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Attracting Women: You Must Be "A Force To Be Reckoned With"

Today, I want to focus on STRATEGY when it comes
to the actual pick-up itself.

And the number ONE thing that most guys need more
of is “OOOOOOMPH” to their pick-up.

What I mean by this, is that you must come across
as a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH, as a result
of your personality alone.

This is one of those thing that politically correct
advisors and feminists will never tell you, but it

Women are simply NOT attracted to men who come
across as LESS than them.

What this “less” is, is really just a FEELING, but it
stems from how she perceives your DEMEANOR.

This is where you hear things like the importance
of conveying more dominance.

And that is true, for sure, yet part of dominance is the
OVERALL “superiority” she feels you have.

I know, I know, I know, this sounds politically incorrect.
But it is HUMAN NATURE to want MORE than is FAIR.

She WANTS you to be something that is really MORE
than she DESERVES!

She wants this INSTINCTIVELY.

Ever wonder why such deals as “two for one” do so well?
Because it appeals to human GREED.

And let’s face it, as men, we tend to feel better when
we get the women we think we COULDN’T get, right?

It’s just hard-wiring.
Now, you can OVERCOME that if you WANT to, and
if you decide to.

My point here, though, is that if you want to attract
a woman, you can’t hope to get her by coming across
as just “okay”.

So, in theory, the best would be if you came across

BUT you must NOT do this in a way that is MEAN

But of course, in our culture where men are made to
feel EVIL for even APPROACHING a woman, it’s
pretty tough for most men to even come across as
EQUAL, never mind SUPERIOR!

You have to go into a pick up with the attitude that
you are ALL IN, and holding back NOTHING, and
totally PREPARED to CRASH rather than just to
do the “safe” thing.

What I mean by the SAFE thing is the thing that
FOR SURE won’t get you social disapproval, but
also doesn’t rock the boat at all and makes no impact
and says nothing about your confidence in yourself.

This doesn’t mean to INTENTIONALLY do any kind
of dumb behavior, but it means going in to MAKE
IMPACT rather than to just “be safe”.

So, let’s say you are at the gym, and you see this
gorgeous woman wearing headphones and she is
in middle of her workout. And you are thinking to
yourself that you don’t want to interfere with her
because she is wearing headphones.

Well, the safest thing to do is nothing, but after
that the next safest thing to do is ask her what music
she is listening to and give her endless compliments
on it no matter what as an attempt to build rapport.

The IMPACTFUL thing to do is to tell her that you
want to see if she has any good taste in music,
then tell her to let you listen, and then if it’s some
music that YOU really like, you can actually have a
MEANINGFUL thing to BOND on, and if it’s some
music you HATE, you can TEASE her for her
BAD TASTE IN MUSIC and tell her that you
and her would NEVER work in real life.

Think about the difference in these kinds of

One stems from putting way too much value on
GAINING her approval.

The other stems from you BEING MORE OF

And here’s the other thing- it’s very advanced what
is really going on here, because although it SEEMS
like you are BREAKING rapport instead of SEEKING
rapport with this kind of behavior, the truth is that
it actually ends up CREATING MUCH STRONGER

The REASON for this is that this is not a PLATONIC
connection you are seeking to create, but rather
a SEXUAL one.

And a woman CANNOT feel attraction to a man
when the entire DYNAMIC has been set up as
HER being the one on a PEDESTAL.

How do you go from HER ON A PEDESTAL to her
craving, begging, and wanting to SUBMIT to you?

Now, this has MULTIPLE levels, because at a REALLY
high level, you don’t even have to ACTUALLY do this
kind of ACTUAL ACTIONS, because she can READ
the nuanced expressions on your FACE and she can
HEAR nuances in your VOICE if you REALLLLLLLLY

It comes through even if you say something as simple as
“pass the salt”.

The more you feel CONSISTENT to the confident words
you are saying, the better you are going to do, because
every tiny nuance REGISTERS in your expression and
vocal tonality and women ABSOLUTELY FEEL THE

Now the thing is, that a lot of guys may feel confident
about themselves in OTHER areas of their lives, and
they may have accomplished AWESOME stuff, but
when you see a woman you want to attract out of
the blue, she has NO IDEA about who you are.

YOU know you find HER attractive.
But for women, a man’s looks is just not the same thing.
That leaves just ONE thing left- HIS PERSONALITY.

And in a pick-up with a total stranger, you have
to convey the FEEL of who you are INSTANTLY.

You can’t list the cool stuff on your resume to her!

That means it’s all about the VIBE you create, and
the more FUN, the more DOMINANT, the BETTER-
but only for the very FIRST few moments, because
once that kicks in, you ALSO have to create more

Women are very different from men, and the rapport
is ESSENTIAL.  Even if a woman IS attracted by your
behavior, if she doesn’t feel any rapport, she will
feel it is too dangerous to meet you, give you her
number, etc.

Sometimes, rapport can kick in EARLY like in the
music with the headphones example I gave above,
but even there, the very act of going up to a total
stranger, who is beautiful, and expecting her to
share her music with you and stop what she is doing
in the middle of her workout is confident as well, so
that shows that you are not weak either.

After rapport kicks in, you can continue to sprinkle
in the dominance and shaking things up every once
in a while.

The dominance isn’t about controlling her.
It’s about not waiting for her to give you approval
in order to say things, do things.
It’s about being FUNNIER. WITTIER.
More EMPOWERED, which is ironic because
these days it’s WOMEN who tend to feel
EMPOWERED and men who are the ones made
to feel like SINNERS.

So it’s even HARDER for women to find men who
DO behave in a way that is attractive.

This confidence, dominance, and “being a force
to be reckoned with” means that if she is hesitating
to give you her number, you just TELL her “Write
it down. Don’t be a dork.”

All this goes AGAINST everything that you’ve been
taught by the politically correct crowd.

But take a good look at the most politically correct
guys you know, and compare them to the intelligent
bad-asses, and then see who is doing better with women.

Now, what you have read here is the TIP of the
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For example, some guys need to learn to actually
HOLD BACK because they are coming across as
too aggressive, and they don’t realize it.  Other guys
need more of a “NO HOLDS BARRED” approach.

I have the experience to KNOW what will work BEST
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