Thursday, July 6, 2017

The IRONY Behind "How To Know If A Woman Is Attracted"

Millions of men around the world are focused on "how to know if a woman is attracted" or not, and the truth of the matter is that the answer to this question is very simple.

The simple and honest answer is that if a woman is spending time around you, and smiling a lot at you, and making herself available to you, and being particularly complimentary, and if you are out with her and she finds reasons to stay out longer with you, THESE are the kinds of things that let you know she is attracted and interested in you.

But if you look around the internet, you will see that this question, when addressed by so called PUAs and "attraction experts" becomes something that gets artificially turned into ASTRO-PHYSICS in terms of making it complicated.

Whether it is focusing on the angle of her head, the way she is crossing her legs, the angle she adjusts her hair to while talking to you, the way she is licking her lips, and on and on and on AD INFINITUM-it is just making the matter CONFUSING instead of making it SIMPLE, which it IS-this part is SIMPLE.

Now I could have joined the ranks of these folks who make it seem way more complicated and who CONFUSE men by OBFUSCATING the truth. But I didn't.

Do you know why they do this stuff?
Why they try to confuse you?

So that you think they are SO SMART, so much smarter than you, to make you think that EVERY aspect of dating is impossible without them, so that you will refer to them and think even more highly of them.

But here's the thing: I already KNOW which aspects of attraction and dating really ARE complicated and require more special practice and which parts are simple. There is NO NEED to over-complicate things that don't NEED to be complicated.

It boils down to business versus focusing on actually helping people.
The two can go hand-in-hand, but they often do NOT.

Since day ONE, over 14 years ago, I have been quietly helping thousands of men around the world, NOT on confusing men with "advice" that actually screws men up. 


There is something even MORE messed up about being so obsessed on "the signals" a woman is giving you to show she is attracted, and that is that it reflects INSECURITY, and it FEEDS your insecurity.

In other words, if you don't think you can attract a woman, you will be VERY OBSESSED on making sure you find the women who are giving you strong signals, before you even do ANYTHING with any of them.

You will want to look for SIGNALS of interest rather than being focused on PROACTIVELY triggering that attraction.

And this is the WRONG HEAD SPACE to be in when it comes to attracting women.

It leads to being the kind of guy who walks into a room where there are women, and just hoping to get SIGNALS from women, so that he can avoid all possible risk to his ego by actually gathering up the courage to MAKE the approach and do the best he can.

And women find that attitude UNATTRACTIVE.

It's SO much better to "FLIP THE SCRIPT", and instead of being focused on whether she likes you, to focus on BEING THE CONFIDENT, CHARISMATIC man that will IGNITE her attraction to you.

Women WANT the proactive, confident man who MAKES things happen instead of being the kind of man who is so insecure he can only go where everything is a sure thing and there is zero courage required.

In my own life, and in my own bootcamps, where guys end up getting the best women, the  BEST women NEVER make it easy at ALL! If my students were so obsessed with signals of interest from the beginning, they would NEVER endure through the pick-up to the point where she turns from just being NEUTRAL to actually being ATTRACTED.

This is the FUN of it, and it makes it so much more exciting for BOTH you and the woman because you feel the thrill of the chase, and she feels the thrill of giving herself  to a real man who lets NOTHING stand in his way. 

If these guys were OVER-ANALYZING trivial things like the angle of her hair as she flips it back, they would be too deep into the INSECURE mind-set to be able to UNLEASH the attractive side of their personality and just let it all FLOW out.

You can't be in TWO opposite mindsets at once. If you are too focused on worrying about whether she is attracted or not, you are NOT in the mindset of being FREE and UNREPRESSED and NOT WORRIED about how much she likes what you are doing or not.

So if you are too busy trying to see if she is attracted, you simply CAN'T free yourself to be YOU in the best sense of that word, and attracting women REQUIRES that you actually feel FREE OF THE REPRESSIVE FORCES of insecurity, shame, political correctness, etc.

Do you see how MASSIVE my point is here? The very obsession with "signals" from her is what SCREWS YOU UP!!!!

But meanwhile, do these dating coaches, PUAs, and other so called experts talk about this?

They don't, because they FEED off of insecurity and need to FUEL insecurity; they get half a million HITS on YouTube with videos on this topic giving screwed up advice on "how to know if a woman is attracted or not".

And I've been in this field since day ONE. All that time, never engaging in b.s.

The men who have taken my programs have given video testimonials which you can find on my site at:

So, from now ON, STOP being obsessed with SIGNALS from women, and instead focus on LIBERATING YOURSELF from being ENSLAVED to that insecurity.

Stop focusing on what OTHERS think, even from what SHE thinks! The irony is that THIS is what will attract her INFINITELY more.

You will notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in your results with attracting women.

And as powerful as what you have just seen is, it's just the TIP of the ICEBERG of what you will learn for success with women from my programs.

That is not HYPERBOLE. My work is DECADES ahead of the competition, for the simple reason I've been focusing on what WORKS to attract women instead of focusing on marketing gimmicks.

In the end, it's about the woman in your arms, the women you meet that make you feel better than anything on Earth.  It's your decision, and it's in your hands right now.

Make sure you have EVERY program on success with women that I've created.  They are at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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