Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Should You Go Back To Her? Plus, The Power Of PRIDE In Attracting Women, And MUCH More!

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Now, today I have TWO important things
to give you regarding success with women.

The FIRST is a new video that answers
the question on whether you should go
BACK to a woman from the past, and the
role that PRIDE plays in attracting a
woman as well.

The second is a very powerful radio
regarding attracting women,

which you may have never heard before.

It is from a while ago, but VERY powerful.
The video was recently brought to my
attention by a cool guy I know. The host,
Frank Kermit, asked me some REALLY
great questions, covering everything
from the PICK-UP to the deeper
INNER GAME aspects of your success
with women
that most men never
get to know.

I also reveal some of my own story in
how I came to learning these skills
in my own life, and the reason I needed
to learn these skills so badly.

Here is the video first:

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And here is the IN-DEPTH radio interview:

(P.S. He meant to stay "Star", not "Sun" regarding
the particular newspaper he referred to.)


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Michael Marks

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