SEE the signals
when they are, from a woman's point of view,

For example, she keeps on finding excuses to
hang around you, she suggests places to go to
to keep the date going on, etc., etc, etc.

The best way to learn CALIBRATION is from USING
the strategies in REAL LIFE again and again,
and it ALSO helps MASSIVELY to see them
DEMONSTRATED for you properly, which is one
of the things I do in my bootcamps for my students.

In bootcamp, you can actually SEE how all the
strategies are being used, on tons of women,
in the EXACT combinations, intensities and degrees,
and how I use TIMING properly for maximum
effect, and it really helps to make it all GEL
together for you QUICKLY.

Remember that all successful attractions go through
STAGES of the attraction, and it usually starts with
playful teasing that often has some subtle sexual
undertones to it, and then tends to progress to
a DEEPER level of rapport and connection, and
THEN tends to be "consummated" with the physical.

This is true whether the woman is looking for
a soul-mate or not, the MAJOR difference though
is that the more a woman is SERIOUSLY looking
for a TRUE and serious relationship, the more
important it becomes that you don't JUST
focus on the attraction but ALSO on the
DEEPER connection as well.

This is because she is investing so much more of
her energy and time and emotions into a future
connection with you, that she needs to make sure
the dynamic between you two works on more than
JUST the sexual level, although most men don't
understand me when I say this and they start to
think they can ABANDON the sexual level, which
of course they SHOULDN'T.

So, there are three things you can do to SPEED UP
your ability to master CALIBRATION.

The first is to get a TON of practice USING all these
strategies and insights that I teach in my materials,
and use them a LOT.  Meet a LOT of women, and practice,
practice, practice.

The SECOND thing you can do, which is MORE EFFICIENT,
is to take a BOOTCAMP with me, because that way you
don't just get PRACTICE, you get GUIDED PRACTICE
so that you are doing the RIGHT THINGS over and over
again, instead of learning it all by trial and error.

Plus, of course, you get to witness my demonstrations
for you, where you get a "front-row seat" to see
EXACTLY how it all goes down, how it all works,
LIVE, in person front of your very own eyes.

And in BOOTCAMP, I also will push you HARD, in a way
that NO ONE ELSE EVER WOULD, and you will be pushed
to such an extent, that you will be FORCED to grow
in skill.

Think of how a DIAMOND forms from MASSIVE PRESSURE,

Well, bootcamp will turn your skills into DIAMOND
level skill, the result of me PUSHING YOU to A LEVEL
that you never thought possible.

Bootcamp is at:

And ANOTHER way to speed up your CALIBRATION SKILLS
is through a PERSONAL consultation with me, because
in the consultation, when we speak on Skype or over
the phone, you won't just know the STRATEGY, you will
APPLY IT on ANY woman you know or want to get to know.

I will actually tell you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO,
so there is NO GUESSWORK involved.

Every last DETAIL can be given to you by me,
from every last word of what to say, to what
to do and when to do it- EVERY LAST BIT OF

Then, as you TAKE what I showed you and taught you
to do, and you SEE the great results, you will
QUICKLY start to LEARN as this kind of positive
reinforcement is hard to beat :)

You will start to develop the right INSTINCTS
within a few sessions so that you can start
doing more and more on your own till eventually
you are completely instinctive on all the
aspects of calibration for attraction
and for connection/bonding/intimacy.


And if you haven't yet downloaded my book,

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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